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Wedding: 9/29/2007
Member Since: 7/3/2006
Perfection    posted 9/3/2013 (modified 9/3/2013)

We could not have asked for a more fairytale wedding venue (or day).

From the moment we signed on to work with Christina at Mohonk the experience was easy. They are true professionals.

Every detail was available to us at Mohonk: beautiful room with picture window over looking the lake (and the colors of the leaves turning reds and golds), blues skies would have allowed for an outdoor garden service but we thought the room had an appropriate elegance for our wedding vows; cocktails and hors d'oeuvres on the veranda; outstanding food (including a vegan moroccan vegetable pouch prepared especially); they even provided the flowers from their own gardens (which are worth a visit on their own and gave us some wonderful backdrops for wedding pictures).

With the spa services available, my bridesmaids and I (and the mother of the bride) enjoyed the day before pampering ourselves, and the morning of the wedding the spa did my hair perfectly.

Many of our guest were able to stay at the resort and enjoyed a walk around the lake or hike up to the tower lookout for sunset just following our wedding.

The timing of the wedding was perfect and since we had friends that played the bagpipes to escort us out after our vows, it was like something out of Brigadoon.



Wedding: 8/5/2012
Member Since: 10/7/2013
Becker Wedding    posted 10/7/2013

How lucky are we!! I can't help but feel that our marriage is espicially blessed because we were married in such a magical place. A++ service, food and atmosphere.
Our wedding planner Aimee, was the best. We had some unique circumstances and she went above and beyond to make all of our guests comfortable.
We are planning our 10 year anniversary party already at Mohonk to refresh the magic!


Wedding: 6/23/2013
Member Since: 3/3/2013
Wonderful June Wedding at Mohonk    posted 10/5/2013

From the planning stages to our wedding day, our experience with Mohonk was wonderful. Aimee, our wedding planner, guided us through the process with good humor and a keen eye for detail. Being at Mohonk is like stepping back in time - the beauty of the lake and mountains and the romantic old-fashioned buildings made it the perfect place for our elegant afternoon wedding last June. Each staff member was so welcoming and helpful to us and to our guests. The cocktail hour on the porch overlooking the lake was a highlight and the food at the reception was delicious - especially our chocolate cake, which our friends are still raving about. My groom (now husband!) and I would highly recommend Mohonk as a truly magical wedding venue.


Wedding: 8/5/2013
Member Since: 10/5/2013
Mrs. Montanaro    posted 10/5/2013

I think Mohonk Mountain is beautiful and the perfect place for our wedding...I wish I could go back and do it all over again. It was the perfect day and I loved our wedding ... I wouldn't change a thing!!!!


Wedding: 1/2/2008
Member Since: 10/4/2013
Winter Wonderland    posted 10/4/2013

We were married just after new years at Mohonk in front of the fireplace at the skating pavilion, it was magical. We had a small party of just family followed by lunch. The pavilion was a special location with the Christmas tree still up and the holiday sleigh for photos. We were blessed with just a dusting of snow which made the grounds leading up to the pavilion look like a winter wonderland. Our lunch was a buffet in their Main Dining Room where they had set aside a table in the corner so that we were able to enjoy spending tume with our family. The baker at Mohonk had us a delicious carrot cake for our wedding cake, we kept the topper and even a year later it was still delicious. All of the staff were friendly and accommodating and helped make our little party feel so welcome and our day special.


Wedding: 9/15/2012
Member Since: 10/4/2013
My Magical Wedding at Mohonk Mountain House!    posted 10/4/2013 (modified 10/4/2013)

I can honestly say that my wedding was the best day of my life. Mohonk was the perfect place to have my reception with its beautiful and historic setting and incredibly friendly and helpful staff, it was smooth sailing from the get-go. I loved every person I worked with and felt that Mohonk really worked with me and my husband to help make our wedding exactly what we had envisioned. I can't reccomend Mohonk enough, they made my wedding an utterly perfect experience!


Wedding: 9/12/2009
Member Since: 10/3/2013
Amazing location, awesome staff!    posted 10/3/2013

My wife's family has been going to Mohonk since her grandmother was a young woman. I became part of the tradition shortly after we started dating. We honestly couldn't have asked for a more meaningful location. The scenery at mohonk was a truly amazing backdrop to our wedding photos. The service, as always, was top notch and the food was excellent.
Aimee was our planner and she was phenomenal! We wanted a small, simple wedding in the gardens and Aimee made it so easy to arrange. We really didnt have to do much of anything, she took care of everything. She even had a contingency location set up when it started raining minutes before the ceremony!


