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Wedding: 7/20/2013
Member Since: 2/26/2013
Professional & outstanding work    posted 8/4/2013

These guys were so professional and friendly! There's no words to express how satisfied we are with their amazing work. They pretty much made everyone in my family cry after watching the wedding video. I can't stop watching it over and over again!
They initially meet with you to make a plan/contract that is unique to your wedding and budget. When they get to the venue, they will capture EVERYTHING! time is very important on the day of your wedding. They do not waste your time retaking shots.
They stay in touch with you after the wedding. Talk about song you would for the video. We had them pick the song for ours, and loved their pick!
They are definitely worth the price!


Wedding: 5/24/2014
Member Since: 8/3/2013

LIVE PICTURE STUDIOS!! Wow! What a team they were! First off, I want to express my gratitude to LPS for making weddings so beautiful & bringing happiness to many of our family & friends who could not make it to our weddings. Thank you for making everyone in the wedding felt like a celebrity without being intrusive, (DIDN'T have cameras following us around like a reality show, yet were able to capture all the behind the scenes wedding that we overlooked when we were too busy getting ready. IT WAS BEAUTIFULLY DONE. We (bride and maids all cried. It was sooo beautiful), for your considerations, & putting up with our crazy - whacked out schedules. All the guests at the wedding felt fabulous and comfortable. Everyone compliment on how professional you guys were. No one felt obtrusive, you guys are such a marvelous team of filmmakers. My brother & sister in law did a terrific job selecting LPS as "THE" wedding cinematographers to have captured the happiest day of their lives. I, as a maid of honor couldn't have been more impressed! LPS is definitely the hottest chile pepper out their for wedding film works. Triple thumbs up for professionalism! I know I'm rambling on, but LPS deserves the rambles!! If I haven't mentioned ABOUT THE FAST TURN AROUND TIME
FOR THE HIGHLIGHT VIDEO... It's super fast!! Furthermore, let me tell you (future brides)... EXPECT GREAT SERVICES from LPS's editing team. LPS have their own in house editor(s) who work very closely with the couples, ensuring that the couple get what they want. I really haven't heard of such great service anywhere else.

And most importantly... EVERYONE from Live Picture Studios is a sweetheart! Everyone always smiles and are very friendly when you ask them questions about their gadgets, and they never have a problem if you request them for a certain scene to be captured. They were very versatile and work very efficiently!

I'm so glad I came in for a free consultation to discuss the different selections and packages for my wedding..



Wedding: 6/22/2013
Member Since: 8/1/2013
Like a major movie production!    posted 8/1/2013

My husband and myself debated for several months whether or not we wanted a wedding video. When we decided to do so we really didn't want one of those cheesy videos that you get dizzy watching haha. We wanted something of QUALITY! But after searching we realized that was going to cost us a fortune! Until we found LPS... Without them we would have never been able to relive our wedding day! They provided professional service, timely return, and a high quality product at a reasonable price. Everyone was blown away! I continue to get compliments just about every day. :) They really captured every detail beautifully!


Wedding: 5/18/2013
Member Since: 9/23/2011
The best camera crew that captured our amazing day....    posted 5/24/2013

We were referred to Live Picture Studios from our DJ company. The videography wasn't a critical thing that we were looking for, but after our first meeting with Khoa, our minds were quickly changed. The video plays such a big part of reliving the day and the way that LPS portrays the bride and groom in their own spotlight is perfectly done. They were willing to work with our budget, and as they took the time to get to know us helped make us make the decision that the same day edit (to be played at reception) was something we HAD to have. The day of the wedding the team was on time, so professional and sharply dressed. The team also helped keep me on time! The morning can be very overwhelming for a bride and groom but they helped in everyway to make it fun and easy going. Half way through the day I even forgot the cameras were on us!! Khoa and his team are amazing. The endless amount of footage that they collect to make sure every shot is so strategically done! Watching the same day edit at the reception is something we will never forget. I can't wait to see the rest of the video edit, I know it will be spectacular! Its not just a camera set up on a tripod anymore! Live Picture Studios is the future of wedding cinematography and a team that I highly recommend to be a big part of your very big day.


Wedding: 4/26/2013
Member Since: 10/24/2011
Highly Recommmend    posted 4/30/2013

I was so impressed with the video team and the end result. The same day edit was everything I imagined plus more, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I received nothing but compliments about the video and how respectful the team was from all my guests. Khoa listened to all my ideas and created the perfect video. THANK YOU KHOA!


Wedding: 3/9/2013
Member Since: 4/2/2007
Live Picture Studios left us speechless    posted 4/15/2013

Khoa and his team at Live Picture Studios have a soft spot in our hearts for capturing those special moments we may have missed if it wasn't for their patience, experience, creativity, and close attention to detail. We were extremely impressed with their willingness to work so closely with us and ability to understand our vision. They truly got to know us both as a couple and it shows well in our pre-recorded short and same day edit. These guys are nothing but professionals and come with a well rounded background beyond weddings alone. Live Picture Studios is Grade A, top notch!


