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Wedding: 7/20/2013
Member Since: 10/10/2012
Why would you get married anywhere else?!    posted 8/8/2013 (modified 8/8/2013)

I had previously been in the wedding business in Austin and was aware of most of the venues that were worth taking a look at before deciding. The moment I actually visited Barr Mansion I felt the most amazing presence there. For starters the historical house. As you walk through the house the colors, wood detail, staircase and history provides such a rich and inviting atmosphere. Then you walk through the front door and follow the wrap around porch to see this beautiful tree. Immediately I knew I would be married under that tree. Along with the garden and arch way in the back yard, Barr Mansion provides many decorative details. This helped when planning decoration. Very little had to be done for the ceremony because the beauty alone was enough to take your breath away.

Then there is the Artisan Ballroom. As you walk through an actual garden full of fresh basil and other plants they will use in their catering, you find this amazing building with a head to toe glass front and a beautiful door frame that they had specially designed.

We got married underneath the trees on a surprisingly pleasant July evening with 260 guest. The set-up for our indoor/outdoor seating was perfect for the reception and the food was so delicious. YES, I actually tasted the food on my wedding day because I knew before hand it would be amazing. Plus our Barr Mansion consultant had a special plate just for us.

None of this would have been worth the money if I they had not had such an amazing staff. I put together my décor in organized boxes and handed them over to Elyse Shumsky, my consultant, on Friday before the wedding and everything was taken care of. I enlisted a few family members to help with tables but Elyse was the major factor in the coordinating. She was awesome! The whole process was easy and her patience made it stress free. After two meetings and a food tasting before the wedding we were set for the big day. Clean up was included so that you or your loved ones didn't have to worry about doing all of that after a long day. 90% of our guest were from out of town and they too could not stop raving about Barr Mansion.

Barr Mansion is the best in Austin and they book fast!! Ask for Elyse!


Wedding: 3/1/2014
Member Since: 6/5/2008
Amazing Venue & Amazing Coordinator    posted 3/14/2014 (modified 3/15/2014)

I fell in love with The Barr Mansion and Elyse!! I got married at the Barr Mansion on March 1st and my wedding was the wedding of my dreams and went off without a hitch (Thank you Elyse!!). I was an out of town bride from NYC so at first I was a bit apprehensive about planning a wedding from so far away but Elyse made it easy and fun and really held my hand throughout the entire process. She is so knowledgeable on weddings and gave me spectacular recommendations and advice whenever I needed it. She always got right back to me on any question or concern and really kept my mind at ease. This venue is beautiful and the food was divine. Coming from NYC we have a high standard for food and Alan and his team in the kitchen completely surpassed everyone’s expectation. People are still calling to say it was the best food at a wedding they have had EVER!! Thank you Elyse and Team for the best day of my life!!


Wedding: 10/5/2013
Member Since: 10/21/2012
Amazing coordinator and charming place    posted 1/31/2014 (modified 2/1/2014)

We got married at Barr Mansion in early October 2013 and it was a fantastic experience. Barr provided us with everything we wanted in a venue: gorgeous grounds, a unique ballroom, delicious food, and an amazing coordinator.

The old Victorian house has such photogenic interiors and exteriors, which really gave the photographs an antique charm. When people see our photos, they always ask us where we got married because of how unique the spaces are especially for Texas. Guests also raved to me about the food, especially the beef tenderloin so I highly recommend having that on the menu.

One of the biggest perks of this place is that it comes with a coordinator, which in retrospect, I couldn't imagine the day without. Elyse, our coordinator, was the absolute best-- she's so organized yet low-key and efficient; plus, she's such a great person to be around and it made the wedding day all that more smooth. I miss working with her!

Overall, Barr Mansion is a great place to get married in Austin if you're looking for something more unconventional than a hotel reception and more elegant than a ranch. Plus, your photographers will thank you!


