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209 W Main St, Ste 101 Brighton, MI | (810) 588-6147
| http://www.the-white-dress.com
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Wedding: 7/26/2014
Member Since: 8/22/2011
Great Experience!!    posted 9/29/2013

After going to a few places, I ended up back at The White Dress. No other store compared to it! I loved the individual attention I received and the girls are wonderful to work with! Everyone has a smile on their face and really works to make the experience everything it deserves to be. I loved that I had my own space and didn't have to fight for the attention of my consultant, Meg. I would definitely recommend The White Dress!!


Wedding: 9/20/2014
Member Since: 7/11/2013
I love The White Dress!    posted 4/14/2014 (modified 4/15/2014)

The White Dress was awesome.. they helped me so much in finding my perfect gown! I was very indecisive and came in to try on dresses 3 or 4 times and they were supportive and never got impatient with me. All the workers there are SO nice and I never felt rushed in any part of the process. My favorite part about the shop is that they let you take pictures... which is HUGE when deciding on a wedding gown. Other bridal shops don't allow you to take pictures which I did not like. It was important for me to go home, compare all the pictures, then make my final decision about my gown. The lighting was awesome in there and they have chairs for all your guests to sit in while they watch to try each one on. Also, the shop is pink/girly inside and they have a cute little system for picking out gowns to try on.. you add a bracelet to each hanger for the dress you want to try, then they grab them all off the rack for you to try on. Super helpful when you want to try on 10 or more gowns! It also makes the process quicker. They have a wide price range, with dresses only a few hundred dollars on the clearance rack if you are on a budget. Even the most expensive dresses there are still a great price, and they are all great quality. Kristy was so nice and gave great advice to help me choose my gown. I recommend The White Dress to all my friends and family when they ask where I got my dress!!


Wedding: 12/5/2014
Member Since: 9/11/2013
Perfect Dress Shop!    posted 4/10/2014 (modified 4/11/2014)

I was very impressed with the White Dress. My party was greeted immediately and taken to our fitting area where my name was on the wall and we were offered a beverage. So friendly! We were allowed to browse the dresses and my consultant, Meg, helped us stay on track (especially with budget as I kept pulling dresses waaay over). They were extremely flexible, letting me come in last second as the shop was closing so I could try on my dress again (before I had decided on "the one"). Buying the dress was very simple and I would recommend The White Dress to anyone.


Wedding: 9/27/2014
Member Since: 10/18/2013
Absolutely AMAZING!    posted 4/6/2014 (modified 4/7/2014)

Kristy is the absolute best! Everybody from The White Dress is spectacular! I could go on and on about how great this place is. I got all of my bridesmaid dress from here and am so glad that I found The White Dress! Everybody needs to go here, you will not regret it!


Wedding: 9/6/2014
Member Since: 2/2/2014
wedding dress    posted 4/5/2014 (modified 4/6/2014)

cute boutique! Excellent selection of dresses and not in bags. Highly recommend.


Wedding: 1/1/0001
Member Since: 9/2/2011
The perfect dress shopping experience!    posted 3/31/2014 (modified 4/1/2014)

Shopping for my bridal gown at The White Dress in Brighton was the best wedding decision I have made so far (next to saying "yes" to the guy of my dreams). Kristy and her mom Cathy were beyond wonderful, and went out of their way to make sure I had a fun and memorable experience. At one point, they were both helping me into a dress, pinning, clipping, and accessorizing it to help me visualize what it would look like after all customizations were taken care of. My maid of honor took a picture while they were doing this, and I have had a few people ask me if they were family (my aunt and sister who came dress shopping with me)! I don't blame them for asking, because they look genuinely happy and excited in the picture- they treat you like family and are very driven to make your experience a fun and stress-free one! Please, go to The White Dress, the are awesome!


