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Wedding: 9/20/2013
Member Since: 4/7/2013
Remarkable, Incredible, Perfect!    posted 9/30/2013

Jennifer Mae, Chris, and Christine totally rock! After I saw a friend's same day edit, it was love at first sight! I was floored to see the talent these three possess and knew that was exactly what I wanted for my wedding. Their videos are not your typical "camcorder style" point and shoot. Theirs go above and beyond your imagination. You become movie stars in your own movie!

After reaching out to Major Diamond Productions to inquire about my wedding, the whole process was pretty smooth. Jennifer Mae explained what they do, their style, and understood what concerns I could have as a bride when choosing the right videographers. She made me feel at ease and we made a connection right away. She is super friendly, sweet, and personable.

After several email exchanges, my fiance and I met Jennifer Mae and Chris at a coffee shop to meet and get to know each other. Right from the beginning of our conversation, I could tell right away that our wedding would be in the right hands. I trusted them to blow us away and they sure did!

Choosing to do the same day edit is the best way to go! To see what my fiance, his groomsmen, my bridesmaids, parents, and everyone else was doing before the big reveal was incredible. Our first look was simply magical. My fiance and I both cried when we first saw each other and MDP was able to capture our raw emotions.

Our wedding day was emotional, fun, and jam packed with our production team of videographers and photographers leading the way, but to end the night with the same day edit that Jennifer Mae completes in just 3 hours was the icing on the cake! Everyone was speechless! All the emotions from early on in the day, all came back and the tears started flowing once again. No one wanted it to end! We wanted more! :) The music, the scenes, the creative shots were all picture perfect and just so "us"!

I remember telling my now husband when we were selecting videographers that we would watch our wedding video every year on our anniversary. He, of course at the time shrugged it off. Now, he can't stop watching it! We've watched our same day edit at least 10 times now, and we are excited to see our final product with the extended edits and highlights.

MDP is hands down, the most talented group of cinematographers and I can't wait to continue to see their work as they create more memorable memories!

Thank you so much Jennifer Mae, Chris, and Christine!


Wedding: 4/7/2013
Member Since: 10/5/2013
Amazing Production, Amazing People- Simply the Best    posted 10/5/2013

Major Diamond Productions (MDP) was absolutely fantastic. The same day edit- amazing. Collecting tons of creative and beautiful shots throughout the day, they edited together a mini-movie in just a few hours and showed it by the end of the reception. Being able to sit back, relive and soak up all the precious moments and emotions of that rush of a day- it was just awesome. The video captured who we are as a couple and all the raw emotions of the wedding perfectly. (They were even able to throw in a clip that my family secretly filmed of our engagement!) It left nary a dry eye that day and even still gets me to tear up- and I’m just the groom! It’s truly amazing to revisit the wedding day not just in photos, but in video; and not just plain camcorder video, but top-notch, stunning, superbly edited video. I can’t wait for them to finish editing the rest of the footage. But until then, the same day edit will hold me over just fine!

And not only was the end result incredible, but the process and the individuals putting it all together were great as well. Jen, Chris, and Julian were all very friendly, professional, and fun. Chris and Julian arrived at my house early in the day to film the groom prep, being even more punctual than my groomsmen! Meanwhile Jen filmed all the bride prep happenings. They stuck around throughout the day, from very beginning til very end to grab all the shots they could, from prep, to door-breaking games and tea ceremony, to photo shoot time, ceremony, reception, and send-off. Yet it never felt as though they were in the way or distracting from the experience and emotions. They’re experts at being able to grab creative shots without seeming to interfere. It’s tough to balance, but they knew just when to direct us in order to create a beautiful shot or moment and also when to take a more hands off approach to capture the magic that was already happening.

For any wedding planners out there, from my perspective there’s no need to stress over whether to get videography or whom to choose. Looking back now, having video, especially of the peerless quality Major Diamond produces...it’s really just priceless! All the planning was indeed stressful at times, but the day itself was incredible. And the video especially highlights that, allowing us to vividly remember all those cherished moments. It just makes the whole day seem magical! With MDP, Jen and the team really did create for us a work of art as exquisitely beautiful as a diamond, one we can watch over and over and forever remember all our planning as culminating in nothing less than a major victory!

All in all, Major Diamond is amazing. They are great people who work hard and absolutely love what they do. They really make it YOUR day, and they truly make it unforgettable. You can’t go wrong with them. They won’t let you down. They are simply the best!


