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4738 Utica Street Greater New Orleans Area, LA | (504) 885-8001
| www.balconyballroom.com
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Wedding: 2/1/2014
Member Since: 3/3/2014
Two Fantastic Weddings    posted 3/3/2014 (modified 3/4/2014)

My husband and I had our reception at The Balcony in 1981. It was fantastic. So it's only natural that when our daughter said she was getting married we hoped to return to The Balcony, but the decision was hers to make. She wanted to look at other venues and we did. We saved The Balcony for last in our reception shopping. When she saw the room, the foods you would get, the price and how nice the people were she was sold. The staff gathers all of the necessary details from you, then a week before the wedding you can bring in everything that you have to deliver to be used at your reception, (guest book, photos, cake knife, etc.) so you don't have to rush around the day of your wedding making sure everything gets where it has to go. Everything went very smoothly.

Our daughter's wedding reception was at The Balcony on February 1, 2014. We were extremely satisfied with the venue, very elegant; the food was plentiful and delicious, the service was fantastic. Your drink wasn't quite empty when they were asking if you would like another drink or something to eat. We really like that they feed the bride and groom, parents and bridal party upstairs when you arrive. Once you get downstairs they will get you anything you want but you are so busy greeting your guests that you don't take the time to eat...and you really don't want to miss out on that good food! You get so much BANG for your BUCK at The Balcony. You show up the day of your wedding without a worry.

Our phone didn't stop ringing after the wedding. Guests were calling to say that it was the best wedding they have ever attended. The said the food and drinks were delicious and plentiful. There is something for everyone at The Balcony.

If we had another daughter we would return for a third time!


Wedding: 7/13/2013
Member Since: 9/29/2013
PURE EXCELLENCE!!!    posted 9/29/2013 (modified 10/1/2013)

I usually don't write reviews for services; but in this case I have to. All I can say is that from the first day we sat down to discuss the details of our wedding with The Balcony staff, I felt a sense of professionalism from EVERY person we spoke with. They love questions, pay attention to detail, and absolutely know what they are doing. I never had a second though about the way they would/did handle our wedding. The Balcony is a beautiful place and their staff were on point with everything they did. The food was fabulous and the DJ was OUTSTANDING (especially the way he announced our wedding party)! We could not have asked for anything better. They accommodated us in EVERY way and our signature "SHELLSHOCK" drink :). They were even prepared for the things that "we" didn't think of and our ceremony flowed effortlessly. We ABSOLUTELY recommend this establishment for anyone that is planning to get married in the New Orleans area! You can't go wrong with The Balcony. They love what they do and it shows. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Terrific job :D

George Shell


Wedding: 12/18/2012
Member Since: 2/10/2012
TOTALLY EXCEPTIONAL!!    posted 8/19/2013 (modified 8/22/2013)

Dear Balcony staff,
Please excuse my delay in this review. I want to thank you guys for such an AWESOME job!! I am the mother of the bride, and my daughter's wedding reception was on March 23, 2013.
I can not say enough about your venue. If you are a mother of the bride, you can not go wrong with this establishment. They are worth their weight in gold.
Thank you Mike, Vanessa, Jay, and everyone who made my daughter's wedding day a memory to cherish.
May god continue to bless you and your business. The Balcony is truely THE BEST!!!


Wedding: 4/13/2013
Member Since: 7/2/2011
Beautiful, Amazing, Perfect.    posted 6/20/2013

I recently had my wedding reception at The Balcony on April 13, 2013. I want to first start off by saying that everything was absolutely perfect. From the food to service to ambiance, to this day my guests rave about how much of a wonderful time they had and how great everything was, especially the food. We had our ceremony at St. Joseph in New Orleans, and because of the Balcony's familiarity with ceremonies in churches, they were very accommodating and were knowledgeable of timelines for every aspect of my day. Mike was the one helping us on our special day and he was absolutely amazing. He made sure that my husband and I were comfortable and enjoying ourselves, and made sure our guests had the best time too. We had the perfect day and all of my guests mentioned how much of a dream wedding it truly was. I would definitely recommend that anyone have their wedding at the Balcony. You will definitely be pleased and not regret having your wedding at The Balcony. Even today, my husband keeps saying how much fun he had and how we hope one of our friends will get married and have their reception there. It really was that great.


