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Independent Catholic Franciscan Priests

We are members of the Franciscan Community of Mercy, an independent Catholic order who is able to officiate at weddings outside of the church building for divorced couples, and others who have experienced difficulty with the institutional church.

  • Denomination: Catholic, Christian, Commitment Ceremonies, Interfaith, Non-Denominational/Secular, Premarital Counseling

Franciscan Weddings - Independent Catholic Priests's twitter

Many blessings to Rachael and Max who are now united in marriage! fb.me/39WRgwwNF

13 Hours ago from @MySaintAnthonys

Animal Blessing Time! We'll be stuffing the doggie bags after the potluck with the bishop on September 28th. fb.me/6KpWth7rM

17 Hours ago from @MySaintAnthonys

The parish bulletin has been updated and is filled with many new and exciting pieces of information. Read it and... fb.me/2GZm5eJ5b

22 Hours ago from @MySaintAnthonys

The parish bulletin has been updated and is full of new and exciting information...check it out!... fb.me/2XYT95qlX

22 Hours ago from @MySaintAnthonys

Week 5 of the 90 day challenge is here! We've completed 28 days, almost 1/3 of the journey has gone by. How are... fb.me/32sCF9Fuo

20 Sep from @MySaintAnthonys