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Rev. Jude Smith - Interfaith Minister 5 of 5 1 33

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Wedding: 9/14/2013
Member Since: 10/2/2013
Wonderful & Magical    posted 10/2/2013

We feel so lucky and grateful to have had Rev. Jude Smith officiate our wedding. We wanted a wedding ceremony that was non-denominational yet still had weight and warmth to it. Rev. Jude helped us build a moving, transcendental and truly magical wedding ceremony.

Rev. Jude helped us navigate the seemingly intimidating landscape of building our wedding ceremony. She provided a clear, calming road map for us - giving us solid logistical help on wrangling our large bridal party and families as well as endless resources of poems and vows to handcraft a wedding ceremony perfect for us.

Our families were all so moved by the ceremony - many commented that it was so personal and warm we must have known Rev. Jude for years. But in fact we had worked with Rev. Jude remotely for just a couple weeks leading up to the wedding. This is testament to the warmth and sensitivity she brings to her work and her amazing aptitude to get to the heart of relationship, fully celebrating and honoring that relationship with a uniquely crafted wedding ceremony. She created a magical and loving foundation to build our marriage on and we could not be happier!


Wedding: 8/23/2013
Member Since: 10/3/2013
Made everything so easy    posted 10/9/2013

Rev. Jude Smith officiating our wedding was the best experience. She made was there when either of us had any questions and or concerns. She was very accommodating and enthusiastic even when she found out that we wanted to get married at Lake Minnewaska.
Being out of state made things a bit more difficult. But with Rev. Jude we knew that the ceremony was going to be the easy part.
Thank you Rev. Jude for all of your help and suggestions. You made this a memorable life event and something that we will never forget!

Tracy & Michelle


Wedding: 8/24/2013
Member Since: 10/5/2013
Highly recommended!    posted 10/5/2013

I first contacted Jude after finding her website and reading about her support for marriage equality, something that is very important to both my partner and me. Once I talked to her on the phone, I knew that I had found the right officiant! Talking with Jude was like talking with an old friend; I felt that we had an immediate connection and that she really "got" what my partner and I wanted in a simple, private ceremony. I contacted her somewhat last minute, with only about two weeks before the date that we had selected, but she was very flexible and fit us in around two other ceremonies that she had scheduled for the same day! She was even able to provide a witness for us, since we were traveling out of state and were not bringing guests. Jude made the whole process, from beginning to end, so easy and stress-free!


Wedding: 9/1/2013
Member Since: 1/11/2013
Rev. Jude Smith    posted 10/4/2013

We absolutely love Rev. Jude. She put a great deal of time and effort into creating our ceremony so that it was 'us'. The ceremony was magical - Rev. Jude's warmth, love, and personality really made the ceremony special. I had several people after the wedding comment on how great she was.


Wedding: 6/8/2013
Member Since: 10/3/2013
Mrs Betsy Pastore    posted 10/3/2013

On June 8th 2013 Rev Jude married my best friend and I. When we first met with her I knew she was the one .. we connected on a very spiritual level. she was understanding and very helpful on helping keeping our words simple but packed with the meaning that we wanted to convey to our guest. I would tell anyone getting married to look her up and see what love she brings to your special day !


Wedding: 7/5/2013
Member Since: 10/2/2013
Jude was wonderful!    posted 10/3/2013

From the first time we spoke with Rev. Jude we immediately knew she was the perfect fit for us. She had a contagious enthusiasm throughout the process, which was evident in the wonderful ceremony she delivered for us. Rev. Jude has an amazing ability to understand what her couples want/need and a gift for translating their unique story into a custom ceremony. We could not have been happier with our decision to have her officiate our wedding.

We highly recommend Jude!


Wedding: 9/21/2013
Member Since: 8/6/2012
Extremely Knowledgeable Officiant    posted 10/1/2013

Jude was an incredibly welcome addition to our wedding planning. She was able to center us and greatly aided in crafting a beautiful ceremony that I will not forget for years to come. My husband and I were very adamant about having a ceremony that was spiritual but not religious and Jude was easily able to put one together that echoed the love we felt for one another. What was especially amazing was that it was so personal. We both answered questions separately and then Jude put those together and weaved our story into the ceremony. Very beautiful. She is great to work with and is willing to help with any of the other aspects of planning including recommendations. I would highly recommend Jude for other couples.