Wedding: 10/11/2014
Member Since: 1/14/2013
A Wonderful Experience!    posted 3/25/2014 (modified 3/26/2014)

The White Dress made my wedding dress shopping experience a great success!! I had a very large party with me and they made accommodations for all of them. Not only is the owner very personable, but the consultants are as well. They made me feel very comfortable and made my day very special. I highly recommend The White Dress to anyone who is looking for a local bridal shop. It is a great shop!!


Wedding: 10/11/2014
Member Since: 3/21/2013
So Excited!    posted 3/19/2014 (modified 3/20/2014)

I'm so excited I found my dress at The White Dress! The staff is fantastic, very professional and caring.The reality that you are wedding dress shopping hits you as soon as you walk in the door when you see your name on the desk and all the dresses hanging along the wall. You can't help but get excited, this wasn't a feeling I got when I was at other shops. All of the dresses they carry are beautiful! It maybe hard to pick just one ;-)


Wedding: 10/4/2014
Member Since: 12/3/2013
Fabulous Bridal Botique    posted 2/21/2014 (modified 2/22/2014)

Words cannot even decide how pleasant my experience with Kristy and her staff at The White Dress has been! I first worked with Kristy in 2012 for my gf's wedding that I was standing up in. The experience itself was great that all of us bridesmaids were able to walk around the store and pick and choose any dress we wanted to try on. Once we were done trying on bridesmaids dresses, we were able to see the bride try on her dress! Not only did I end up buying my bridesmaid dress from TWD, but now it's my turn to get married! I couldn't think of any place I'd rather shop for my dream dress. I knew all along my vision of what my "dream dress" would be, and it I actually saw a dress in the showcase window of TWD months prior and said that is totally my "dream dress!" Once I set up my first appointment I had to of tried on at least 40+ dresses, and the final decision came down to two dresses. I appreciate all the input Kristy and her staff helped with me picking my final decision! As it turns out, the dress I picked ended up being my "dream dress" I saw in the showcase window months prior!!! Thank you Kristy for helping me pick out my dream dress and getting me one step closer to saying "I do!!"


Wedding: 5/2/2015
Member Since: 8/27/2013
Finding My White Dress    posted 2/21/2014 (modified 2/22/2014)

From the minute that I walked into The White Dress, I was amazed at the professional and amazing experience that I received. Kristy was my consultant, as well as the owner. She was amazing!! We felt comfortable and welcomed. My name, as the bride, was on their whiteboard when you walked in. It just adds to all the personal touches that they take care of. My mom and sister and I were able to walk around and explore the dresses I wanted to try on. I had my own private dressing room and changing area. I found my perfect dress during the sample sale and got an amazing deal, which just sweetened my experience even more!! We celebrated with a champagne toad provided to us. They even allowed me to keep my dress at the shop and come back one month later so I could try it on in front of my mother-in-law!!! I will be back for alterations closer to the wedding. I highly recommend Kristy and her team!! You cannot go wrong!


Wedding: 7/25/2014
Member Since: 8/25/2013
Outstanding!!!!    posted 2/21/2014 (modified 2/22/2014)

My experience at the White Dress was an unbelievable experience! From the moment I walked in all the staff were kind, helpful, and upbeat! The service was like no other bridal shop I have been to. They make you feel like the princess you are! And when you are trying on dresses with your family and friends, you are in a private area and not in the middle of the store like other shops. I would recommend this bridal boutique to everyone! The prices are affordable also!!!


Wedding: 9/6/2014
Member Since: 2/17/2013
Best place to SAY YES to your dream DRESS!!!    posted 2/21/2014 (modified 2/22/2014)

Imagine walking into a chic and beautiful bridal boutique. You are greeted by super friendly staff, and walked through beautiful dresses and accessories. The girls are so kind and fun, it's like shopping and playing dress up with friends.
This is what my experience at TWD was like!!!
I am so thrilled to have said yes to the dress at their store! If you have never been inside, it's a must! It's immaculate and charming. You will love all the girls, they are so sweet!!