Wedding: 5/17/2013
Member Since: 4/10/2012
Awesome!    posted 6/12/2013 (modified 6/19/2013)

The balcony is awesome. First, the food is delicious. We got so many compliments on it. It's very beautiful with high ceilings and a balcony which we did our first dance at. They worked hard to ensure that we got everything we wanted and packed everything away for us at the end. It's a great place to have a reception at!


Wedding: 5/25/2013
Member Since: 1/13/2012
Fantastic!!    posted 6/11/2013

The Balcony is the epitome of elegance & class! They treated my husband, family & I like royalty!! Plus the food & music was great!! I recommend everyone who's planning a wedding to consider The Balcony they won't let you down!!


Wedding: 5/4/2013
Member Since: 3/3/2012
Stress Free Wedding Reception    posted 5/22/2013 (modified 6/19/2013)

Oh my goodness where do I start. . . the food was fabulous and enjoyed by all of my guests, it was very clean and the service was wonderful! I didn't have to worry about anything but cakes, a guest book/ pen, and toasting glasses. The Balcony provided everything else including table centerpieces! Highly Reccomend!


Wedding: 6/10/2005
Member Since: 1/10/2004
BEST WEDDING EVER    posted 4/18/2013 (modified 4/18/2013)

The Balcony is the BEST WEDDING venue in New Orleans. I always knew I wanted to have my reception at the Balcony. My parents had their reception there in 1976 and always talked about how wonderful it was. When I found out Mr. Johnny still owned it, there was no question where I was having mine.
My husband and I were married on June 10, 2005 and my friends and family still talk about how great my reception was. The food is FABULOUS and the selection is like no place else! I have been to many many weddings since mine and the food at other venues does not even compare to The Balcony! There is so much to choose! I have been to three weddings at The Balcony since mine and it is still incredible.
The Balcony accommodated to everything I needed and I loved that not only did I have a personal attendant the entire evening, but my parents and in-laws did as well. We always had food or a drink in hand!
Mr. Johnny and his team are AMAZING!! Thank you for an unforgetttable wedding!


Wedding: 2/2/2013
Member Since: 9/7/2008
Great venue!!!    posted 4/17/2013 (modified 4/18/2013)

I cannot express how much I LOVED this place!!! Not only is it beautiful but Jay, Mike, and the Balcony staff were amazing. They took care of our every need including making sure we ate! The food was amazing. Our wedding attendant was right by our side all night asking if we needed anything, same for our parents and bridal party too. It was wonderful! I heard compliments from our guest about the food and atmosphere that night plus throughout the next month. The DJ was included in the price and kept the guest on the dance floor all night. I couldn’t ask for anything better! They even sent us home with a little package of cake, food, wine, etc. AMAZING!!!


Wedding: 3/10/2012
Member Since: 9/10/2010
Perfect wedding    posted 4/17/2013 (modified 4/18/2013)

I decided to have my wedding and reception in one place so it would make it easier for all the out of towners. I was concerned about the break down between the ceremony and reception but The Balcony did a wonderful and seemless job!! It was converted in a matter of minutes and the guests didn't even notice because they were in the food and drink lines.

The food was absolutely delicious and the service was outstanding.
Everyone raved about how beautiful the place was and how great the food was.
I have been to just about every reception hall in the Metairie area for weddings over the years and The Balcony has everyone beat with their home made food.. Not the fried Sam's stuff...
You won't be dissapointed


Wedding: 7/25/2009
Member Since: 4/16/2013
Wish I could do it all over again :)    posted 4/17/2013 (modified 4/18/2013)

Loved having my reception at The Balcony!! I knew it was "the" venue as soon as I walked in to visit the first time-I fell in love with the amazing ballroom-from the beautiful mirrors and lovely staircase and gorgeous chandeliers!! Even the bathrooms are quite beautiful and impressive!Dealing with everyone there was a breeze-they felt like family to mom and I whenever we had questions or wanted to visit before my wedding! Everything is top-notch-service, staff, and last but not least, FOOD! The food was amazing-all of it. Also loved having Mike as one of the attendants/staff, I still remember to this day how nice and helpful he was and stayed on top of everything for us!! As one of my guests put it-my reception was FIRST class all the way!! For this beautiful venue along with the food and wonderful staff, and prices, The Balcony can't be beat! Please go check it out!


