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Wedding: 3/24/2012
Member Since: 1/4/2012
Perfect Day!!!    posted 4/19/2012

The venue itself is beautiful. We were both fond of Edgar Degas and his work. It was awesome to both get married and stay there. The staff was amazing. It was as stress free as a wedding can be. Sharon and Kelly were incredibly attentive and helpful. We look forward to returning every year for our anniversary.


Wedding: 3/15/2014
Member Since: 1/24/2013
Exceptional Wedding Experience!    posted 4/3/2014 (modified 4/4/2014)

As mother of the bride I wanted my daughter's wedding to equal what she had envisioned. I would have to say it met those expectations and beyond. The Estelle Suite, served as a perfect place for the night before the wedding, for the dressing of the bride, and the Bridal suite for the bride and groom. The house and courtyard served as a perfect New Orleans setting for both the ceremony and reception. The Degas House staff transformed the ceremony space into the reception space seamlessly while guests were served hors d'oeuvres.

Mrs. Sharon and the waiting staff made us feel at home and truly outdid themselves! Our guests, both local and those from out of town, raved about the exceptional food! The menu offered was a tribute to New Orleans cuisine. The house itself served as a beautiful backdrop for pictures and the cutting of the cake.

If you are looking for a venue that provides New Orleans ambiance and tradition this location is a perfect choice.


Wedding: 3/15/2014
Member Since: 3/24/2014
What a fantastic evening!    posted 3/24/2014 (modified 3/25/2014)

My now husband and I were blown away by how amazingly perfect everything was at the Degas House. It is not only the most beautiful location, but the staff are the most special people. We felt so taken care of and they were kind and helpful. I would suggest you stay there the night before and the night of because things worked out perfectly for us. If you are looking for an intimate setting, this is the place! Also.. the food is to die for!


Wedding: 10/13/2013
Member Since: 2/2/2013
A magical setting    posted 10/29/2013 (modified 10/29/2013)

The Degas House is a beautiful setting to hold a wedding ceremony and reception. It's a charming, intimate, and naturally serene venue. What I appreciated most about working with the Degas House staff was their level of flexibility. They were extremely accommodating, given me and my husband's tight budget. They allowed us to personalize our ceremony and really make it our own. On the day of the wedding, they seamlessly took care of tiny details behind the scenes so that my husband and I wouldn't have to worry.

I highly recommend holding your wedding here!


Wedding: 9/27/2008
Member Since: 10/5/2013
A family wedding    posted 10/5/2013

Five years ago, we chose Degas House for our late-in-life wedding. We have adult children, and siblings, who would be bringing their children of all ages, so we were looking for a family friendly setting. Degas House had a suite for my brother's larger family, and the "garret" rooms for the teenagers. And of course the beautiful Estelle Suite with the balcony overlooking the front yard for us!
The weather smiled on our afternoon courtyard ceremony, and the reception in the main parlor was wonderful. Sharon put us in touch with vendors for the food, wine, and flowers, that fit our limited budget.
The next morning I know we had a full breakfast, but all I remember was the banana French toast. I probably ate more than my share!
We return to Degas House about once a year, not always on our anniversary, and Dave and Sharon always treat us like old friends.


Wedding: 8/7/2008
Member Since: 10/5/2013
Overwhelmingly Beautiful!    posted 10/5/2013

Words cannot express my appreciation to the staff of Degas House for putting on an event that I will treasure for the rest of my life. It was quintessential New Orleans atmosphere with a flair of elegance. The food was delicious and the presentation superb. Benny Grunch & the Bunch entertained us with their N'awlins music. The patio and the house were beautifully decorated for our special afternoon and the wedding photos came out beautifully. We will always cherish our memories of the Degas House. Many thanks to all!


Wedding: 10/21/2012
Member Since: 10/3/2013
Memorable Evening    posted 10/4/2013

I've been to many wonderful weddings in my life, but this was by far the most memorable. The wedding of my cousin Jerry and his fiancé Melanie. The courtyard was festive and the bandstand became the alter for this completely elated couple. The dancing and chattering stopped but for a brief time as the nuptials took place. The surprised and excited guests looked on with amazement. The courtyard, with all of its decorative lighting, was now transformed to a more meaningful backdrop than the traditional party atmosphere. What a perfect spot to pic for this event. That night I realized that The Degas House had much more to it than I realized. It is obviously an upscale establishment from the outside, but it is more.... A warm space to accommodate the fun and lighthearted as well as the most romantic and meaningful of occassions. If you haven't yet, I hope you get a chance to experience The Degas House. It will be one that you will not soon forget.


