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Wedding: 4/7/2012
Member Since: 5/11/2011
Could not have gotten any better service! WONDERFU    posted 12/3/2011

I got all of my bridesmaid dresses through Belle Bridal and all I can say is WOW! The service from Stacy was so amazing and she was always keeping me updated with my order through the whole process! I got the dresses early which was wonderful and the quality of the product was simply amazing. I am so happy that I went with them at Belle Bridal! Service was amazing, everyone was so friendly and wonderful and I am so happy with the dresses adn the overall quality. Their dresses are more unique and beautiful then you would find anywhere else and truly beautiful! Thank you for your amazing service and products Belle Bridal! You guys are great!


Wedding: 6/21/2014
Member Since: 2/17/2013
#1    posted 9/11/2013

I normally hate to give every category 5 stars, but these women really deserved it. They are incredibly amazing! Everyone was super sweet and helpful and when I finally picked my dress they were all so excited. We even shared a group hug. They had just moved to their new location, so things were still being set up, but I know their shop is going to be beautiful when it's finished. They even had a separate area for my mom and MOH to hang out.

All the gowns were beautiful and she knew exactly what I was looking for! She even stayed right on budget! That's one of the things I was most surprised with.

If you're a plus size bride, I'm telling you, it is worth a look. I can't stress it enough. I never felt self conscious or uncomfortable even for a moment. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and happy shopping for their wedding dress. If you'e been stressing out over trying things on, the ladies at Belle Bridal will completely change your mind. Too bad they don't have a shop for bridesmaids. :)


Wedding: 5/31/2014
Member Since: 12/3/2012
Amazing Experience    posted 8/25/2013

I am not the girl who grew up thinking about my wedding dress and even as I began planning my wedding I kept putting the dress on the back burner. Before My mom and sister took me (kicking and screaming) dress shopping I decided to research the best places to find a plus size wedding dress. I found Belle Bridal Boutique and instantly decided to make an appointment. I spoke directly with Stacey and she was very sweet!! From the moment we walked in I knew I was in the right place. I was very hesitant to try on dresses and had no idea of what I wanted. Stacey charged through without hesitation and within 30 minutes I found my dress! She even brought my mother to tears which is near impossible.

The service and personalization is amazing and I would reccommend all plus size brides make sure to visit Belle Bridal. The prices weren't bad either!!


Wedding: 5/10/2014
Member Since: 8/5/2013
Amazing!!!! So Happy!    posted 8/25/2013

After a few hours in the bridal district in Reading I was disappointed, being a plus size bride. But then we walked into Belle Bridal! From the moment we walked in I felt like some one finally cared about making me feel like a princess! Stacey and her Mom were so wonderful they made sure my bridesmaids were comfortable and then just started pulling dresses for me! At every other shop I have been treated with indifference. Clipped into dresses 4x to small. And barely given time to think how a dress may look in the right size. NOT AT BELLE!!! I never told Stacey my size, she never asked,but every dress she pulled fit!!!! And the final OMG so beautiful dress was tight but after a few moments Stacey said I'm sorry but we have to clip this, but I so want you to see it, I think it might be the one. After clipping I hated it! But she asked if I would be willing to try and zip it(it was tight) I thought what the heck. I am so happy she was willing to possibly tear her product to let me try and see a glimpse of my dress!!!! Although just a little small I could see the vision. Me as a Princess on my wedding day!!! NEVER HAVE I BEEN SO HAPPY TO SHOP!!! Every thing about Belle Bridal is awesome! If you are a plus size bride I would suggest Go There First!!! Stacey and her Mom are so sweet and amazing! The dresses are a bit more expensive than say davids bridal, BUT they are so much prettier and I think a better quality. The dress I will wear is 250 above my budget but I cant stop thinking about it and will purchase in the next few days. I have been to several other places and Stacey was right it was THE ONE!!! If you are a curvy bride save some time and energy just go to Stacey at BELLE BRIDAL BOUTIQUE!!


