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| http://www.bellabridalboutique.com
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Wedding: 10/12/2013
Member Since: 5/1/2012
Perfect Shopping    posted 10/29/2013 (modified 10/30/2013)

I LOVED this shop. After shopping previously at another store I was devistated and ready to give up. Bella was so warm and welcoming. Everytime I was there everyone was friendly. I went with my mother and mother-in-law. We all got to pick dresses for me to try on and they also gave us ideas once they saw what we liked and didn't. I found the perfect dress that I got SO MANY compliments thanks to the help of the sales girl. It wasn't one we had even seen.


Wedding: 9/28/2013
Member Since: 6/29/2012
Favorite bridal shop ever!    posted 10/24/2013 (modified 10/25/2013)

Bella Bridal was my absolute favorite shop of my wedding dress search. The first time at the shop, I came in for a specific dress and my consultant did a great job of listening to what I liked and came up with others to try. My consultant insisted on going 45 minutes past my appointment allotment and 30 minutes after closing time! Not once did she push for me to buy a dress, nor did she seem annoyed with me. The second time I came in, I came just to try one dress, and, again, we stayed past closing. Such a great experience shopping here! Just wish I had been able to buy my dress here!


Wedding: 10/5/2013
Member Since: 9/7/2011
great shop!    posted 10/22/2013

The ladies there were very helpful and accomodating. I liked that me and my girls were able to walk through the store and pick dresses ourselves! All the sales women were very friendly and PATIENT!! (which in my mind is hugely important!)


Wedding: 9/21/2013
Member Since: 7/15/2012
Personalized just for me    posted 10/8/2013

I knew I wanted to go somewhere that had a particular selection that others couldn't find just anywhere, and I certainly found it. Also, the staff personalizes your experience and helped me find my perfect dress. I recommend if you want to find that perfect dress that no one else ever has worn!


Wedding: 9/20/2013
Member Since: 6/28/2011
GREAT, Great, great!    posted 10/7/2013 (modified 10/25/2013)

The staff at bella bridal was excellent!! They helped me choose my wedding dress after looking for two days at so many other places! They made me feel welcome and really listened to what I wanted in my wedding dress! Also, they were flexible for me as a distance bride! :)


Wedding: 9/14/2013
Member Since: 12/26/2012
Fun    posted 10/1/2013

When finding my dress I had not tried any on before and really wasn't sure what I wanted. The consultant helped me narrow things down and found a bunch of dresses and styles to try on. I had 90 minutes scheduled with her but we went over and she never rushed us and never made us feel like we were less important than any other bride.


Wedding: 8/31/2013
Member Since: 7/13/2011
Great service and selection    posted 9/26/2013

I got my dress from Bella last fall and overall really loved the experience. I had tired on over 200 dresses, so I can say I've probably been to all the stores around MSP. This place is really nice and the staff are very helpful and friendly.


Wedding: 7/6/2013
Member Since: 1/4/2013
Great dress at a great price    posted 7/23/2013

If you are looking to work within a budget for your dress Bella Bridal is the place to go. You can get a great dress that looks like twice what you pay for it. They have a wide variety of styles and price points.


Wedding: 7/6/2013
Member Since: 5/22/2012
Recommending Bella Bridal to Every Bride I Know!    posted 7/23/2013

I loved everything about Bella Bridal Boutique! Everyone I worked with/spoke with there was incredibly nice. I had the best time trying on dresses there. It was so relaxed and easy going. They did not rush me at all when I was trying to decide whether or not to buy my dress, even though I had gone way over my appointment time. They had a great selection in all price ranges. I would definitely recommend Bella Bridal Boutique to any future brides! They made me feel so comfortable, unlike other boutiques I went to where they made me feel like I was not the one in control of my day. They also have a great package if you buy your dress on your first visit. I loved my dress so much!


Wedding: 5/25/2013
Member Since: 10/23/2011
Wonderful service and great selection    posted 7/3/2013

After having dismal experiences at other bridal boutiques in the area - I had the BEST time at Bella. I brought my entourage and all of us were allowed to browse through the selection of dresses and pick ones for me to try on. The staff was knowledgable and courteous. We had a great time and I found the dress of my dreams!