Wedding: 9/18/2011
Member Since: 10/3/2013
Mohonk Garden Wedding    posted 10/3/2013

Our wedding was as close to perfect as you could ever imagine. Other than our Pastor running slighlty late the wedding was perfect. Christina and Aimee had the staff, grounds and food service working tirelessly to make this our perfect day - and they did.

Pre-wedding planning was thorough. Wedding Day went off without a hitch. My wife and some of our guest have food allergies. Christina and Aimee coordinated with the chef to provide food througout the wedding to accomodate the my wife and guests with allergies.

Our Wedding Day at Mohonk was as perfect as one could imagine.


Wedding: 11/18/2008
Member Since: 10/2/2013
Wedding plans    posted 10/2/2013

Except for selection of the table flowers, we left the setting, food and decor up to the wedding planers at Monhonk. The outcome was beyond what we expected. A day to remember.
Highly recommend to any couple looking for a unique setting with outstanding grounds and accommodations.


Wedding: 6/29/2013
Member Since: 1/21/2013
Glorious Wedding At Mohonk!    posted 9/7/2013

My family has been visiting Mohonk almost every summer for 40 years; it's like a second home to me, and it was really the first and only place we wanted to get married.

Mohonk is a glorious place, and we had a magical day with our small party of about 35 family and friends. Christina and Aimee are absolute pros, patient and incredibly competent with the millions of details that comprise a wedding. (I live in Germany now, so planning the wedding from thousands of miles away, having it be almost a "one-stop shop" in terms of all the arrangements, with Aimee connecting all the hundreds of dots for ceremony, cocktails and dinner, was also a huge gift to our time and sanity.)

We were blessed with great weather for our late June date and had an outdoor ceremony. I love the grounds and history of Mohonk, and wanted something that took full advantage of this, so we had our dinner and reception at the Picnic Lodge, rather than the usual arrangement in one of the dining rooms in the main house. For us, this was perfect.

Nearly every detail was flawless (in fact I'd take off only a tenth of a star, since so few things fell through the cracks - and even for a very small group like ours, there are always so many details, and the only problems were truly very tiny ones!) and we felt so supported and looked after.

The food was excellent and the staff were very accommodating, down to making sure we had a vegetarian main option we liked and chocolate sauce on the side of our cake :).

Mohonk has gotten a lot more upscale in our decades of visits, and I sometimes worry it has gone too far; but the benefits of this clearly showed in the truly deluxe food and the outstanding care and service we received. Add this to the unmatched physical beauty and storied history of Mohonk itself... if you love unique and beautiful places, I could not recommend it more highly!


Wedding: 9/18/2010
Member Since: 3/30/2010
George and Carolee    posted 8/30/2013

The most beautiful venue for a wedding. We had the ceremony in the garden ( we checked on the color theme in the garden and planned accordingly), the cocktail hour on the large outdoor deck and then a luncheon inside.
The food outstanding, the service warm, friendly, and professional,beautiful details.
My guests thought it was magical


Wedding: 1/1/0001
Member Since: 7/28/2012
Mohonk Mountain House Wedding    posted 8/30/2013

Having my wedding at Mohonk Mountain House was magical. My husband and I love lakes and mountains and Mohonk has both. The perfect combination of elegance and rustic atmosphere that we were looking for. Mohonk is known as one of America's castles and it really is. The food was delicious. I highly recommend the Sea Bass. Christina was our coordinator and she was so patient and accommodating.
Our friends and family still talk in awe of how beautiful the wedding was and how majestic Mohonk is.


