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Cheesecake Wedding Cakes by Mrs. B. 5 of 5 1 51

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Wedding: 9/21/2013
Member Since: 9/27/2013
Mrs. "B's" Cheescake Wedding Cakes    posted 9/27/2013 (modified 9/28/2013)

Mrs. "B", they were AWESOME. There were so many different flavors and all were soo delicious. My favorite was the Pineapple and Keylime. They were decorated so beautifully and everyone raved about the flavors and were so pleased with the choices. You are such a special person Mrs. B and you are so accommodating. You allowed us to change and add so many times and you never got upset with us. You are so helpful and kind. Your cakes made the day for me and my family and friends. What a day to remember with the most wonderfully delicious Mrs. "B's" Cheesecakes. Thank you so much for all you did for us. I will tell all my friends the choice is Cheescake by Mrs. "B"!
I am so happy with the decision made to go with your cakes. That was truly a smart decision in wedding cake choices. They were not only delicious but beautifully decorated. Thank you again Mrs. "B" for all your hard work and patience. Good Luck and continued success!!


Wedding: 10/4/2008
Member Since: 5/15/2008
Mother of the bride    posted 9/26/2013

Wow! We spent a lot of time researching, looking for the "right" cake. We tried all the top rated vendors in the surrounding 2 states. Price, taste, or customer service weeded them all out. Then we found a jewel right in our backyard !
We were pleasantly surprised to walk into a shop where a sweet and saavy grandma was there with open arms and a hug. We like to work with people that are the "right" fit. It was an instant match. Then we tasted the cakes...another wow. We were able to mix and match cheesecake and traditional, as well as fillings. We gave Mrs. B a picture and vision. I am happy to say she exceeded our expectations. Our guests and other vendors were in awe. People are still talking about "that" cake. So how do I rate Mrs. B ? Customer service, creativity, price, product are ALL excellent and beyond. She is certainly a hidden gem! It was a wonderful experience and we will continue to use her services :)


Wedding: 12/8/2012
Member Since: 9/18/2013
Pleasing to both the eyes and palate    posted 9/18/2013 (modified 9/18/2013)

My fiancee (now wife) and I want the perfect wedding cake for our wedding. Our relatives highly recommended Cheesecake Wedding Cakes by Mrs. B. They were raving about how gorgeous and delicious their wedding cakes were. We knew based on their personal experiences that Cheesecake Wedding Cakes by Mrs. B was the obvious choice.

We did not have the luxury of time in terms of preparing for our wedding but Mrs. B made it easy for us. She listened very well to what we like and gave valuable suggestions. Come our wedding day, we were all pleasantly surprised to see our beautiful wedding cake that matched the look and feel of our reception venue. It was indeed a visual treat. Our cheesecake wedding cake was not only pleasing to the most scrutinizing eyes, it was also pleasing to the most refined palate. The special icing was decadent and the cheesecake itself was velvety smooth. The key lime, raspberry and pineapple flavors of the three layers of cake were simply refreshing.

Cheesecake Wedding Cakes by Mrs. B made our wedding all the more special.


Wedding: 8/24/2013
Member Since: 9/16/2013
Matthew and Jewelee's Wedding Cake    posted 9/16/2013 (modified 9/18/2013)

Our wedding day we used ms b for our wedding cake and it was the most beautiful cake i have ever seen and the best i have ever tasted. if you want beauty and great tasteing this is the place to be. Plus you can NOT bet the price. she is such a wonderful lady who makes it for a hobby. I did not want to get my cake from someone that wasnt going to put love into my cake and enjoy making it. I loved we found a family owned bussiness that i wasnt just a number and another cake. i was very pleased and would of not changed anything about my cake. It was so beautiful and wonderful tasting. PLEASE EVERYONE GET MS B'S to make your cakes for any event you will not be disapointed.


Wedding: 8/24/2013
Member Since: 9/16/2013
My daughters wedding cake    posted 9/16/2013 (modified 9/18/2013)

We ordered our daughters wedding cake with ms b it was the best choice we ever made. It was the best tasting and beautiful cake. If you want someone who will care about your cake and its not just a number call ms b. I will be using ms b for every event cake i need.


Wedding: 9/12/2013
Member Since: 9/15/2013
Mrs. Terry Clark    posted 9/15/2013 (modified 9/16/2013)

We are from Pennsylvania and we found Mrs. B online and decided to have her make our wedding cake. Being that we were getting married in Virginia on the beach and we were so far away, we just trusted based on reviews that she would do a wonderful job. We were not disappointed. She was very professional and friendly. The cheesecake was out of this world. Our wedding guests could not stop talking about it. We were very pleased.