Wedding: 1/1/2014
Member Since: 10/1/2013
Engineering Assistant    posted 10/4/2013

The Degas House impressed us from the moment we walked in. From the hardwood floors to the courtyard. This is an ideal venue for a wedding. It's very historic, beautiful and quaint. The beautiful antique furnishings complete the package.


Wedding: 10/19/2012
Member Since: 10/3/2013
Southern Transplany    posted 10/3/2013

As a transplanted Southerner, I have experienced Southern Hospitality at it's finest. Our recent visit to The Degas House in New Orleans was for a very special event. What we thought was a surprise birthday party for a dear friend, turned out to be a surprise wedding. The happy couple, with the assistance of the staff of the Degas House was able to pull off what later seemed the impossible. Over 150 guests (including us) were thrilled with the news. The ability to surprise that many guests, local and out-of-towners was no small feat. The Degas House is truly a beautiful venue. It was as if we stepped back in time to Old New Orleans, the house and gardens are something you imagine while reading an Ann Rice novel. We were welcomed as if our visit was as important as the Bride and Grooms. The staff anticipated our needs, as I would welcoming guests in our own home. The anticipation grew as each timed piece of the event progressed. The lay-out of the food and drink were as if they knew what each of their guests would expect. My personal favorite was the crawfish pasta, however, all the food was amazing and very memorable. Kudos to the Degas House and Staff!!!! These Chattanoogan's will forever have fond memories.

Richard & Tracy Andres


Wedding: 12/25/2012
Member Since: 10/1/2013
Keepsake Memories at Degas House    posted 10/2/2013

I have some of my fondest memories spending time with family at the Edgar Degas House on historical Esplanade Avenue in New Orleans. Our Stewart-Farnet Family Christmas Party has been held there annually for the past 17 years. The house is always decorated beautifully with lights and a magnificent Christmas Tree. We use one of the upstairs suites for Santa to prepare before coming down the decorated banister stairs to present the family's little ones with gifts. We also have plenty of space in the downstairs front dining room to have our religious reenactment of Mary with the Three Wise Men, which the children put on yearly as the family looks on in excitement, followed by joyous caroling around the tree. Sharon always does a wonderful job with coordinating the event and making sure that every detail is addressed. She has become a real part of our family through the years and everyone looks forward to seeing her in celebrating the holidays. The Degas House has become a symbol of family and tradition for me. It has definitely become our second home for the holidays!


Wedding: 5/2/2014
Member Since: 10/1/2013
Wedding in October 2012    posted 10/1/2013

The atmosphere that surrounds the Degas House is perfect for any occasion. Last October I attended a surprise birthday party which ended up being a surprise wedding. You can feel the New Orleans historical feeling all around. The oak trees that drape along the front and back of the premises give you your own private get away. I loved the bricked courtyard in between the two 1800’s restored buildings which are so beautiful inside and out. To say the least it was enchanting and memorable.


Wedding: 10/19/2012
Member Since: 9/26/2013
Stacey F. Lowentritt    posted 9/26/2013

Melanie and Jerry's wedding was a wonderful 'New Orleans' experience, hitting all the high notes of this unique city. The Degas House is as beautiful as it is hisoric creating a warm, festive atmosphere for my friend's special day. The outdoor space between the 2 buildings created enough room for dancing and walking around. The staff was attentive and in costume! The entire experience, the atmoshere and setting of the historic space, being able to move in and outside freely, and the staff all made for a


Wedding: 10/18/2012
Member Since: 9/26/2013
Hendrick Wedding at the Degas House    posted 9/26/2013

I had the privilege of Officiating a Surprise Birthday Party/Surprise Wedding at the Edgar Degas House in October 2012.

The Party started about an hour before the guest of honor, Jerry Hendrick, showed up for the “Surprise Birthday Party”. The Degas House was setup and ready for the guests to arrive. I was one of the first guests to show up. The staff made sure people was welcomed and supplied refreshments. They had everything laid out to accommodate a crowd of about 175. The DJ and Caterer have their areas done and the bars were very accessible.

Throughout the night, the staff and David and his wife made sure everyone was taken care of and kept the area clean and well managed. The kitchen staff and bar staff were super. Only about 9 people were aware of what was actually happening and kept the secret. I was met and directed to the room where I could change from my “Birthday Party Costume” to my Ministers attire. They hid me from the crowd and managed where people were so the surprise would not be ruined.

The Wedding went amazing. The staff made sure that the families of Jerry and Melanie were front and center and that the crowd was all directed to where they would be able to have a great visual of the wedding.

I would love to be able to officiate another Wedding at this venue. The professionalism of the staff, the accessibility to the buildings, and the effort put forth by all was highly appreciated.