Wedding: 10/24/2008
Member Since: 4/16/2013
My Fairy Tale Came True!!    posted 4/16/2013 (modified 4/18/2013)

If you are looking for a fairy tale wedding, The Balcony is the place to go!! Our wedding was 4 1/2 years ago and people are still talking about everything, down to the specific details. The beautiful wall paintings, the large mirrors, the balcony for the wedding party to take photos and the bride and groom's first dance, the wonderful selection of tasty food, how quickly the setup from the ceremony was transformed to the setup for the reception, the locked box for all the wedding cards, I feel like I am missing something.... OH YES, Mr. Johnny and Mr. Mike! Mr. Johnny was so helpful with the initial planning and booking however after that Mr. Mike took over for the ceremony and reception and he had that place working like a well oiled machine! It was as if he had a direct connection with my brain because when we needed something he was ALWAYS there! I honestly do not have one negative thing to say about our experience. My only regret was my groom and I not taking a photo with Mr. Johnny and Mr. Mike before the night was over. This was absolutely the best experience with delicious food and a super friendly staff. We had many options on the Northshore to choose for wedding venues and we chose The Balcony because we had went to a friend's wedding there one year before ours and we were sold immediately. When you walk in the building I guarantee the first word out of your mouth will be WOW and once you start planning with The Balcony, I guarantee you won't be disappointed!


Wedding: 3/3/2012
Member Since: 3/29/2011
Great Reception    posted 4/16/2013 (modified 4/18/2013)

I had my reception at The Balcony about a year ago and I still get compliments on how awesome it was today! Little did everyone at my wedding know that The Balcony took care of everything for me! The staff was so easy to work with and made the busy life of wedding planning a little less crazy. Its a great space with gorgeous decorations and amazing food and drinks. I can honestly say I am one of the few brides who was able to enjoy her reception because I didn't have to worry about anything. If you want people still talking about your wedding years after The Balcony is the place for your reception!


Wedding: 10/13/2012
Member Since: 1/5/2012
Best Day Ever    posted 4/16/2013

We had our wedding and reception at the Balcony on 10/13/12. It was awesome. They were beyond accommodating, the food was AMAZING, and it is such a beautiful place. All of our guests raved about how good the food was and how there was so much they couldn't eat everything. In fact we have had multiple people ask for information because they are interested in using them.


Wedding: 12/17/2011
Member Since: 1/6/2011
Best Reception Location for New Orleans area    posted 4/16/2013 (modified 4/16/2013)

My husband and I used the Balcony for our reception hall. It was an absolute magical experience from the beginning to the end. They literally take care of every single detail from the table decorations to the delicious food. My husband and I want to go to another reception here just to try the food again! The manager didn't overlook a single detail. I think my parents loved that they didn't have to lift a finger on wedding day. Everyone involved could sit back and enjoy the wedding instead of having to worry. I would recommend this reception hall to anyone!


Wedding: 7/15/2012
Member Since: 9/1/2011
The Best Reception Hall In Louisiana    posted 4/16/2013

I got married at the balcony July 15, 2012. Its been 9 months and everyone is still talking about how nice my wedding was at the Balcony. Everyone keeps Talking about the how great and awesome the food was. Michael & Vanessa was my wedding Consultants and he was the Best. They does their job very well. Where do I start. The balcony Staff is so professional and organized. I can assure anyone who decide to have their wedding at the balcony it is worth every penny. The only thing I regret is not eating as much as I did. I must say Mike came to me about every 30 minutes offering me to sit down to eat but I was so busy dancing and enjoying myself I did not want to sit down but my husband did sit down and enjoy the food. I did eat the crawfish and grits, and some seafood and it was so good. My entire family was so pleased with the service that was received at the balcony.The Balcony already comes decorated and it matches with anyone wedding colors. I was so glad I did not have to decorate. The DJ was awesome. The staff also provided personal service to the bride and groom parents. I love this place and I'm patiently waiting on someone in my family to get married because it will be at the balcony. I will then sit done and enjoy the wonderful Pasta, seafood, banana foster, Salad, Potatoes that served in a champagne glass and all the others food all of my family keeps bragging about.