Wedding: 5/5/2013
Member Since: 6/3/2013
Delicious!    posted 6/3/2013 (modified 9/18/2013)

Planning a wedding from a different state is a little scary. I found Mrs. B's cheesecake wedding cakes through an online search and decided to just go with it. My now husband and I both love cheesecake and her website had good reviews as well as a nice gallery of pictures of her work. I made some minor changes to my order several times, but it was no problem at all for her. I told her exactly what I wanted it to look like, and she nailed it. The cake was not only gorgeous, but delicious too! We got a three layered cake, the top two layers were just regular chocolate and vanilla, and the bottom was a raspberry swirl cheesecake (made with real fresh raspberry puree). All three flavors were great! If I were ever in her area again and needed a cake, I would most definitely give her repeat business.


Wedding: 5/11/2013
Member Since: 5/10/2012
Best Cake Ever!    posted 5/20/2013 (modified 5/21/2013)

Mrs B is such a pleasure to work with from start to finish! I had asked for a flavor that she had never even made before and she took the challenge on and far exceeded my expectations. Please ask her to make her Orange Creamsicle cake. It is the best ever! My guests are still talking about it. The groom and I were sad when it was all gone!

Mrs B took the time to figure out how I wanted the cake decorated. She is the sweetest lady ever! You won't regret having her as your baker! I highly, HIGHLY recommend her!


Wedding: 11/10/2012
Member Since: 12/28/2011

the best tasting cake ever... my new husband loves cheesecake so when i came across mrs. b's, i new i had to do a tasting. I can't wait to eat the top half of my cake at my first anniversary.


Wedding: 10/20/2012
Member Since: 5/30/2011
best cake ever    posted 11/4/2012 (modified 11/5/2012)

Seriously this was the BEST cake Ive ever tasted. Moist cake, light, flavorful filling, light and not too sweet NON DAIRY icing. SOOOO GOOD!!!! Mrs B is so nice and wonderful to work with. Good prices and reliable.
Will continue to use her for all our cake needs. So far since my wedding cake, my mom used her for her wedding cake and weve purchased 3 birthday cakes. Wont go anywhere else again.


Wedding: 10/13/2012
Member Since: 4/15/2007
The Best!!    posted 10/20/2012 (modified 10/22/2012)

We tasted three other bakeries in Virginia Beach, and all were both more expensive and not as tasty as Mrs. B. We repeatedly said, "This cake isn't as good as Mrs. B's, and it costs more, too! Why are we wasting our time here?" My parents-in-law asked if we could go back for another taste test just so they could keep eating her cake. And she does "normal" cakes, too! After a tasting, I bought a small cheesecake for my MIL's birthday (and scored major daughter-in-law points).

Mrs. B was agreeable to my design ideas and very helpful with flavors. She offered ideas without telling me what to do, and she accepted my input. The finished product was absolutely gorgeous!!

Everyone loved the idea of a cheesecake option for the wedding cake. They were all very excited as we described flavors. Our cake layers were key-lime cheesecake on bottom, yellow with strawberry filling in the middle, and chocolate-chocolate on top. We had ordered extra cake, but actually had very little left over because people wanted to try all three flavors ... and then take some home! As a testimonial to her cheesecake, I normally don't like cheesecake or key lime flavor, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE her key lime cheesecake!

We ordered our groom's cake from her, too, and served it at the Rehearsal Dinner. Those flavors were vanilla cake with pineapple filling and a super-chocolate decadent cake. (Her prices were so good that my FIL demanded the second cake.) The two groom's cakes were demolished during dinner, and many portions were taken home as well.

My photographer was the one who recommended Mrs B to us, and I am so thankful that he did! If you want a huge list of flavors or a fabulous cheesecake, run (don't walk) to Mrs B! She makes a wonderful cake, and we will probably start being repeat customers for birthday & anniversary cheesecakes.


Wedding: 9/29/2012
Member Since: 10/26/2011
An Amazing Experience    posted 10/15/2012 (modified 10/23/2012)

Mrs. B was so kind from the very beginning. We live a few hours from our wedding location, so it was tough to plan the wedding and find vendors we could trust. Mrs. B was a joy to work with. She delivered exactly what we asked for and then some! And her hard work on our masterpiece was apparent. It doesn't hurt that the cake was delicious too.


