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8637 Linley Road Arena, WI map | (608) 795-4909
| www.sugarland-weddings.com
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Wedding: 9/1/2013
Member Since: 5/14/2012
Beautiful, but be careful    posted 10/15/2013

Our wedding was at Sugarland, owned by the Old Feed Mill. It was gorgeous, and overall went pretty well. We had an outdoor ceremony underneath their big oak tree, and our guests loved the character of the barn as the reception venue. There is also a 3-bedroom house on site that you can use (read: are forced to rent for 2 nights as part of the contract) for getting ready and staying in the night after.

Ceremony: great location under the oak tree, a fair amount of acorns on the ground but they set up the chairs and a family member in an electrical wheelchair was able to move out there with ease. They also have outlets hidden in the fountain and trees so you don't have to worry about sound system issues. The servers had water and lemonade out for our guests pre-ceremony.

Dinner went pretty well, it was served buffet-style. We had 150 guests and their small kitchen wouldn't be able to handle regular dinner service. The buffet flowed pretty well though and they served bread and salad on the table so people didn't have to wait to get called to the buffet before starting dinner. The bar line seemed to be running slow (2 bartenders, but still a fairly big line) so we asked the servers to pass red and white wine which they started doing immediately. Just to note, the barn does not have AC.

Overall, there was good service, good food, etc. but the main thing you have to watch out for is getting nickel-and-dimed by Nancy. Nancy had us sign a basic contract that only included date, barn fee, fee for renting the house for 2 nights, and outdoor ceremony fee, which was basically a chair-set-up fee depending on the number of guests. We knew that the catering bill would be ++ so we assumed that all of the service would be included in the price of that or the venue fee. Not so! A month before the wedding she told us for the first time that there would be a dishwashing fee. That same day she also told us that there would be a per person fee for soda and mixers (okay not surprising) but also we would be charged for each bottle of soda used (seems like a double charge). Then, she told us 2 days before the wedding (when we were out there setting up and she talked final payment with my mom) that the venue/catering fee only included 3 hours of work for each server. So we had to pay her an hourly fee for each hour of work they went over that, depending on when they clocked out! Our wedding was at 5:30 with dinner at 7, and she said that staff comes in at 4 to start setting up. So basically she only included time for the servers to set up for dinner, not do anything after 7pm! Oh, also we bought our own liquor but underestimated so part of the way through the night they brought over supplies from the old feed mill (awesome!). The weird part was when she billed for that, she charged $4 for each beer (so like a full bar price) but just cost ($20ish) for each of the bottles of liquor. There were other add-ons, but frankly I'm trying to forget that nonsense now that it's over. Just try to make sure you talk about these details with her up front and get it IN WRITING so you don't have surprise add-ons to your budget when it's too late to plan another option. Nancy really loves to drop the "Oh, I'm sure we talked about that before" or total surprise/play dumb. She's not!

The lucky thing is, none of these were issues that our guests had any clue about, and it was a great party and a beautiful setting!

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  • Outdoor Ceremony Area: No
  • Indoor Ceremony Area: No
  • Outdoor Reception Area: No
  • On the Water: No
  • Tented Area: No
  • Wheelchair Accessible: No
  • Onsite Catering: No
  • Outside Caterers Allowed: No
  • Kosher Available: No
  • Liquor License: Yes
  • Onsite Overnight Accommodations: No
  • Onsite Parking: No
  • Valet Parking: No
  • Onsite Wedding Consultant: No
  • Liability Insurance: No
  • Site Fee: No