I would like the Thank the professional staff a million times for such wonderful service. I could not have chosen a better place then the Balcony Reception Hall. Thanks Mr. Johnny, Vanessa, & most of all Mike.


Wedding: 11/25/2008
Member Since: 4/16/2013
You Must Have Your Reception Here!    posted 4/16/2013 (modified 4/16/2013)

My wife and I could not have asked for better service from a more professional staff for our wedding. We got married one year after Hurricane Katrina, and the Balcony Reception Hall was completely prepared and did an EXCELLENT job. My wife's two sisters also had their receptions at the Balcony and they both were also EXTREMELY please with the service from The Balcony. The manager of our event, Mike, was TOP NOTCH!!!! We have been married now for 7 years, and Mike still remembers my favorite drink when we visit The Balcony. His attention to detail was superb and made sure that my wife and I were taken care of all night. We heard nothing but rave reviews from all our friends and family in attendance. It's hard to find bad food in New Orleans, and The Balcony definitely holds that true. The food during our wedding was phenomenal!!!!!

I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking to have a wedding in the Metro New Orleans area to have their wedding/reception at The Balcony!!!!


Wedding: 4/1/2012
Member Since: 2/15/2011
SO AMAZING!!!    posted 4/16/2013

The Balcony was one of several places that we looked at, but it was the definitely the best value. I loved that it was all-inclusive! I didn't have to worry about decorations, flowers, food, DJ...and everything else like having the cake delivered and picking out the music we wanted was SO easy!! I had someone with me the whole time to get food and drinks and tell me what it was time for next. My (now) husband and I are just waiting for someone else we know to have a wedding there so we can enjoy the food a little more...we stayed so busy the whole time we didn't get to eat as much as we would've liked! But the experience was so awesome!! By the time the end of the reception came around, I couldn't believe it was already over!!
My husband and I celebrated our 1st anniversary just a couple weeks ago and had the top layer of the wedding cake. It brought back so many great memories about our wedding and The Balcony!! I wouldn't do anything differently...our wedding was better than I could have imagined!! I loved every moment of it!!


Wedding: 3/17/2013
Member Since: 6/14/2008
THE BEST WEDDING VENUE EVER!!!!!!    posted 4/16/2013



Wedding: 10/28/2012
Member Since: 4/16/2013
Better Than I Could Imagine    posted 4/16/2013 (modified 4/17/2013)

I tied the knot at The Balcony on 10/28/12, my husband's 28th birthday! Mr Johnny made sure that everything was what I wanted and more! It was absolutely beautiful. Everyone was nice, interacted with my guests, made sure they were comfortable and the food was to DIE for! I have had numerous compliments about my wedding and reception and I would recommend anyone who wants to have a beautiful wedding at a beautiful rate to call Mr. Johnny and the staff at The Balcony!

Results 1 - 20 of 45

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  • Price Range: $$$
  • Outdoor Ceremony Area: No
  • Indoor Ceremony Area: Yes
  • Outdoor Reception Area: No
  • On the Water: No
  • Tented Area: No
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
  • Onsite Catering: Yes
  • Outside Caterers Allowed: No
  • Kosher Available: No
  • Liquor License: Yes
  • Onsite Overnight Accommodations: No
  • Onsite Parking: Yes
  • Valet Parking: No
  • Onsite Wedding Consultant: Yes
  • Liability Insurance: Yes
  • Site Fee: No
  • Capacity: Up to 400
  • Style: Banquet/Reception Hall

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