Wedding: 9/15/2012
Member Since: 12/1/2011
Mrs B    posted 10/11/2012 (modified 10/23/2012)

BEST cake I have ever had, and one of the best prices in Tidewater area. Mrs B might be the 'sweetest' baker we've ever met - not pun intended :)


Wedding: 9/8/2012
Member Since: 9/20/2012
Cheesecakes and wedding cakes by Ms. B    posted 9/20/2012 (modified 9/22/2012)

Thank you Mrs. B for making our daughter's cake experience wonderful from the tasting to the reception everything was fabulous. The cake was more beautiful than we had imagined. It has been two weeks and people are still talking about how good the cake was. Cakes that look as beautiful as this one did usually don't taste as good as they look. Your cake was gorgeous on the outside and delicious and moist on the inside. We had a layer of Key Lime cheesecake, a layer of chocolate cake with fudge, a layer of traditional almond, and a top layer of cheesecake with strawberry filling. There were no complaints about the cakes just compliments. You were very patient when my daughter was trying to select her flavors and her design. We will never forget our experience with you. Thank you for excellent service. We will be recommending you to anyone we know who wants to order an excellent cake or cheesecake. You helped to make Sept. 8, 2012 a wonderful day for our daughter, her husband and our guests. L. Ferguson


Wedding: 8/4/2012
Member Since: 12/29/2011
Best Wedding Cake Ever    posted 8/30/2012

Our cheesecake wedding cake from Mrs. B. was amazing. Guests were surprised and excited to get cheesecake! She met and exceeded all of our expectations.


Wedding: 8/11/2012
Member Since: 12/11/2011
AMAZING    posted 8/24/2012

Mrs. B was a God send for my wedding cake. Not only did she do it on extremly short notice, she did an AMAZING job. My cake was so beautiful and delicious. Honestly, my husband and I will go to her for all our cakes. Her personality,her cakes, and her prices are hard to beat.


Wedding: 7/28/2012
Member Since: 5/8/2012
Wonderful Cake!    posted 8/14/2012 (modified 11/5/2012)

Mrs. B is hands-down the only bakery I would choose to make a cheesecake wedding cake. Her cakes are awesome! She has all different flavors and the cost is less than most regular wedding cakes. Mrs. B has a little bit of a prickly personality sometimes, but the cake is SOOO worth it!


Wedding: 6/9/2012
Member Since: 6/25/2012
Tropical paradise in a cake    posted 6/25/2012 (modified 10/23/2012)

When I first walked into Mrs B's I knew I was in the right place. The smell of fresh baked cakes, music from the 20's playing in the background, Mr B in the kitchen helping out, bought a feeling of nostalgia I have not experienced since moving to virginia beach. I spent almost 3 hours just chatting with Mrs B that afternoon and I felt like I've known her a lifetime, i could have easily stayed another 3 hours! I tried several flavors of cheesecake and all were so delicious it was hard to choose just one. Luckily I had 3 tiers and could choose a variety. Since my wedding was on the beach and my theme was tropical, I choose a strawberry/vanilla for the top, pineapple for the middle and key lime for the bottom. The beautiful tropical blue ribbon tied it all together matching the maid of honors dress and blended with my tropical decorations. Mrs B and Mr B delivered it to my event and all my guests were so excited and couldn't wait to eat cake. But they had to wait until our ceremony at sunset was done. Everyone raved about the cake that day and still talk about how delicious it was. The cost was very reasonable for something this exquisite on your special day! I look forwarded to our 1 year anniversary cake but, i probably can't wait that long and will go back sooner and just get a cheesecake just because! Thank you Mrs B, you are a rare gem!


Wedding: 6/16/2012
Member Since: 6/22/2012
Best cake I've ever had    posted 6/22/2012

We met with Mrs. B in mid March to taste the traditional wedding cakes she offered. I had already experienced tasting samples for my daughters wedding, which is scheduled for October, 2012, so knew this was where I wanted my cake. It was the first tasting for my then fiancé, now husband. He loved the cake as much as I did. We ordered the almond cake with the strawberry filling. The cake itself is probably the moistest cake I've ever eaten. The almond flavor was perfect, the strawberry filling tasted
Iike Mrs. B had just made it. Another thing I loved was the icing Mrs. B uses. It is not as sweet as most bakery icings so does not compete with the flavor of the cake. I am extremely picky about icing and this was perfect. All of our guests loved the cake, both the decorations and flavor. I would highly recommend you give Mrs B a try. I doubt seriously if you go elsewhere after you do.


Wedding: 6/10/2012
Member Since: 1/2/2012
Beautiful and tastes great.    posted 6/14/2012

Mrs. B is so sweet and easy to work with. We had her make 3 different kinds. So everyone found one they liked. The white chocolate shells were very good to.
My daughter doesn't like cake, so I goggled "cheesecake wedding cakes in Virginia Beach" and found Mrs. B.
I would recommend her to anyone looking for something different and very tasty. I felt the price was fair also.

Results 1 - 20 of 21

Award-Winning Cheesecake Wedding Cakes

Mrs. B has been in business for over 25 years and has developed an excellent reputation. She makes over 40 kinds of cheesecakes and traditional wedding cakes.

Please make an appointment for a tasting and a consultation to design something special for your wedding.

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