Wedding: 6/29/2013
Member Since: 10/5/2013
More than I could hav ever asked for    posted 10/5/2013

Interesting enough, this is my first time ever writing a review for anything. But that being said, these two wonderful people deserve it. My wife was the planner of the wedding, so I actually had no idea what was to be had, for example, DJ, Save the Dates, and even a videographer. It was cool to hear that you could have somebody come to your wedding and film the whole thing, but I had no idea what to expect. I was blown away. From just the shear quality of the videos, the light and fun atmosphere they have around them, to the great professionalism from the beginning to the end. They made the whole process very smooth and enjoyable the entire way. The Same Day Edit was amazing, and so many people cried during it. That in of itself should be a good enough testimony to the great work they had done. I am so glad we found out about Major Diamond Productions because they are great videographers, and great people as well. I hope people will read this review and take my word, because if you do, you will never regret it.


Wedding: 9/19/2012
Member Since: 1/31/2012
Jennifer Mae and Chris are great!    posted 10/4/2013 (modified 10/4/2013)

I found out about Major Diamond Productions (MDP) through a very dear friend of mine, and quickly fell in love with the style of many of the Same Day Edits and Highlights shown on MDP's site. The wedding videos that Jennifer Mae and Chris produce are truly cinematographic works of art as the bride and groom become stars on their wedding day.

Jennifer Mae and Chris are a great team and they do their very best to work well with the couple. I felt at home sharing about wedding details that I envisioned for my special day and felt as though Jennifer Mae genuinely cared and was excited with me in capturing the special moments that would take place.

On the wedding day, they showed up early and eager to shoot our wedding. They were thorough, methodical, professional, and efficient in capturing detail and beauty shots. They were also very flexible and were able to work around last minute surprises and even around my photographer also working to capture our wedding day.

The wedding video was well worth the wait, and Jennifer Mae and Chris went well out of their way to make it extra special in so many ways. It was so beautiful and personalized, it was if they had known my husband and I for a long time. They not only caught our wedding on film, they captured who we are as a couple. They are very passionate about their work and I truly believe they are some of the best.

~Jenny and Tommy C.


Wedding: 10/3/2014
Member Since: 10/4/2013
Shaila Yoder/ Scott Hogan wedding    posted 10/4/2013

I should have written this review earlier but was told by my daughter now was the time. It's kind of funny because I just sat here tonight watching the short clip of the same day editing from Diamond productions of our daughters wedding. All I can ever say about the entire experience was that I couldn't have asked for a better company to record this special occasion.
We worked along with Scotts family for almost a year to clear and modify their property to make this happen. I have to say everything about the wedding turned out great. What Diamond Productions did on that day was turn a hectic but great wedding into something.... magical ! With their expertise we are able to relive that moment over and over. I just can't express enough how much Diamond Productions made such a special event magical. I almost cry each time I watch it and I'm the dad. I couldn't recommend Diamond Productions highly enough.


Wedding: 1/1/0001
Member Since: 11/14/2011
Happy Father of the groom    posted 10/3/2013

My son and daughter in law were married this summer. I met Jennifer and Chris (Major Diamond Productions)on the night before the wedding at the rehearsal dinner. They were such a pleasure to work with. They immediately felt like dear friends or family. They knew just how to capture all of the right moments, from the night of the rehearsal dinner all the way through the wedding and reception.It was truly a pleasure to have them be a part of the process and a part of the family.
One of my favorite moments of the entire wedding weekend was the magical moment when, towards the end of the reception, when they turned down the lights and showed the "same-day edit" to everyone. I must say that I was in awe. The quality of the production was just incredible. Everyone kept talking about how wonderful it was. They not only picked out the most beautiful moments of the actual wedding but they also did their homework. They incorporated video from many months earlier when we were preparing the wedding site. They also spent time capturing video of the most beautiful parts of the Truckee area, which is where our home is and where the wedding took place. It was a masterpiece. A few days after the wedding, it was posted on their website and we all watched it over and over again.
The full production is not due for several more weeks and we are all so excited to see it. If it is of the same quality of the same-day edit, then it will be a priceless possession. Part of what makes the end product even more precious to us is knowing the good people who worked behind the lenses.
If you have an important event in your life coming up and need videography services, I could not recommend Major Diamond Productions any stronger. If I ever need their type of services again, I will certainly not bother to interview anyone else. They made a magical event in our lives even better.