I recommend the Edgar Degas House as a venue for any type of gathering. We ended up with about 160 guests and did not hear any complaints at all. Thank you David Villarrubia, your wife and the staff for a wonderful event.

Don Veale


Wedding: 10/19/2012
Member Since: 9/26/2013
Degas House: Elegant, Charming, Perfect!    posted 9/26/2013

The Degas house was the perfect venue for a fall wedding we attended. The atmosphere was romantic and quintessentially New Orleans. The set-up of the venue allowed for the perfect mix of mingling and somehow each section feel cozy and spacious. It provided an extremely unique experience that we will never forget. Being able to move from indoors to outside was perfect and the courtyard at night was absolutely magical. The staff made us feel like personal friends. This location is graceful, elegant, and really makes an impression.


Wedding: 10/19/2012
Member Since: 9/26/2013
Degas House Made our "Suprise" Dream Wedding a Reality!!!!    posted 9/26/2013

On a gorgeous October evening in NOLA I threw a 50’s/60’s themed Surprise 60th Birthday Party for my Fiance at Degas House. Everything was perfect! The hilariously costumed guests arrived from all over the Country; my family from New England, friends from Tennessee, Illinois, New York and San Diego. All were completely blown away by the atmosphere. Degas House is beautiful. The two historic buildings which at one time stood as one are now separated by a spacious bricked courtyard which provided ample room for our many brightly decorated tables, crowd- pleasing d.j., a stage, dance floor and even a Gourmet Burger Bar. The main building housed a fabulous piano player and “50’s cocktail party” setting while the other, the museum building, portrayed “the psychedelic 60’s” complete with peace signs, Woodstock on a big screen, and lava lamps. Strands of white lights sparkled over the courtyard. A smiling, tie-dyed clad wait staff welcomed guests with “adult malts” and delectable hors d’oevres. All were extremely professional and courteous. Sharon Parker, the Coordinator, has been an integral part of the team there for 16 years and she played an essential role in the success of the party. She and Degas House Owner, David Villarrubia, were invaluable and attentive from start to finish. They imparted creative and important suggestions on setup, staffing, caterers, as well as unique tips to make the night over-the-top special and a one-of-a-kind Celebration. The evening went without a HITCH. Did I say that? Well there was ONE! My Fiance and I were MARRIED that night… before a flabbergasted audience of elated family and friends. Thank you, Sharon, David and Staff, for keeping our secret! And thank you for your support and expertise! Without your impeccable attention to detail; a perfectly-timed arrival of the groom-toting-classic- car through the back gate into the courtyard, the introduction of our suddenly collared Pastor on stage (previously masquerading as a hippie), the cake-cutting ceremony spotlighting a cake that magically morphed from “Birthday” to “Wedding” cake, and a jubilant show-stopping second-line in finale, we would never have pulled it off so memorably.
Besides all of their Wedding planning expertise, David and Sharon provided suggestions for out-of-town guests to experience this unique city to the fullest during the rest of their time here. Several party-goers stayed right there at Degas House for the weekend, as did my Husband and I. The B&B bears more than a mere nod itself, being a wonderful place to stay, with Sharon serving up a scrumptious New Orleans style breakfast each morning. We stayed in the luxurious Estelle Suite which, like all the rooms, is painstakingly furnished with wonderful period pieces. Fabulous lagniappe.
I strongly recommend Degas House for any special event. It is romantic and elegant with more than a touch of class. We would not have changed a single thing that night. Thanks to Degas House, David, Sharon, Staff, Family and Friends who attended, our dream wedding came true.


Wedding: 10/13/2012
Member Since: 1/11/2012
Absolutely wonderful    posted 9/20/2013

This venue was absolutely perfect. The location was convenient for out of town guests staying in the Quarter, and the atmosphere was just what I was looking for. The staff was extremely sweet and helpful and did everything that they could in order to make sure that everything went according to plan. I highly recommend this venue for anyone looking for the perfect New Orleans location!


Wedding: 3/16/2013
Member Since: 5/1/2012
perfect venue    posted 9/20/2013

We had our wedding in the couryard in March at dusk. It was a perfect setting under the lights with all of our friends and family present. The staff was there to help us from the begining ideas to the last sip of champagne at the end of our evening. No detail was too small or idea to big for the staff. It was a perfect setting from start to finish!!


Wedding: 11/10/2012
Member Since: 12/27/2011
Beautiful New Orleans Venue!    posted 9/20/2013

Almost one year ago I had my wedding at The Degas House. Everything was absolutely beautiful - I am so happy that I chose The Degas House for both my ceremony and reception, it was the wedding of my dreams and wouldn't have changed a thing!

