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Wedding: 7/1/2012
Member Since: 11/6/2011
A Joy to Work With    posted 11/6/2012

When I began looking for a wedding photographer, I was looking not only for someone with great artistic style and skill, but also someone I could trust and connect with. After ten minutes on the phone with Megan, I knew that she was the photographer I had been looking for. Megan is incredibly talented with a camera, and she has all the characteristics necessary to be a great photographer: a great sense of humor, incredible patience, the ability to make anyone feel at ease, and a real passion for storytelling.

More than anything, Megan is a true professional. She is very genuine in her desire to produce products that her clients love, and she is willing to go above and beyond to make this happen. She helped us create a custom package that was exactly what we wanted, she stayed late on our wedding day as a last minute request, and she made sure we were perfectly happy with the photos and albums that she created before she produced a final product. She understood that we wanted a photographer that would capture our day in the least invasive manner, so she took our formal portraits quickly and effortlessly, and shot candids that we didn't even know she took until we saw our pictures.

There are so many things that Megan a wonderful photographer, but the one I think says the most about her is her grace under pressure and her ability work with the difficult personalities that emerge as a result of stressful wedding planning. Megan was able to manage everyone form my bridesmaids to my mother-in-law with incredible ease so that I was able to enjoy my wedding day, and she did it with a smile on her face. To this day, my guests comment on how nice my photographer was and how much they appreciated her ability to direct people in a way that was friendly, yet firm.

Megan is a wonderful photographer, person, and friend, and I am lucky that I found her.


Wedding: 9/2/2012
Member Since: 6/23/2005
The Beauty and Artistry of Megan Dandeles Photography    posted 11/6/2012 (modified 11/7/2012)

Yes, a wedding takes months of planning, wanting each step of the way to be all that my daughter, Emily, and her fiance, Jon, wanted it to be and recognizing that it is just a brief few hours that flashes by in what seems like seconds. So while we cannot slow that magical time down it is imperative to find a photographer to capture the moments that will last a lifetime. Obviously this is a huge expectation and requirement to place on any photographer but you have to meet Megan. I knew when I saw Emily and Jon's engagement pictures that Megan was extraordinarily talented, an unbelievable eye for capturing the essence of this beautiful couple while creating a composition that truly enhanced each and every photo. Emily and Jon's wedding was at our home and when Megan arrived prior to the wedding I believe her fantastic creativity started well before she entered our driveway. Megan introduced herself to me and I was immediately struck by her personality, energy and professionalism. I knew straight away that she was no ordinary photographer but a true artist and I could simply relax and let Megan do what she does best. I have spent alot of time around artistically gifted people but just watching Megan was awe inspiring. Megan seemed to instinctively know what areas, items, photographs and most importantly the people that were so important to this couple's wedding day. We received the wedding photos yesterday and I cannot put adequately into words how beautiful, creative and beyond all comprehension of what a wedding photo can convey. Beyond magnificent but I promise you the most stunning photographs I have ever seen. Megan did not miss a moment, each frame was perfectly composed and so naturally breathtaking. How Megan accomplished this frame after frame is nothing short of artistic genius. We are obsessed with looking at this amazing portfolio, feel forever grateful and excited to have it but the selection process is going to be challenging since we want them all!!!!!


Wedding: 4/16/2011
Member Since: 3/6/2005
Absolutely Picture Perfect    posted 8/10/2011 (modified 8/10/2011)

Let me start this review with a short story: Megan shot an engagement photo shoot for my fiancé and I and posted the shoot on her blog. Along with the amazing photos, she wrote a paragraph detailing Mike and me as a couple, some of the things she learned about our relationship throughout the day, and then she listed the favorite things about us that she observed as the three of us spent the afternoon together. When my mother, who I chat with almost every day, read the paragraph, she said “Wow, I think Megan knows more about your relationship than I do!” What this story tells me is that Megan genuinely cares about her clients and has a fantastic capability to capture and to detail their love stories in beautiful, appealing ways. Through her artistry, she invites guests to share in these stories intimately rather than have them feel like they’re distant observers.

From the beginning of the wedding photography process until now, Megan continues to demonstrate her care and concern for her bride and groom. Megan insisted that, if it was at all possible, she shoot our engagement session – she wanted to know us as a couple and work with us before the wedding so that we would be comfortable with her shooting the wedding day photos. When the wedding day arrived, Megan knew how Mike and I related to each other and, needless to say, the photos are breathtaking. She also coordinated with me a few times before the wedding to make sure that she was planning to capture the wedding exactly as we envisioned. Since the wedding, she’s worked diligently on uploading the proofs, which were ready in 1-2 months vice 4-6 months for a larger photography studio. Her consistent timeliness is a quality I find admirable.

As a side note, Mike and I married at a destination location. Megan performed advance research on the location, contacted the catering manager to get the details on the best photo opportunities around the resort, and arrived a day early to familiarize herself with the staff and the resort. I thought this was all amazing effort on her part to make sure that she was intimately familiar with the setting and how her equipment would perform. I think the review already captures that her photos were absolutely perfect throughout the day.

It’s been four months since the wedding, and our guests are still reviewing the photos, ordering them, and gushing about the amazing quality. Beyond the quality of the photos, though, they’re also gushing about the quality of person Megan is. I heard more than one wedding guest tell me how friendly and personable they found Megan to be, and how infectious they thought her joy for life to be. They said to me, “She seemed to be having so much fun; it was like she was a wedding guest herself!” Indeed, Megan’s passion for what she does shines through in her “capture all of life” attitude and her artistic eye for what photo shot will preserve the feeling of a moment. Megan puts her heart into taking breathtakingly gorgeous photos for your life events, and infuses those photos with her beautiful spirit. I found a wonderful wedding photographer, yes, but I also found a wonderful friend.

Results 1 - 3 of 3
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Megan Dandeles Photography is an award-winning fine art photography studio specializing in natural light photography. From start to finish our goal is to give you a downright fabulous photography experience. We LOVE weddings and can't wait to hear all about what you are planning for yours!

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