Wedding: 6/15/2013
Member Since: 1/25/2012
Simply Perfect    posted 10/1/2013 (modified 10/5/2013)

The warmth I feel from taking the time to remember the most beautiful moments of our wedding is a clear indication of just how special it was...
Rev. Jude took the time to understand my husband and I. She created a ceremony that was inclusive and focused on love. She included our traditions, our characteristics, listened to our apprehensions and concerns and advised us lovingly. It couldn't have been any better than it was...it would be impossible.
We are blessed with radiant love and we found someone who could channel it beautifully.
She will take her time with you and is organized and detail oriented. I highly recommend Rev. Jude as I know she values each and every union she performs.


Wedding: 9/9/2013
Member Since: 1/29/2013
Jude Smith Review 5 stars!    posted 9/30/2013

Jude Smith was the officiant for our interfaith wedding this summer and we could not have been more pleased. Not only was she incredible on the day of but she spent a lot of time getting to know us and really building a relationship with us before the special day - which really made the experience unique.

We first spoke with Jude nearly 6 months before the wedding. We were living in London at the time - for some it could have been a challenge but she was extremely flexible and organized. Our first chat was a lovely several hour call where she genuinely spent time getting to know us and really built a connection with us. She was so warm and welcoming - we loved sharing our story and love with her.

We met a few times following before the wedding, continuing to build our relationship and her getting to know us, our hopes for the big day and how she could really make it special. She didn't miss a detail and truly catered every word.

On the actual day, her ceremony was exactly what we could have hoped for - unique, catered and completely sincere.

Several months later we continue to keep in touch :)

We would recommend Jude for anyone, particularly those who plan to have an interfaith or uniquely spiritual wedding!


Wedding: 8/24/2013
Member Since: 6/6/2012
Thanks for Jude!    posted 9/30/2013

My wife found Jude through internet research and did we luck out. Our experiences with Jude were thoughtful, stimulating, and educational. She challenged us to think, feel, and create; through the process our love and trust for one another grew deeper. Jude was punctual, responsible with communication, and had outstanding integrity throughout our planning process. I would say her main attribute is reading energy and shape shifting based on the present moment. She enunciated our ceremony with dedication, passion, and most importantly respect and reverence. We look forward to rekindling our vows as some point, and hopefully Jude will be around to support us with our wedding day follow up as well!


Wedding: 8/31/2013
Member Since: 9/30/2013
A journey that lastest a lifetime    posted 9/30/2013 (modified 9/30/2013)

My husband and I had a difficult time finding the right officiant to lead our wedding ceremony until we met Jude. Immediately we were speaking the same language on our expectations and what we wanted our ceremony, and the beginning of our journey together to achieve, not just for ourselves but for our guests as well. Mark and I had been envisioning a labyrinth ceremony for our wedding, we both had lots of ideas and excitement flying around the labyrinth. It wasn't until we FINALLY met Jude that we realized how difficult such a ceremony would be to pull off. Jude made us extremely comfortable with our decision to build a labyrinth ceremony and continued on surprising us with adding and suggesting things that superbly enhanced the direction of the labyrinth ceremony.

We shared our idea with Jude and continued to inspire us to use our imagination to make this day as beautiful, special and prepared as possible- physically, mentally and emotionally. She led our entire wedding (all of 19 people) on a journey that ourselves, and our guests will NEVER forget. Jude has an amazing way of setting the tone of energy in a space and bringing everyone onto the same plane. With Jude's skill and the power of the labyrinth and family, I was brought to tears several times, and I am NOT typically a crier!!

Mark and I both recognize there is no one else on god's green earth that could have ever performed just a ceremony, except for Jude and we are so incredibly grateful to have had her lead us into marriage together. All of her guiding words and wisdom prepared us for marriage, not just our wedding day and we will always be grateful!

We look forward to spending time with Jude in the future, she is not the type of officiant you see on your wedding day, never to speak to again, but one you can seek guidance from, for years to come.

Thank you Jude for all you do!


Wedding: 6/18/2011
Member Since: 3/5/2010
Jude made our wedding the best day of our life!    posted 9/29/2013

Jude officiated our ceremony this past weekend at the Inn at Erlowest this past weekend. We had met with her via phone and in person a few times before, so we already knew it would be great. However, she exceeded our expectations more than we ever could have guessed! Everyone in attendance agreed that they felt the magic and absolutely raved that the ceremony was the nicest and most personal that they have ever been to. I couldn't agree more! It was so personal, loving, and heartfelt. Her readings and words were perfect for us and suited everyone well. She was so helpful with every detail- even music selections and bringing her own wine glass to help out with our wine ceremony. Jude feels like family, and we are sure to recommend her and use her for future family events. If you want your ceremony to be personalized exactly for you, choose Jude- you will not be disappointed! Much love.