The courtyard is absolutely gorgeous and the perfect size for both small and large weddings since you can customize it to fit all of your needs. The subtle lighting is perfect for evening and nighttime weddings, and it oh so very romantic. And the beautiful oak tress and brick floor give it a southern flair that I could not find anywhere else in the city. And the location is perfect - so easy to find, and tucked beneath a beautiful canopy of oak trees on Esplanade Ave. It is within walking distance of the Bayou St. John, City Park, and lots of little restaurants and shops, and only a cab ride away from the French Quarter.

We actually rented out most of the rooms at The Degas House for our entire wedding weekend, and all of my guests loved their stay! The rooms are beautiful. Each has its own personality and unique furnishings but are equally beautiful. I loved the posh furnishings, elegant window treatments, and unique elements and antiques throughout the entire house and gallery. It is one of the most unique places I have ever seen and I recommend it to any couple who is looking for a quaint special venue in the city.

Last but not least, The Degas House staff was superb! I have never met a group of more friendly, charming people. They literally took care of everything, I didn't have to lift a finger the entire weekend. If you want something, the staff will make sure you get it. If a change needs to be made at the last minute, no worries because they will make it happen. And if you are a foodie like me, you will definitely appreciate the hot, southern style breakfast waiting for you in the parlor every morning. My whole family was delighted! And what a better way to start the wedding day celebration than with all of your guests seated together for a yummy southern breakfast, mimosas included!

Again, I recommend this venue to anyone who is interested in getting married in New Orleans. The Degas House is very dear to my heart :) We plan on returning for our one-year anniversary and probably each year after as well.


Wedding: 10/21/2012
Member Since: 5/7/2007
AMAZING.    posted 9/20/2013 (modified 9/20/2013)

This place was first class from start to finish. From our initial meeting and tour to the planning stages and ultimately the day-of, we really could not have asked for more. Our main contact person there even moved away in the middle of the year, but the transition was handled smoothly and it did not affect us -- other than she was so sweet we'd been hoping to have her there during the wedding!

The property is beautiful. The old mansion with hardwood floors and antique furniture, plus the lovely brick courtyard with sparkling white lights strung overhead, combined to make the perfect setting for our vintage-inspired train travel-themed wedding. The staff ensured everything went according to plan, and the servers during the reception were friendly and involved. We just couldn't have asked for more. And considering the price, which was well below what we would have paid at any of the numerous other New Orleans locations we visited, was the icing on the cake.


Wedding: 10/20/2012
Member Since: 1/14/2012
Magical Wedding!    posted 9/20/2013

Getting married at The Degas House was the easiest decision my hubby and I made in our quest to have a perfect wedding. As soon as we saw it, we fell in love and knew we had to be married there. The process from beginning to end was mostly seamless, with my only issue being that we had three different coordinators dealing with our wedding throughout the planning stage. We live in NYC so we really had to trust The Degas House staff. The one person who gets all the credit is Sharon, who I actually never dealt with until the day of my wedding. WOW! She is absolutely amazing! Any concerns I had were immediately gone when I met her. She knew exactly what we wanted and she made it happen so easily and with very little instruction. She felt like family by the end! There was not one single thing I would have changed about our wedding at The Degas House. They even let us store our decorations a few days before the wedding and I got to meet the whole staff. They could not have been nicer. They were accommodating in every way. Our ceremony was in the courtyard and it was stunning! Although we didn't use of any of the recommended vendors they provided, they accommodated the vendors we did chose very easily. Its been almost a year since our wedding and our friends and family are still raving about how beautiful it was. I will forever have fond memories of the staff and especially Sharon! Perfect venue, perfect day!

Results 1 - 20 of 23

The Famous Home of Edgar Degas

Our New Orleans-style weddings are a blend of art, history and hospitality. Enjoy an intimate setting of Creole elegance in graceful double parlors, or a New Orleans reception in the French Quarter-style courtyard. Available for ceremonies, receptions, rehearsal dinners & parties up to 350 guests.

  • Price Range: $$
  • Outdoor Ceremony Area: Yes
  • Indoor Ceremony Area: Yes
  • Outdoor Reception Area: Yes
  • On the Water: No
  • Tented Area: Yes
  • Wheelchair Accessible: No
  • Onsite Catering: Yes
  • Outside Caterers Allowed: Yes
  • Kosher Available: Yes
  • Liquor License: Yes
  • Onsite Overnight Accommodations: Yes
  • Onsite Parking: Yes
  • Valet Parking: No
  • Onsite Wedding Consultant: Yes
  • Liability Insurance: Yes
  • Site Fee: No
  • Capacity: Up to 350
  • Style: Banquet/Reception Hall, Mansion/Historic Site

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