Wedding: 3/9/2013
Member Since: 11/30/2012
Our best wedding decision    posted 3/25/2013

We were amazed at the professionalism and talent of this team. We had wanted a video that will tell our story. My fiancé and I came from quite different backgrounds so we wanted a video that celebrated our love yet highlighted our differences. Live picture studios translated this into an impeccably edited film of our wedding highlights. Working with the team is also stress free. They did not bother us too much with the prep. Our wedding was at 11am, Khoa and his team showed up 7:45 am on the dot, covered everything from the start until we left the reception hall. We had to remind them to eat as they were too engrossed with the videography process. During the mass and the reception, they did not at all feel intrusive. This was important for us since we had wanted the ceremony to be solemn. Their high end equipment allowed them to provide us this luxury. We could not ask for more. As a matter of fact, our families and friends rave the most about two things on our wedding, the food and the video. Thank you Live Picture Studios for making us smile the most when we think of our wedding day:)


Wedding: 2/16/2013
Member Since: 12/24/2011
Michael Bay of weddings...    posted 3/5/2013

...was what a lot of guests kept on telling me! All of the guests were really impressed with the crew that Khoa brought with him to the wedding and all of the fun equipment (highly recommend the glider option). From the first meeting we had in his office in Jersey City to the picking of songs for our edits, working with Khoa was so easy. We received our cinematic reel and I loved how they weaved my sister's MOH speech to bring together multiple moments throughout the day/night of the wedding. I think we really benefited from the fact that Khoa was/is the indie film scene and it really provides for an out of your mind product as it relates to documenting your wedding. I'm still waiting for the longer edit, but so far I have been grateful that I hired Live Picture Studios to help document the wedding (videography actually didn't make it into our initial budget) because remembering the night would definitely have not been the same. All signs point to Live Picture Studios becoming a major hit in the wedding scene!!


Wedding: 9/7/2012
Member Since: 5/5/2010
amazing job    posted 11/30/2012

llive picture studios did such an amazing job. we just received our wedding highlight video and it was beatiful. the transitions were perfect with the song and told a great story of the best day of our life. during our wedding they were very friendly and they took some amazingn shots.. i barely even noticed that theynwere there. i would recommend them to anyone...


Wedding: 1/20/2012
Member Since: 2/22/2012
Contract    posted 2/22/2012 (modified 5/21/2012)

Review the contract before signing.


Wedding: 4/9/2011
Member Since: 7/29/2009
I highly recommend Live Picture Studios!! !!    posted 1/23/2012 (modified 1/23/2012)

Live Picture Studios did an outstanding job on our wedding video. They captured every moment of our special day and you did not feel like a camera was in your face where ever you looked. I cry every time I watch my video or other videos they have created. Its like watching a movie of your own wedding!!!!! Each video is amazing and out does the next! Live Picture Studios is the must have cinematic video company to use. With Live Picture Studios you are getting quality, professional top notch service! I highly recommend Live Picture Studios!!!!!! You will not be disappointed!!!


Wedding: 10/22/2009
Member Since: 4/26/2008
I Highly Recommend!    posted 1/21/2012

We had the privileged to work with Live Picture Studios on our engagement party and destination wedding. Not only did they chronicle our special occasions, they also captured the emotions that overcame us and our guests, which separates them from other companies. Their sincerity to get to know us is their recipe for producing a genuine film. Their team is without a doubt passionate about providing the best cinematic wedding film a bride can ever ask for. And oh, their friendly attitudes and professionalism are icing on the cake. We truly enjoyed working with them.

I know that many years from now, when we're old and grey, we can always watch our videos that will surely take us back to those exact moments. That's what genuine and passion-driven cinematic wedding films can do to anyone.

To couples searching for videographers, look no further. Live Picture Studios will definitely make your day even more special.


Wedding: 7/2/2011
Member Since: 1/19/2012

I heard about Live Picture Studios through a friend. She knew about my upcoming wedding, and my stress trying to find a cinematic videographer. She told me about this company after she saw the quality same-day-edit film played at the reception of one her friend's wedding. I was doubting, but after calling them I felt I've made the right choice! They were very thorough, very sincere, and genuinely wanted to get to know me and my preferences. I love that they were very friendly, but also very professional. They worked quietly and quickly.

I am still amazed today how they were able to capture all the emotions and fun, and important moments on my wedding day. But I'm most amazed at how well they put the love story together and present it at the reception. Exactly as my friend had described it. Everyone was touched by the film. it was perfect! My husbands's personality and mine really showed through in the video. If i have to do it over again, LIVE PICTURE STUDIOS will definitely be my first and only choice for cinematic wedding film!

Results 1 - 13 of 13
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Cinematic Weddings, Creatively Told

Offering VERY COMPETITIVE rates for those on a budget without compromising quality! When you watch a romantic movie, what do you hope to experience? A brilliant story, beautiful cinematography, and heartfelt moments? Live Picture Studios strives to deliver that "movie" experience of your wedding.

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