Wedding: 9/7/2013
Member Since: 10/1/2012
BEST VIDEOGRAPHERS AROUND!    posted 10/3/2013

We could not have chosen a better team to capture our special day! Major Diamond Productions is by far the best in the industry. As a husband and wife team, they went above and beyond to get to know my husband and I before our big day, just to make sure our video was top notch. Jennifer and Chris are two very talented and amazing people. My husband and I felt like we have known them forever and could be great friends with them. They captured everything and more on our wedding day and could not be more happy with our same day edit and know our full length video will be just that amazing as well. Everyone who has seen our video has said its the best that they have ever seen. As it has only been three weeks since the wedding, I have already had 3 couples asking me who our videographer was and if they could have their contact information. I could go on forever about this company and team, but one thing we know for sure is we made the BEST decision to go with Major Diamond Productions for our wedding!!!!!


Wedding: 7/28/2013
Member Since: 3/1/2013
Surprise! Surprise!    posted 10/1/2013 (modified 10/1/2013)

When Jennifer Mae picked up the phone and I began telling her our details and all the fun activities we were planning, she was just as excited as we were. When I told her we've been rehearsing a surprise tap dance for our first dance, her husband Chris shouted from the background, "We have to shoot their dance rehearsal!" We quickly connected on the phone and I knew right then that they were artists who really love what they do and truly care about their clients. We exchanged several phone calls and emails in such a short period of time and Major Diamond was always available to talk, answer questions and set our minds at ease with any concerns we had. They took the time to get to know us, and it made our video so much better!

When our wedding day arrived Jennifer May, Chris and Christine blew us away with their professionalism, creativity and attention to detail. They went the extra mile for us. We felt like rock stars!

Near the end of the wedding Chris says to me, "Come inside in 15 minutes, we have a surprise for you." It was the Same Day Edit! My bride and I and my entire family went wild watching a fully edited music video of our day. We had no idea Jennifer Mae was in the back editing video. It was a perfect surprise to our perfect day.

I cannot say enough about Major Diamond Productions. They went far beyond our expectations and totally rocked our wedding day. We're fans for life now and frequent their blog to check out their latest videos. If you are searching for the perfect wedding videographers, or are even on the fence about video for your wedding, call Major Diamond. Talk to Jennifer Mae and book them! Your future self will love you for it.

"Major Diamond took the time to get to know us, and it made our video so much better!"

Our friends and family still talk about the Same Day Edit!

Thank you!

Mr. & Mrs. Mac
San Francisco


Wedding: 7/20/2013
Member Since: 9/30/2013
Great Video, Great Team    posted 9/30/2013

The Major Diamond Productions team was perfect. They got great footage for our video and were a pleasure to work with on our wedding day. And, the finished product (the video) is amazing. My wife and I still watch it all the time. I can't say enough great things about Chris and Jennifer Mae. Highly, highly recommended.


Wedding: 7/20/2013
Member Since: 9/29/2013
Absolutely perfect!    posted 9/29/2013

Jennifer Mae, Chris, and the entire Major Diamond Productions team are truly amazing! When my mom and I saw one of their same-day edit videos right after my fiance (now husband!!) and I got engaged, I knew instantly that I wanted them to be a part of our wedding. What I loved about them from the start was how with every one of their videos, it was clear how much time they took to get to know not only the bride and groom, but also their families and any and every detail to capture what was unique and special about each wedding.

Our experience was no different. From the first time we sat down for coffee to meet with Jennifer to when our same-day edit was shown at our wedding reception, I knew we would not only have an unbelievable video to always preserve our wedding day but that we would have lifelong friends in Jennifer Mae and Chris.

Jennifer even took the time on the Saturday a week before our wedding to come film my final dress fitting because she knew how important the wedding dress experience was to me!! They go above and beyond, and right after our video was shown, so many of our wedding guests came up to us telling my husband and me that they had never seen a video like ours! Jennifer Mae and Chris picked the perfect song to accompany the film - it was clear they had gotten to know us so well, and I could not have chosen something more fitting of our day and our personalities. Jennifer Mae and Chris were able to give our guests a glimpse into our entire day leading up to the wedding ceremony, and I had no idea that a 3 and a half-minute long video could drum up so many emotions and touch everyone who watched the film.

I continue to check out the videos that they have filmed since our big day, and I cannot even begin to explain talented and delightful this entire group of people is! We feel very fortunate to have worked with them - our wedding and all of our memories from that day would not be the same without them.