Wedding: 9/21/2013
Member Since: 12/17/2002
could not have been happier!!!!    posted 10/17/2013

We had our wedding at Barr Mansion in September of this year and everything was WONDERFUL!!! the food, service,and staff all exceeded our expectations in every way. Our coordinator was Elyse Shumsky and she was AMAZING!! All of the details were executed perfectly and she made sure we were able to relax and enjoy our perfect evening with family & friends.. We could not have been happier! Would highly recommend Barr and Elyse to anyone considering a wedding in Austin, TX


Wedding: 8/9/2013
Member Since: 2/17/2013
Perfect Wedding Venue    posted 9/4/2013

This venue is absolutely perfect. They do it all: set-up, coordinate, food, cake, clean up. They made our special day one to enjoy and not stress over. I couldn't recommend this venue enough.


Wedding: 6/7/2013
Member Since: 10/14/2012
Magical    posted 6/11/2013 (modified 6/11/2013)

Thanks to Elyse and the staff at Barr Mansion, my daughter's wedding was a magical experience. Everything was orchestrated perfectly. The mansion was a beautiful setting for bride and groom preparations, the grounds were beautifully manicured and the food was delicious.
Elyse is simply wonderful to work with! We were able to turn things over to her with complete confidence that everything would be just as we wanted.
I highly recommend Elyse, event coordinator, and Barr Mansion.


Wedding: 4/27/2013
Member Since: 12/28/2011
The Perfect Day    posted 6/5/2013

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect thanks to Barr Mansion.

The thing that drew us to Barr Mansion (other than the stunning venue) was that Rick and Elyse would be there throughout the planning process and would take care of us on the day of the wedding. Both Elyse and Rick were very quick to respond and always patient in answering any questions we had during the planning process. It was definitely a great feeling showing up on our wedding day knowing that our day would be in good hands.

We were married under the pecan tree in late April and the grounds were STUNNING. If you can snag a date in late April/early May DO IT! The weather was comfortable, the tree had leafed out, the grass was bright green and all the spring flowers were in bloom. The appetizers, dinner and wedding cake were all delicious and we even took advantage of the brick oven to have a late night pizza snack for all our guests. One thing we really liked about Barr Mansion was that we were able to provide the alcohol, which really made a difference in our alcohol budget compared to the pricey "alcohol packages" offered by most wedding venues.

Everyone kept telling me that "something always goes wrong on your wedding day" but that couldn't have been further from the truth when it came to our wedding. Elyse ran everything so smoothly that we never had to worry about a single thing. She kept us on schedule but was never pushy and worked with our DJ to make sure everyone knew what was happening. The evening went by so quickly, but we were both able to relax and enjoy the moment with our friends and family which, in the end, is exactly what everyone wants for their wedding.

I couldn't recommend Barr Mansion and their incredible staff more. They truly made our wedding perfect. Thank you, Elyse, Rick and Barr Mansion!


Wedding: 4/26/2013
Member Since: 2/17/2012
Best day of my life!    posted 5/31/2013

Absolutely loved Barr Mansion! It's only been a month since our wedding but my husband & I are still receiving comments on our beautiful venue! The food was amazing & the staff was so professional. I had to worry about NOTHING. The night was magical & very organic, in the sense that everything seemed to flow very naturally. I appreciated that very much. I would recommend Barr Mansion hands down above any other venue! I was the happiest bride in the world! :)


Wedding: 5/18/2012
Member Since: 9/30/2010
best venue ever    posted 6/5/2012

We really enjoyed Barr Mansion! The food is amazing and the staff is so great! We enjoyed all the detail that Rick put into getting our day setup. I fully recommend Barr Mansion to everyone! From country weddings to vintage weddings it is the perfect venue!


Wedding: 5/12/2012
Member Since: 12/27/2010
Our Vintage Brunch Wedding Was Amazing!    posted 5/31/2012

This venue is beautiful! Our wedding was great, there were a few things that went wrong with minor details (i.e. the champagne wasn't set up in our rooms before and the ice cream bar for the groom's cake didn't make it out before the cake was served) but really nothing major to complain about. Our guests could not stop talking about how great the food was and how much fun they had! You can do so much with the decorations for this venue so it's fitting for any style of wedding (especially if you're a fan of Pinterest crafts!). Hannah and Rick went out of their way during the entire 1.5 yrs we were planning the wedding (yep, for that long they remained truly committed to outstanding customer service!). Thanks Barr Mansion! Our wedding was everything we imagined and more!


