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Wedding: 5/7/2011
Member Since: 5/4/2010
Your most beautiful YOU!    posted 8/22/2011 (modified 8/24/2011)

I feel so blessed to have found D'Shannon to be my makeup artist for my wedding! After being disappointed and bummed by a couple trial sessions with other artists where I left feeling cake-faced and unrecognizable, finding D'Shannon it was like a breath of fresh air. Her sweet personality made me feel like I had known her forever, and her professional experience and tips she taught me even in my trial gave me the comfort and confidence of having her do my makeup...as well as my mom's! She truly listened to and understood what I wanted to look like on my wedding day, and had such patience and an eye for detail to make it happen. She made me feel fresh and effortless and 100% myself and at the same time the most beautiful and glamorous I've ever felt! Thank you D'Shannon, you're awesome :)


Wedding: 1/1/0001
Member Since: 3/8/2011
Makeup Artist    posted 11/1/2012

As a fellow makeup artist, when you decide to have someone else do your makeup for your wedding, it isn't an easy decision as to who you will trust yourself to! D'Shannon was my mentor as I developed my business, she is the person you go to when you want to look absolutely beautiful! Her skill and ability to fit any brides idea of what they want to look like on their wedding day is unmatched. She will take care of you and make you feel incredibly special they entire day! My mother was in love with her makeup as well! Mature skin isn't the easiest to master but D'Shannon knows how to perfect any skin type. My makeup never moved the entire day, it was perfect and flawless!! I couldn't have been happier, she is the best!


Wedding: 8/4/2012
Member Since: 9/11/2012
AMAZING!!!!    posted 9/11/2012

I'm not much for the whole hair and make-up thing usually and almost contemplated not even getting my make-up done professionally. When she arrived she was on time and ready to go. She provided services not only to me but 2 of my bridesmaids 1 of which was my 11yr old daughter. My daughter looked beautiful and still looked like a little girl. I gave her no direction on what I wanted as I never wear make-up and wasn't sure what I wanted to look like. When she handed me the mirror....I sat there quiet because I was in complete shock so much I couldn't speak. I looked amazing and I was very pleased with her work and plan on using her again for my Trash the Wedding Dress Photos. I have recommended her to several others as well. Did I forget to mention she also has a sense of humor....I think she's an amazing, talented professional artist and it was a pleasure to be her canvas.


Wedding: 2/18/2012
Member Since: 12/1/2010
Loved My Makeup!!    posted 9/10/2012

I went to D'Shannon a few times before my wedding to see what we liked, and each time it got better. The day of the wedding I was hoping I would love what I ended up with, and she couldn't have done anything better. I felt so beautiful, and my groom especailly love it. My bridesmaid also couldn't have been happier. I am so thankful that I decided to spend a little more money than I had planned for makeup. Thank You D'Shannon!!!


Wedding: 6/30/2012
Member Since: 9/28/2011
SO INCREDIBLY AMAZING!    posted 7/2/2012 (modified 9/11/2012)

D'Shannon was amazing! First off, her work is impeccable. She met with me to get a sense of the style I'd like and then was incredibly accommodating in regards to doing make up trials with me. I don't know much about make up, so I didn't know how to describe what I wanted to her- but she totally understood! Everyone said I looked amazing and I felt beautiful. She is so nice and so fun to be around. When it came time to do make up for my bridesmaids, it was transformative! They looked stunning. She was also incredibly accommodating. On the wedding day itself, she stayed a few extra hours on a moment's notice. The wedding day itself was incredibly hot outside. She came around, dabbing our faces and doing touch ups every few minutes. She was handing out kleenexes, straws to not mess up our make up when drinking, and water bottles. She made taking pictures bearable on that hot day! Later, when I realized I left my overnight bag at home, she volunteered to swing by and get it, on what was supposed to be her free Saturday night! I would recommend her to anyone. She is professional, personable, and incredibly talented. Thank you, D'Shannon!


Wedding: 5/27/2012
Member Since: 8/7/2003
"I have no desire to look pretty, I want to look h    posted 6/18/2012 (modified 9/11/2012)

I researched the internet to find the best makeup artist in St. Louis, MO. The same name kept on coming up, D'Shannon Llewellyn. I was still skeptical because I know that most ladies want to look pretty and innocent and fresh on their wedding day. I had no desire to be "pretty." I wanted to look "Hot!" I wanted my fiance to be floored. Of course I didn't want to hide behind a mask of makeup. I just wanted the look to be just dramatic enough. Could I find someone who wouldn't make me look "bridal" but more glamorous? So that's what I told D'Shannon of D Makeup Artist during our initial phone conversations and emails. I knew from the get go that she would be the vendor I would choose. Not only did she have vast experience with weddings but with print ads and professional photo shoots as well. She was completely professional about her job. Her contract was extremely thorough and she was very responsive to all of my questions no matter how many I had. But the proof was in the trial. I brought along my traditional red dress for my morning ceremony and then told her I would change into a white western gown for the evening reception. Somehow D'Shannon knew exactly what to do for both looks. She asked me for my preferences but she also talked me through the logic of her color choices based on those preferences. I knew then that I was in good hands. But on the day of my wedding, she made me look even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! My makeup was applied around 9am and stayed on and looked great until past midnight. I purchased the whole day package so she was even with me and my wedding party throughout photos providing touch ups, etc. How great to have your own personal make-up artist making sure every shot you would look as great as possible. My fiance was even impressed. I could not have wished for anything more than what D'Shannon provide to me, my family, and my ladies on my wedding day. She may be a St. Louis, MO vendor but in my book, she is world class.