Wedding: 9/13/2014
Member Since: 12/19/2000
Best bridal shop ever!    posted 8/23/2013

I was so happy to stumble across Belle Bridal. I live in Florida but I was visiting family in Ohio and we drove nearly two hours to try on dresses and I found my dress! I wasn't expecting to find something but Stacy worked with me and made sure I was in budget. I love my dress and can't wait till my wedding next year!


Wedding: 10/12/2013
Member Since: 5/13/2012
Amazing service HANDS DOWN!    posted 7/25/2013

Can I just tell you that like every bride I was nervous about the dress part of this process and I know I have a little extra anxiety due to being plus size in normal clothes which means even more in dress sizes. I did a lot of research before putting myself out there to help minimize going to a store and having nothing to try on. Places told me that they could figure something out and when I got there it wasn’t a great experience. I had a few that I could clip on but nothing that really fit and was pressed to buy something by putting it in front of me and looking at the mirror because that’s what I was told I have to do due to my size. At Belle Bridal this wasn’t an issue at all. My body and size was a norm for the store and I never even thought about it as a concern there because it wasn’t about my size at Belle Bridal. The best part of the whole experience though for me was from the first phone call to when I picked up the dress (and the visits and phone calls in between) Stacey was so supportive and truly caring about me and my journey with this process. I know she works with brides everyday but she was so excited about me every time I talked and met with her. My sister has been to ever wedding appointment with me with all these venders and she said it best when we left with my dress after being at Belle Bridal a few times. “Stacey is made for this role. It isn’t a job to her and she is so special. ” I am telling you if you are a plus size bride you need to find time to have this experience because you deserve it just like any other bride.


Wedding: 9/28/2013
Member Since: 8/5/2011
My favorite experience in wedding planning thus far...    posted 7/25/2013

Being a plus-sized bride, I was apprehensive of what dress shopping was going to be like for a bigger bride like me. But my worries went out the window once I found Belle Bridal Boutique.

My appointment was a private appointment-only occasion and I was able to bring my future mother-in-law, my stepmom, and my maid of honor. They were made to feel comfortable while waiting on me to try on each dress in their home like atmosphere. And there were mimosas!!! :) With each dress I tried on, I was starting to feel more and more beautiful. I never even had to tell Stacey my size. She just pulled gowns and they all fit and I was able to really see what I could look like on my wedding day. Stacey is quite frankly amazing. Despite her being a tiny little woman, she has a heart as big as the sun. She's not just an owner of a bridal salon, you leave friends.

I purchased my gown in August 2012, and picked it up in December 2012. I'll be walking down the aisle on September 28, 2013 and I'm going to look fabulous thanks to Belle Bridal Boutique. I can't wait to share my pictures!!

If you have any doubts whatsoever, put them aside. This is the place you've always dreamed of going and you WILL get your Say Yes To The Dress experience here. :)


Wedding: 10/12/2013
Member Since: 4/4/2004
natalie    posted 6/5/2013

Loved my experience at Belle! Stacy was great, I couldn't have dreamed of a better bridal experience. Lots of beautiful dresses to try on, private appointments, exceptional attention and service. Loved it.


Wedding: 8/17/2013
Member Since: 2/15/2013
Proud Mom    posted 5/28/2013

My daughter was so thrilled with the bridal gown she chose at Belle Bridal. She looked radiant. The quality and selection of bridal gowns was just perfect. The service was personal and the setting private. We had the salon to ourselves as our party of eight enjoyed a glass of champagne while my daughter tried on at least six bridal gowns. Very pleased with our experience.


Wedding: 5/4/2014
Member Since: 4/3/2012
Stress free and fun at Belle Bridal!    posted 5/24/2013

My experience with Stacey and Henrietta at Belle Bridal was a better experience than I could have dreamt of and was very memorable for myself and my family. We were welcomed with smiles and expertise that assisted me in finding the perfect dress. They knew exactly what I wanted and what would accentuate my curves. The price was very affordable and I cannot wait to try on my dress when I receive it. They also gave great advice for my wedding and were very complimentary which every bride needs during what can be a very strenuous time for a bride! Love to both of them!