Wedding: 12/30/2011
Member Since: 10/25/2010
Barr Mansion    posted 2/3/2012

I loved everything about Barr Mansion! They do all the catering and cakes so I didn't have to waste time trying to find someone I liked. They use local, organic ingredients too. The staff was incredibily friendly. My wedding wouldn't have been what it was without the help of Hannah, my Barr Mansion coordinator!


Wedding: 11/5/2011
Member Since: 2/19/2009
Barr Mansion was amazing    posted 12/1/2011

I'm still giddy about my wedding in November at Barr Mansion. They did an incredible job. The food was great, the ballroom looked gorgeous and the staff was totally on top of it--even taking care of me when I got sick in the middle of the reception (yes, the only low point). My only complaint is that they were a bit flaky on the estimate; there were math errors and some incorrect selections so just be sure to go over everything carefully.


Wedding: 10/7/2011
Member Since: 2/20/2010
Love, Love, Love Barr Mansion!    posted 11/1/2011 (modified 1/17/2012)

Where do I even begin? I LOVED my wedding at Barr Mansion!! All of my guests were from out of town and they were all blown away by the venue! It is unique, elegant, rustic, PERFECT. Everything was amazing, including Hannah and Rick who helped in the planning process.

First, the planning process was sooo easy. Barr has catering (which is all organic -- the only USDA certified organic venue -- very Austin!) so I didn't have to worry about finding that, they handle the cakes, staff, set-up, break-down, day of coordination, etc. Seriously, it was so easy. We worked with Hannah mainly and she is AWESOME! So sweet, kind, and organized. I really didn't worry about ANYTHING -- and trust me, I am a worrier. Hannah made sure my day turned out exactly as I had envisioned it. She kept reassuring me -- "It's your wedding, you can have it however you want." Even guests at the wedding came up to me to tell me how amazing she was.

Another perk -- you can provide your own alcohol. We bought TONS and you are able to return extra unopened alcohol to most places (Specs, Costco -- FYI - Costco is the cheapest AND you don't have to have a membership for the spirits section because it is actually separate from the store).

The food turned out delicious (we had apple cider brined chicken breasts and beef tenderloin with bacon herb butter)! We even had a little surprise for the guests at the end of the night - Barr has a stone pizza oven so we had organic pizzas for a late night snack. The guests loved it! The cakes were also really good. Our brides cake was a traditional white with raspberry filling. Our cakes were also very pretty and well decorated. They ask you to provide a picture of what you would like them to look like -- I cheated and just picked one that I liked that was done previously at another wedding at Barr.

We got married under the old pecan tree at sunset. It felt beautiful. We worked with Stems (Barr's resident florist that you do NOT have to use -- BUT SHE IS GOOD!) and we put chandeliers in the tree. Loved it.

Next – the Artesian Ballroom. Really amazingly beautiful. It is really a great space. We ended up getting lighting from ILD because I really wanted an amber glow – almost like candle light. It was relatively inexpensive (in relation to the entire cost of a wedding!).

If you can’t tell yet, I really loved my wedding. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Barr Mansion. Another bonus is that it is out in the middle of what feels like nowhere but it is still about 10-15 min from downtown. Very secluded and private. My biggest worry was that I did all this work and had this vision and I was going to be disappointed in the end --- totally NOT the case!!! Brides – you will not regret picking this venue for your most special day!