Wedding: 5/4/2013
Member Since: 9/26/2011
Absolutely the best    posted 9/17/2013

I don't think I will ever know how to express to Chris and Jennifer Mae from MajorDiamond productions how much we treasure them and the amazing videos and images they created from our wedding day. As a team, there is no other that comes close to matching the collaboration, creativity, and professionalism that the two of them provide. From the first time we met with them to talk about our wedding to the moment our entire wedding party sat in amazement of the same day edit they made for us, we have thanked our lucky stars we had the opportunity to work with them and that we chose them to shoot our wedding. The video they created is so special to us, and it is truly a historical document for our new family and something we will treasure forever. I would choose MajorDiamond a million times over. Thank you Chris and Jennifer Mae for your true understanding of our love.


Wedding: 8/23/2013
Member Since: 3/22/2013
Major Diamond Productions - Amazing Team    posted 9/17/2013

My daughter picked Major Diamond Productions for her wedding on the recommendation of her photographer (1985 Luke Photography) and we couldn't have been more pleased. They are creative, energetic, fun to work with and best of all do a great job. They are very knowledgeable and have great ideas and are able to put everything together and make it serious and fun at the same time. As the mother of the bride I found them to be reasonably priced and would highly recommend Major Diamond Productions to anyone who lives in the bay area, they are a great team that would be very hard to beat!


Wedding: 7/20/2013
Member Since: 1/7/2013
Mrs. Kendall Robowski    posted 8/7/2013

There are not enough wonderful things I can say about Major Diamond Productions. I will forever be grateful for their artistic and creative eye that forever captured the love I felt on our wedding day. The level of professionalism, kindness, and love that they approached our wedding day with was more than I could have ever asked for. I already knew after watching a few of their videos that I was going to love their work, but when they showed up on our wedding day and I watched them set up a scene for them to shoot- I knew that they were the best people I could have ever picked for our day. Working with them prior to our wedding was such a breeze and I always felt comfortable and more confident after a phone call with them.
We just recently got married, so as of now we have only seen our "Highlight video" and a few of the still-shots they captured from their footage, and it has ALREADY blown me away. All of our family and friends have agreed, it is the best wedding video they have ever seen--and it's only the highlights!!!
If I could make this choice a hundred times over again, I'd choose to work with Major Diamond Productions each and every time.
Thank you, Major Diamond Productions for making Billy and my wedding day not just a moment in the past, but a beautiful picture perfect movie that truly does capture the love that we felt that evening. You're everything I could have hoped for and more, and for that - I'll always be grateful.


Mr. and Mrs. William Robowski


Wedding: 10/20/2012
Member Since: 11/14/2012
Movie Makers    posted 11/29/2012

Major Diamond Productions is no ordinary videographer for weddings.

They do something that no other company does: turn your wedding day into a short movie.

In exploring and seeing the work of other wedding videographers, most provide a linear sequence of events for the day that literally drags longer than necessary.

What MDP creates is a movie that you can watch and will watch over and over again to remember that special day.

In fact, I have personally seen our Same Day Edit over twenty times!

It is the perfect souvenir for your own memory and as a vehicle to share your wedding with others.

The service that they offer is truly unique and remarkable.

Bravo MDP!


Wedding: 10/20/2012
Member Since: 7/4/2011
Best Videographer Team Hands Down!!!    posted 11/8/2012 (modified 11/8/2012)

The day we met Jennifer and Chris, we knew that we found someone to capture our big day! Video and Photography are a must for me and #1 on the list as far as importance, so we needed the BEST... and we were blessed to find MajorDiamond! They were easy to communicate with about the wedding, and even more of a joy just to chat with! Looking back on the wedding... Besides my wife, MajorDiamond was easily the best decision I made. Not only do they produce the best Videos and Same Day Edits I have seen, but they are fun and great to work with! Best Investment decision by far! There were other vendors at our wedding that were a dissapointment and it truly still bothers me. Major Diamond is a honest and outstanding team that I have absolutely no regrets about. It was so much fun working them both! Our bridal party was amazed and loved having Jennifer on the trolly with us! Our SDE was perfect and beautiful! Everyone at our reception was raving about it. I cant wait to see the Full Video! I hope to keep in touch and hopefully see them again soon!

5+++ STARS!!!