Wedding: 7/28/2013
Member Since: 3/3/2011
Amazing Customer Service    posted 5/23/2013

Stacey at Belle Bridal Boutique is literally like a fairy godmother! I had previously visited the Reading Bridal district and was very disappointed in the amount of dresses that I could actually try on in my size. Upon arriving at Belle Bridal Boutique I loved how the shop was very comfortable, the viewing room is literally a living room where your friends and family can check out the gowns you are trying on. The best part was that every single dress in the store I could try on! It also didn't hurt that Stacey might have been the most professional and sweetest person I'd ever met. She was very complimentary when things looked good, but also not afraid to tell you when she didn't like something. I said yes to the dress and I can't wait til my wedding to show it off.


Wedding: 1/4/2014
Member Since: 7/19/2010
I couldn't be happier    posted 1/7/2013

This is a must go to place. I was super pleased with my entire experience at Belle Bridal. Stacey was amazing... I only told her what I didn't want (which was 2 things, my budget and let her go do her work. She couldn't have been more right. It was the first dress I tried on and it was the one! Perfect. I could have stopped there, but the insistence of my family I did try on a few others, only to keep thinking about the first. I came back out in it and Said YES! Stacey is super nice, accommodating and I love the atmosphere of the shop. You get individual attention and are not competing with other brides who are trying on at the same time.


Wedding: 10/20/2012
Member Since: 4/12/2011
Stacey was amazing!    posted 11/26/2012

My dress search was a tedious one. I was really struggling until I made an appointment at Belle Bridal Boutique. Stacey was SO NICE and she really went above and beyond to try to help me find a dress. The first time I was even able to really try on a dress and see how it would look on me was at this boutique. I'm a size 16 and sample sizes at other shops just didn't cut it. So literally the first time I felt like a bride was at her shop and I owe her big time for that. I didn't find THE dress there and it was months before I found a dress at all, but I sincerely wish I had because I would have loved to support this fabulous little business. Stacey and her mom obviously love their brides and go out of their way to help them find the dresses of their dreams. They have a really great business model with the private fittings and a really nice selection of dresses. I wish them much continued success in the future.


Wedding: 9/2/2012
Member Since: 4/6/2012
Amazing!    posted 9/19/2012

I have nothing but great things to say about Stacy at Belle Bridal and Boutique! Beautiful dresses at an amazing price! I absolutely loved my dress and continue to get many compliments from guests!!


Wedding: 6/30/2012
Member Since: 8/9/2011
AMAZING!    posted 2/25/2012

I can not say enough good things about Stacey and Belle Bridal Boutique!
I was having trouble finding a boutique that had a good selection of plus size wedding dresses in the Cincinnati area. When I called Stacey she replied "Every dress is in your size! You are a very common size." Something I was not hearing from other places.

The customer service was amazing! Stacey went above and beyond and let me come try on dresses before they had even officially opened so that my mother (who lives out of town) could be there when we tried on dresses! She kept me updated through the whole ordering process-and was available to answer any questions I had.

The dress selection was fantastic-and Stacey was right-I could try on ANY dress I found at the store. She was great about making me feel beautiful and finding the perfect dress for my body and my style.

Stacey is attentive, genuinely excited for you, and a pleasure to work with!

I picked up my wedding gown today and am so happy that I went with Belle Bridal Boutique! I would recommend it to anyone!

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Beautiful Gowns Sizes 12-32W

Belle Bridal Boutique is Ohio's first and only boutique to specialize in the Curvy Bride. We carry over 100 bridal gowns in stock in sizes 12-32W.
Walk In's are always welcome but we want every bride to experience Belle's award winning customer service, so please make an appointment when possible.

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