Wedding: 9/10/2011
Member Since: 6/25/2010
Stress-Free and Professional    posted 10/24/2011

We held our ceremony and reception on the grounds of Barr Mansion. Barr Mansion's staff is incredibly helpful and easy to work with. By providing the food, cakes, tables and chairs, linens, etc, they make the entire wedding planning process much easier. They only have one event going on at a time so you know that all their attention is focused on you. We got so many compliments on how beautiful the property is, how delicious the food was, and how smoothly everything went all night. Thank you Rick and staff for all you did to make our wedding perfect!


Wedding: 7/22/2011
Member Since: 10/1/2010
AMAZING!!!!    posted 8/6/2011

I had my ceremony and reception at Barr Mansion on July 22 and it was perfect. Barr Mansion is beautiful, offers amazing food, and has a great team to help we anything you need.


Wedding: 7/3/2011
Member Since: 5/3/2010
I loved it!    posted 8/3/2011

I loved Barr Mansion! If you are looking for an atique style wedding, this is your place. They include alot in there services, which is helpful the week of!


Wedding: 5/21/2011
Member Since: 1/21/2010
Wonderful, Stress-Free Wedding!    posted 6/5/2011

Barr Mansion was wonderful! They helped with the planning of everything on the wedding day, even little details that I would have forgotten! Food, cakes, and even a day-of coordinator are all part of what you get as part of the Barr Mansion "package." We wanted to get married outside but have to move our wedding inside last minute because of the rain and it worked seamlessly because of their staff.


Wedding: 11/11/2010
Member Since: 6/28/2009
Spectacular    posted 12/8/2010

I was one of the brides who got married after the fire, and at first I was a little devastated only because I had worked so hard to create the wedding of my dreams and all of a sudden I had to create a new dream. When I went to the fall food and cake tasting and saw the structured tent that they had put in place of the ballroom, I was blown away at how beautiful they had made it. Not only was I completely satisfied with the venue itself, but the staff (esp. Rick and Abby) were phenomenal, and the food and cake were amazing! Overall, my experience with Barr Mansion was wonderful, and I would not have traded it for the world.


Wedding: 11/2/2006
Member Since: 6/21/2005
Review for Barr Mansion & Artisan Ballroom    posted 5/10/2010 (modified 6/11/2010)

Barr Mansion had everything we wanted in a U.S. destination wedding! A beautiful Victorian Mansion to get ready in, a perfectly manicured garden for the ceremony, and a fantastic glass fronted rustic barn for the reception. On top of the beauty of this family owned facility, the catering (including cake) was all in house, organic, and DELICIOUS! They recently informed me that they have been certified as one of the first 'organic' event facilities in the U.S. They are a totally 'green' facility, where soy candles are required. There is even a Habitat Suites within 3 miles for guest who prefer to patronize a 'green' hotel.;It's located on the North East side of Austin which requires guest who stay downtown to travel by cab or rental car for about 10-15 minutes depending on traffic. Easy commute though.


Wedding: 5/17/2009
Member Since: 1/20/2008
Review for Barr Mansion & Artisan Ballroom    posted 6/9/2009 (modified 6/11/2010)

Our wedding and reception at Barr Mansion were PERFECT! I couldn't have asked for more.

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Creating the Wedding of your Dreams

Barr Mansion offers a one-of-a-kind setting for indoor/outdoor weddings, featuring versatile and well-manicured grounds, an Eastlake Victorian mansion, sustainably-crafted modern ballroom, full-service planning, and certified organic cuisine.

  • Price Range: $$$
  • Outdoor Ceremony Area: Yes
  • Indoor Ceremony Area: Yes
  • Outdoor Reception Area: Yes
  • On the Water: No
  • Tented Area: No
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
  • Onsite Catering: Yes
  • Outside Caterers Allowed: No
  • Kosher Available: Yes
  • Liquor License: No
  • Onsite Overnight Accommodations: No
  • Onsite Parking: Yes
  • Valet Parking: Yes
  • Onsite Wedding Consultant: Yes
  • Liability Insurance: No
  • Site Fee: No
  • Capacity: Up to 400
  • Style: Banquet/Reception Hall, Loft/Raw Space, Mansion/Historic Site, Unusual/Alternative

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