(the happy groom)Steven Blancaver


Wedding: 8/25/2012
Member Since: 6/8/2011
MAJOR DIAMOND IS THE BEST!!!    posted 11/8/2012

Major Diamond did a phenomenal job at our wedding! Their same day edit left our guests with their jaws on the floor in amazement and I had a ton of requests after our big day for "your incredible wedding videographers contact info" from engaged friends of mine. Major Diamond, in my opinion is as good as it gets in the wedding videography business. They use the most up to date equipment and the quality shows through and through in the final product. My two biggest pieces of wedding advice for any bride go hand in hand. 1) DO NOT SKIMP ON GETTING A VIDEOGRAPHER!!!! I almost did and it would be the biggest regret ever in hindsight. Video tells a story and evokes the true feeling and memories of the day far better than still pictures ever could. 2) HIRE MAJOR DIAMOND!!! They truly are as good as it gets!!!! :)


Wedding: 11/3/2012
Member Since: 8/29/2012
Amazing people, amazing quality    posted 11/6/2012 (modified 11/10/2012)

When my (new) wife and I started getting ready for our wedding, we didn't put too much focus on the videographer. We didn't think there was much point - it's just a video, right?

Two weeks before our wedding day we went to a friend's wedding and we saw something we'd never seen before. A same day edit. It was crazy! How did they edit this video covering the wedding day, and do it so professionally?? It immediately changed our minds and I just had to go try to talk to them. I met Chris (one half of the Chris/Jennifer Mae husband/wife team) and asked for a card.

We weren't optimistic about being able to book them at such short notice, but we gave it a shot. A few conversations with our wedding planner and a phone call later, we met Jennifer Mae over the phone – they would be able to do it!

The day of the wedding Chris, Jennifer Mae and Christine were on time, professional, and courteous. Both Chris and Jennifer Mae were warm and friendly, and obviously love what they're doing. I was worried because I've heard about overbearing photographers and videographers, but the folks at Major Diamond made the whole day fun and easy.

When we got halfway through the reception, Chris unveiled their same day edit. It was jaw-dropping, and easily one of the most amazing and talked about parts of the night. They captured us perfectly - who we are, and all of the special moments throughout the day. It was great, because it reminded those of us who were in the middle of it all how amazing the day was. And even better, it showed the rest of the wedding guests what were were doing all day and let them join in sharing the memory.

We have yet to see the full video, but we have no doubt that the quality will be just as amazing. We can't wait!

I really can't recommend Major Diamond enough.


Wedding: 7/7/2012
Member Since: 11/5/2012
Amazing!!!    posted 11/5/2012

Major Diamond Productions is an awesome team. After seeing their work on our same-day-edit video I was glad that my wife had found them and booked them for our wedding. I knew that the money we paid for our videography package was well money well spent. My wife and I enjoy watching our wedding video over and over again and we can't wait until we receive the full video of our wedding day. Our family and friends have also expressed just how talented our videographers are because they loved our wedding video too. We've even had people say they wish they knew about Major Diamond Productions when they got married and people who wish to book them in the future.

Thanks again Jennifer Mae and Chris for capturing our special day. We appreciate all of your hard work on our wedding day and even now as you still continue to edit our wedding footage. Thank you for putting your awesome talents to good use in the wedding industry. Our wedding day is so special to us and having great video footage from our wedding to look back on will help keep the memory alive for years to come. Our wedding video will be a priceless treasure to us, all thanks to your amazing talents and work.


Wedding: 6/9/2012
Member Since: 6/1/2011
So happy!    posted 11/5/2012 (modified 11/5/2012)

We were lucky to book Major Diamond Productions for our wedding back in June and let me say that I was so happy with the Same Day Edit. We watched it over and over again and I can almost relive that day over and over again. It makes me weepy every time I watch it.

We originally didn't care to have someone come to our house to film my husband get ready because our place is so messy!!!! But Jennifer Mae insist that that they come by anyway. We were so glad that they did because the video would be weird to just have me get ready and not the groom. After all, they are the professionals.

Overall, they are really easy to work with and each of the film is catered to the couple. Love them! Thanks again Jennifer Mae, Chris, and team!


Wedding: 9/22/2012
Member Since: 3/4/2011
Dream Come True!    posted 11/5/2012

Love Jennifer + Chris! We met them before the wedding and they took the time to understand us and our relationship, using that to make a video keepsake that was truely unique to our relationship and love. I could not have asked for a better vendor for our video and the fact that they were so easy to work with and comfortable to be around made it even better. I am in LOVE with our wedding video and can say that their work is PRICELESS! I am in awe of the work that they do and will continue to promote them to anyone that may be looking for a video for their special day.

Jessica Dougherty

Results 1 - 20 of 40

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As a husband and wife team, we truly understand the importance of your wedding day. Our approach to cinematography is to create a beautifully produced film that is fresh and unique to each couple. Film making is our passion and capturing love is our life.

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