Wedding: 6/20/2013
Member Since: 3/1/2012
Dream Come True!    posted 7/18/2013

When my husband and I got engaged, we knew right away that The Mohonk Mountain House was where we wanted to get married. We had visited on a previous trip to NY, and fell in love with its whimsical nature, and all it had to offer. The Mohonk is beyond amazing: it’s like a fairytale come true right off the pages of some old story book! It is quite frankly an unbelievable location. Everyone who ventures there just can’t believe a place like this truly exists! However we figured it would be too expensive for us. But then we found out about the small wedding package and were head over heels that our dream might come true! I called up the weddings department, spoke with Amy Ciarimboli, and decided it was a done deal! We booked the venue and never looked back! Over the course of the year that we took to plan everything from 1,800 miles away; Aimee was amazing in helping to guide and plan every detail! She was friendly, on the ball, and more than accommodating! When our special day came: everything went off without a hitch! The Mohonk had it all set up for smooth sailing down to the last detail. It was truly our fairy tale come true! Between the people, the ambiance, the scenery, the activities, and the hotel it’s self: it’s was a complete success beyond my wildest dreams! I never imagined I’d be able to afford getting married in such luxurious style, but the Mohonk made sure that our special day was absolutely unforgettable. I will be forever thankful to Aimee, Christina, and the entire Mohonk staff and venue for making this ordinary girl’s wedding so very magical! My husband and I couldn’t have asked for a more romantic wedding. It was a day of beauty that we will never forget!!


Wedding: 10/11/2012
Member Since: 8/23/2007
Amazing Venue    posted 11/19/2012

I had my Wedding at Mohonk in October and all I can say is amazing! Of course Mohonk has the most amazing views in the Hudson Valley, but they Mohonk has so much more to offer. I have been married in the past and from my past experience the bigger your wedding is the more attention you get from the venue. My wedding at Mohonk consisted of only 50 guests and even tho I had a small wedding, my wedding coordinator made me feel like I was the only bride that mattered! I would highly recommend this venue to everyone!


Wedding: 9/23/2012
Member Since: 3/23/2011
great!    posted 10/14/2012

My wedding could not have been at a better place. Mohonk is a long-loved location for my husband and I, and we never even considered another venue for our wedding. Of course, the grounds were spectacular and made for some incredible wedding pictures. The staff was accommodating and made everything we dreamed of happen! We feel like we got a lot for our money, especially for our small wedding. So recommended.


Wedding: 9/8/2012
Member Since: 4/4/2011
I love Mohonk    posted 10/4/2012

Mohonk Mountain House was perfect. We got married here on September 8th, 2012 and it was everything I have ever wanted. The wedding department is phenomenal. They are so organized and patient and helpful and throughout the whole process (even with a ton of weddings through the year) I felt special. They returned each and every phone call and email and I was taken care of from beginning to end. The day was spectacular. It rained, we had to have the ceremony indoors and the parlor was perfect. Plan B should look as good as plan A and it did. Both my husband and I used to go to Mohonk as children and that made it even more special. All of my guests are still talking about the food, the view from the parlor porch where we had our cocktail hour and Mohonk's staff. The food was incredible. I knew it was going to be good when we had a hard time picking the entrees at our tasting. Every single dish came out of the kitchen hot and it was delicious. We had 117 guests (even though we invited over 180) and the dining room was perfect. I recommend Mohonk to everyone! Although the room rates are a little steep the prices for weddings are rather reasonable.


Wedding: 8/26/2012
Member Since: 4/29/2012
DREAMS DO COME TRUE!    posted 9/28/2012

The first time I visited Mohonk Mountain House, I was overwhelmed by it's beauty. We spent the whole day there and at one point I noticed a wedding taking place in the garden. I thought what an unbelievable place to have a wedding. I had only just started dating my now husband at that time. My sister looked at me and said, This is where you are going to marry him." Low and behold-almost a year to that day-I, too, walked down that garden to get married.
Aimee Ciarimboli from the weddings department is the MOST attentive, kind, professional and genuinely hard working person for her brides. She made sure everything and i mean EVERY detail and request was made. She left a lasting impression on me and my entire family. I am so grateful to her-she made all my dreams come true that day! All the staff is so accommodating and do not miss a beat. Chef Anthony is phenomenal! My guests are still talking about the food, the gardens, the beauty, Aimee and the over all experience.
I was married on August 26, 2012 and can not wait to return again! Ann and Louie


Wedding: 8/11/2012
Member Since: 2/5/2012
Perfect destination wedding    posted 8/28/2012

The Mohonk created a wonderful weekend wedding for my small family wedding of 35 guest!