Wedding: 9/9/2013
Member Since: 9/29/2013
Love is in the air with Rev Jude    posted 9/29/2013 (modified 9/29/2013)

If you're seeking a meaningful reverend to officiant a wedding, look no further, Rev Jude will surpass all of your expectations. I don't handle being in the spot light very well, so being the bride and having to speak in front of others wasn't something I was looking forward to. Jude eased all my worries with what to expect during a practice run in our met and greet. She also helped me put together the most important words I would say to the person I love the most! As if that wasn't enough, she was calm the day of, making me feel in control with her guidance and well worded ceremony. I owe one of the best moments of my wedding day to Reverend Jude!


Wedding: 9/9/2013
Member Since: 9/29/2013
Vanderbilt Mansion Ceremony    posted 9/29/2013

Words cant describe the moment, feelings and love Reverend Jude filled our hearts with on September 9th. Thankfully Rev Jude makes it a point to meet, and practice “the big day” My partner and I had no jitters on our wedding day, it couldn't have been more perfect. Her special words and well planned ceremony made it easy, calming and very zen; this being one of the biggest moment of any ones life, we felt nothing but serene. That day was simply priceless!


Wedding: 5/18/2013
Member Since: 1/13/2013
The Best!    posted 8/10/2013 (modified 8/10/2013)

My husband and I were one of the many same-sex couples who married this year. Jude helped us craft a ceremony that drew from traditions and that made sense for us. She was able to use her experiences with other same-sex couples — as well as other couples who had been together for many years before their wedding day — to understand what we needed.

Like one of the other reviewers on this page said: we knew right away that Jude was the right officiant for us. Jude is patient, loving, and personable. She created a ceremony for us that was beautiful and personal and specific to our relationship. She is a listener: She got to know who were were, and what was right for us. She didn't merely listen; She also lead us down a path to discover what we wanted in a ceremony, because we didn't completely know until we spoke to her. Wedding planning can be overwhelming and you want somebody with wisdom and experience to guide you through it. That's what Jude offers.

We got many compliments on our wedding: On the venue; on the food; on the music. But, the number one compliment we got, hands down, was that we had a beautiful service.

We will always consider Jude a part of our marriage and are very grateful she came into our lives.


Wedding: 6/9/2013
Member Since: 2/17/2012
Calming force behind the scenes    posted 7/15/2013

When we met with Jude my husband and I knew immediately we wanted to use her for our interfaith minister. She methodically gathered information about us individually and as a couple and came out with a truly unique ceremony. She was able to include all our special requests so we could include family and friends in parts of our ceremony. Jude's calm manner enabled the ceremony to come off without any problems.


Wedding: 8/26/2000
Member Since: 5/7/2000
Great Ceremony and Wonderful to Work With    posted 7/11/2013

Rev. Jude provided us a beautiful ceremony. She listened to what we wanted and gave us exactly that. She was reliable and easy to contact. Many people commented on how special our ceremony was,


Wedding: 5/11/2013
Member Since: 7/26/2011
I knew right away    posted 6/10/2013

I never considered how important having a good minister was until I went to a wedding that had a bad one! After I experienced that wedding and was beginning to plan my own I started looking online for someone to customize my ceremony. I knew right away that I wanted to use Reverend Jude. I love her samples on the website and was comforted after speaking to her. She help customize a ceremony that met our needs and budget. She took the time to meet with us and ask questions that made our ceremony very detailed and personal. I really wanted our ceremony to leave people feeling a certain way, and it definitely did. It POURED outside during our ceremony and we were wet and struggling to hear yet Rev. Jude had a great demeanor about her that seemed to quiet the rain and make the ceremony beautiful. I received a ton of complements from our guests and am sure I made the right choice.


Wedding: 10/6/2012
Member Since: 1/12/2013
Made our wedding day incredibly special    posted 1/12/2013

Jude made our wedding day so very special. Jude is wonderful to work with, caring, and dependable. She will guide you through all and make your ceremony unique and a reflection of who you are as a couple. She made both my husband and I feel so comfortable, and enabled us to deeply communicate our commitment to each other in a way that we hadn't before. I can't recommend her highly enough, you will be sure to be happy when you chose her to officiate.


Wedding: 9/15/2012
Member Since: 9/26/2011
Absolutely Wonderful!!    posted 10/8/2012

We could not have asked for a better Officiant for our ceremony. Jude made sure that both religions joining us on our wedding day felt comfortable and recognized the love that surrounded us on our wedding day. Her words and advice that she presented to us were so touching and thoughtful, we felt so blessed to have her with us as we said our vows. Jude was absolutely wonderful to work with, very tentative with her correspondence prior to the wedding and extremely professional. She was also willing to travel for us as we lived an hour away from her! Thank you so much Jude for an absolutely incredible day!

Results 1 - 20 of 29

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