Wedding: 6/13/2009
Member Since: 8/30/2011
Amazing    posted 8/30/2011 (modified 8/31/2011)

After seeing her work at many other weddings I knew it was an easy choice when it came to deciding who to pick to do make up for my wedding. The best part was that you looked like yourself and the make up stayed on all day. Even with a hot summer wedding it looked the same at the end of the night as it did right after it was done. Thanks D'Shannon for making my wedding party look amazing!


Wedding: 9/25/2010
Member Since: 7/2/2010
Amazing    posted 8/18/2011 (modified 8/18/2011)

D' Shannon was the best!! She was very dedicated not only to me, but to all the other ladies in the bridal party. She went out of her way to make sure everyone was satisfied. She especially made sure that my mom was happy. Everyone was very impressed with her skills and loved her personality. She really made my wedding perfect.


Wedding: 2/26/2011
Member Since: 7/14/2010
Fabulous!    posted 8/4/2011 (modified 8/4/2011)

D'Shannon was wonderful - not only on The Day, but for the six or so months prior she worked with me to find product that helped my skin. She gave of her time and experience freely, helped me to find solutions, created great looks for me (that lasted the night through!) and my mother, and was a great presence to have for a whole host of those little things that popped up during the event. Unequivocally recommended.


Wedding: 6/18/2011
Member Since: 1/15/2008
Must have the best    posted 7/28/2011 (modified 7/28/2011)

D'Shannon's profile says it all.. serving brides who simply must have the best. My photographer referred D'Shannon to me, and I am so glad that I decided to book D'Shannon and that she decided to work with me on such short notice! D'Shannon did an amazing job! I have never liked my make up so much! I even adopted some of her techniques into my everyday make up! She is truly amazing and makes her clients feel amazing as well! I would definitely recommend D'Shannon to anyone else wanting the best on their perfect wedding day or any other occassion! I know I am going to call her again for any big event I have coming up! Thanks D'Shannon!


Wedding: 5/28/2011
Member Since: 2/18/2011
Flexible, Highly-Skilled Makeup Artist    posted 7/10/2011 (modified 7/14/2011)

D'Shannon saved my wedding day! Not only did she work with me to get just the right makeup look I wanted, but when my hair stylist fell through, she stepped up and did a fabulous job fulfilling this role as well. D is professional and talented in her craft. She is willing to offer suggestions to give you the best look, but she truly wants every bride to have her own vision realized. D'Shannon went above and beyond my expectations and made me feel so beautiful and confident on my wedding day.


Wedding: 6/27/2011
Member Since: 3/8/2011
Beautiful.....and confident    posted 7/3/2011 (modified 7/3/2011)

I was very blessed when I found out that I was having a true professional makeup artist do my makeup for my wedding. Then I thought, she might laugh at me.
When I first met D, I was intimidated by HER beauty. But she immediately made me feel comfortable with her kind words. I was more comforted by the fact that we were at her in-home studio, where I wasn't going to be without makeup in public. This was a huge concern for me because I never really thought of myself as beautiful, and, therefore, don't leave the house without makeup.
About 3 years ago, I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, which is a type of blood cancer. After going through chemotherapy, all of my hair eventually grew back, except for my eyebrows. Because of this, I have been so self-conscious about myself. I am always trying to draw on my own eyebrows (which look ridiculous), and then end up wearing dark glasses just to hide my faults.
However, D has changed my life. While she was doing my makeup on my wedding day, she made me feel beautiful. She not only was talented enough to put makeup on my eye brows to make them look real, but also explained how she was doing it. They looked like real brows, with real hair!!!! I was so thrilled with the results!
I won't forget her words that day either. Instead of making me look like someone that I am not, she was just "bringing out the best me"!
I am so very grateful that she chose to donate her time and talents for my wedding day. She has forever changed my life. She not only made me look beautiful, but also made me FEEL beautiful....AND CONFIDENT! That is something I will always treasure, and never ever forget!
D is definitely a true angel. She has such amazing talent and a huge heart. Thank you so much, D, for giving me the most amazing feeling in the world. Tears of joy! xoxo
Tina Martin


Wedding: 4/16/2011
Member Since: 2/13/2006
Susan (happy bride)!    posted 4/28/2011 (modified 4/28/2011)

As a makeup artist myself, I was VERY picky about finding a makeup artist for my wedding. After my trial with D'Shannon I knew she was the perfect person to make me beautiful on my big day. She is not only an extremely talented artist, she is also so sweet, genuine and took great pride in making each girl look their best. I will recommend D'Shannon so everyone!


Wedding: 5/22/2010
Member Since: 5/13/2009
Happy Bride    posted 9/12/2010 (modified 9/12/2010)

D'Shannon is an expert at her field! My entire bridal party were happy with their make-up and the experience. I have never looked or felt more beautiful in my life, and received multiple compliments about my make-up on the wedding day. She was professional, friendly and energetic. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is need of a make-up artist!!

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