Wedding: 7/14/2012
Member Since: 6/23/2011
Amazing Experience!    posted 8/18/2012

It is beyond beautiful there. It was so easy to work with everyone involved in the process of planning and also the day of the wedding. Everything was better than I imagined. The food was excellent, the wedding cake (made by them) was enjoyed by all the guests. I highly recommend this venue if you are looking for the perfect wedding experience.


Wedding: 10/1/2011
Member Since: 1/31/2011
Dreams Really Do Come True    posted 11/1/2011

I have been going to Mohonk Mountain House with my mom since I was 4 years old. My birthday is October 16th so it was our special place to go every year. The leaves are always at their peak in mid-October and there is no place more beautiful than Mohonk. The gardens, the trails, the mountain house "castle", the lake... it is really an amazing place. It really is my favorite place, that's why ever since I was a little girl it was always my dream to get married at Mohonk. Well, amazingly that dream really did come true on October 1st (exactly one month ago today)! My husband Eddie actually proposed to me up on the fire tower May 17th 2009, and I was overjoyed. When I started to consider where to have our ceremony and reception my first thought was Mohonk of course! But I didn't know if we could afford it. I talked to Eddie about it and we went with both of our moms to meet with the wedding coordinator Christina and discuss the possibility of having our wedding there. She was so nice and gave us all the info to look over. This includes all the options for different packages which are actually way more reasonable than one would think for getting married and having your reception there. Maybe we could have saved a couple thousand going somewhere else where the food was half as good and the atmosphere uncomparable, but getting married at Mohonk was always my dream, so why would I go anywhere else!!! Of course we decided to book our wedding there and then the fun of planning began. When I had any questions or concerns, Christina was very helpful and she always made all the little ideas I had work out! Even the three tired 8 layer rainbow wedding cake was pulled off without any problem ( and believe me, I was a little worried) But it was AMAZING. All the food was perfect. The filet mignon was melt in your mouth delicious, and they even accomidated the vegetarians with slight changes to our menu choices. We allowed children to attend the wedding and they were all given special choices as well, and they have plenty of high chairs, booster seats and even strollers if needed. It actually rained on our wedding day, so even though we had hoped and planned for an outdoor wedding in the formal gardens, I was not in the least bit worried because the Parlor room where they do the indoor ceremony is beautiful. (And as a guest pointed out, probably a lot more comfortable for many of the older guests attending the ceremony.) We still got to have the cocktail hour out on the Parlor Porch and as the fog lifted off the lake we had a beautiful and mystical view of the tower where we got engaged :) We took pictures out side as well as in, our bagpiper played and even he said it was perfect and very remenicent of Ireland. The reception was wonderful, but it went by really fast! We did feel a bit rushed and towards then end were trying to cut the cake, toss the bouquet and garter, do the last dance and wrap up the party a bit sooner than we would have liked. My advice is if you want to party all night, you may have to have an after party somewhere. But since the bride and groom get to stay overnight and have champagne and chocolate covered strawberries brought to their room, we didn't want to go anywhere! (That is included in the package) We had an amazing and truly unforgettable day. It was EVERYTHING I hoped it would be and I am so happy and grateful that I actually had the wedding I always dreamed of. Like I said, if you have them...DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE!

Results 1 - 20 of 23

A Romantic Victorian Castle Resort!

Just 90 miles from NYC, our spectacular setting is ideal for your wedding. With the #1 Spa in the US, a 19th-century Parlor or stunning gardens for your reception, charming accommodations, exquisite cliffs and a pristine lake, private dining and catering, horse and carriage rides, golf, and more!

  • Price Range: $$$
  • Outdoor Ceremony Area: Yes
  • Indoor Ceremony Area: Yes
  • Outdoor Reception Area: Yes
  • On the Water: Yes
  • Tented Area: Yes
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
  • Onsite Catering: Yes
  • Outside Caterers Allowed: No
  • Kosher Available: Yes
  • Liquor License: Yes
  • Onsite Overnight Accommodations: Yes
  • Onsite Parking: Yes
  • Valet Parking: Yes
  • Onsite Wedding Consultant: Yes
  • Liability Insurance: No
  • Site Fee: No
  • Capacity: Up to 200
  • Style: Banquet/Reception Hall, Botanic Garden/Park, Hotel/Resort, Inn/B&B, Mansion/Historic Site, Restaurant, Unusual/Alternative

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