Wedding: 5/18/2013
Member Since: 12/26/2011
Great atmosphere    posted 6/30/2013

The Bella Bridal staff was great - they were very personable, helpful and accommodating. They didn't have as big of a selection of accessories and veils as some of the other places I went, but in a way that was nice because the choices weren't overwhelming.

The only downside was that I felt pressured by the associate who was helping us to buy the dress the day I tried it on in order to get the discount and the extras that came with same-day purchase. However, I felt I made a hasty decision and ended up not wearing the first dress I bought on my wedding day. There also wasn't much of a selection for bridesmaid dresses. But overall, good experience.


Wedding: 5/25/2013
Member Since: 5/5/2012
Amazing!    posted 6/26/2013

They allow you to try on as many dresses as needed and are very patient. Bella Bridal made this one of my favorite experiences in the wedding planning process. They were very helpful and not at all pushy!


Wedding: 5/4/2013
Member Since: 8/18/2005
Great selection    posted 6/8/2013

I purchased my wedding gown, all of the bridesmaids dresses and rented all of our tuxes here.

They have an exellent selection of wedding gowns! I am a size 16 and I had plenty of dresses that I could actually try on! As a plus size bride that is a really important thing. Most of thier dresses are under $1000 and they have every style you can think of. They also have a lot of great designers.

Thier bridesmaids dress selection is a little more limited.

For the most part I was really happy with Bella. There where a few times that I felt that the staff was less than willing to help with small things like holding onto my dress for an extra 5 days so that I wouldn't have to store it before my first fittings.


Wedding: 5/4/2013
Member Since: 10/11/2011
Angie    posted 6/3/2013

Bella Bridal is a very nice shop. The first time I went in, the dress assisstant didn't seem to familiar with the products or the experience, but she was very nice. The second time, the asssisstant seemed very familiar with the experience. Every associate that I came across was very friendly and helpful. The only thing that would have been nicer is if they could have carried more plus sizes.


Wedding: 5/11/2013
Member Since: 10/14/2012
Bella Bridal    posted 5/28/2013

Buying my dress here was amazing! They have beautiful dressing rooms, and a wonderful staff! I also purchased my dress of the rack for $150, which was crazy! They have a huge selection of dresses in all price ranges! Definitely GO!


Wedding: 4/27/2013
Member Since: 1/29/2012
Wedding Dress Shop    posted 5/25/2013

Great experience here. Found the perfect dress that I wouldn't have found without the help of my wonderful consultant from Bella. A bit expensive, but most dress shops are.


Wedding: 5/4/2013
Member Since: 4/29/2010
Elegant and Professional Boutique!    posted 5/21/2013

I had a wonderful experience with Bella Bridal Boutique! It was by far the best wedding gown shopping experience I had. The store is bright, clean, and fun! The dresses are displayed out of the bags, so you don't have to guess what it looks like (most stores have them on display in plastic bags, which are had to sift through). The stylist was great and actually picked out my wedding gown. They also have a great first time visitors package. I would definitely visit a store or two before coming to Bella Bridal Boutique to get an idea of the style you like. Then, Bella Bridal can help pull the pieces together and you can be confident in your choice! The only negative I can think of was that they forgot to steam my vail with my dress, so I had to make a separate trip to pick up the veil. Other than that, it was great!


Wedding: 4/6/2013
Member Since: 3/1/2011
Gorgeous    posted 5/12/2013

The staff was amazing and fun- I had my step daughter with and they made the experience fun for her!! They were helpful with ideas on altering and adding some flair!!!


Wedding: 4/6/2013
Member Since: 5/23/2012
Dress    posted 4/21/2013

Loved my dress


Wedding: 1/8/2013
Member Since: 5/14/2012
Wedding Dress    posted 1/28/2013

Bella was great in helping me buy my dress. They had a good selection, and the staff was very knowledgeable. Even when I started having second thoughts on the dress pick they were helpful. I have a difficult body to fit and they were very understanding, professional, and made my dress experience wonderful!

Results 1 - 20 of 58

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