Wedding: 2/28/2015
Member Since: 7/19/2011
MY White Dress    posted 2/21/2014 (modified 2/22/2014)

I am an event planner and have always looked forward to the day I was able to plan my own wedding. When the day came that I was going in for my first wedding dress consultation (first time to try on anything or even look) I went to a salon different than The White Dress. It was honestly one of the worst experiences I could have imagined. I was pressured to try on dresses and to give feedback/explain when I couldn't even explain why something wasn't right and felt uncomfortable squished in a tiny dressing room trying to explain terms I didn't even know. No beverages were allowed and we couldn't even take pictures. I was so upset, it was a push for my sister to convince me to go the next weekend to The White Dress. The following week, I went to The White Dress. It was amazing. The moment we walked in, we were able to get a huge private room with a ton of mirrors, we were able to easily look through the dresses and enjoyed champagne while trying on dresses. We took photos and laughed and even the other salespeople at the salon made a point to stop in and see my dress (even though they weren't working with me). It was fantastic. And, of course, to top it off I found my dream dress. My sales associate was great. She helped me into and out of the dresses without pressuring me to explain or to "imagine" the dress a different way (as the first salon did). They accommodated and made me feel welcome. My name was on a mirror on the room to make it feel that much more special when we arrived. Lastly, when I did buy the dress, they put it up on a hanger, right by the check out desk, with a small picture frame next to it that said "My White Dress". As an event planner, I know it's about the little things and that sealed the deal for me. This place was fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to know.


Wedding: 8/30/2014
Member Since: 1/31/2013
THE dress    posted 2/21/2014 (modified 2/22/2014)

The White Dress is Brighton has a great group of girls who not only understand how important finding THE dress is, but they are very good at ensuring a comfortable and exciting environment which make the experience complete. I can honestly say I tried on 20 dresses before absolutely knowing that the one I had on was IT. After adding a vail, TWD won me over. TWD was very good at keeping notes on likes and dislikes and they were always very good at finding a convenient time to come into TWD.

Brighton, MI


Wedding: 2/7/2015
Member Since: 12/8/2013
Wonderful    posted 2/21/2014 (modified 2/22/2014)

I went to the White Dress as the first stop on my wedding dress search. It was a wonderful experience! They make you feel very special, and are very personable. Once I tried on a few dresses, they were able to find a perfect dress for me based on what I liked. After I picked a dress, they gave us champagne to cheers with! It was overall the best experience I could have hoped for and I would recommend them to everyone!!


Wedding: 12/6/2014
Member Since: 8/14/2013
Great Experience    posted 2/9/2014 (modified 2/10/2014)

Had a fantastic experience here. The appointment was very personal and I received the help I needed (and didn't know I needed) and found my dress!


Wedding: 5/30/2014
Member Since: 1/29/2010
Amazing Dresses and Great Staff!!    posted 1/29/2014 (modified 1/30/2014)

The White Dress and their staff are amazing! They have a great selection of dresses and the consultants are really helpful. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted, but after explaining what I liked, my consultant found my perfect dress! If you are looking for a great dress shopping experience, call The White Dress!


Wedding: 9/13/2014
Member Since: 12/15/2013
First and only choice!    posted 1/26/2014 (modified 1/27/2014)

I could not be happier with my experience at The White Dress! Kristy (the owner) was amazing to work with. I loved being able to peruse her INCREDIBLE selection of dresses with the moms and sisters, and then she worked with what I liked and what looked good on me to make recommendations. There were so many gorgeous options to choose from I had a tough time deciding, but once she set me up with a sash from another dress and a veil, the choice was easy. I even came in under budget! It's been really important to me in my planning to support smaller, locally-owned businesses wherever I can, and the fact that TWD is owned by a kick-butt woman my age (early thirties) makes it even better. Go here FIRST, you won't be disappointed!


Wedding: 5/24/2014
Member Since: 1/14/2014
First Stop, and the BEST Stop!    posted 1/14/2014 (modified 1/15/2014)

I went to The White Dress as my first stop in searching for a wedding dress, and I am most definitely glad that I did! I cannot even begin to describe my amazing experience at this shop! Incredible doesn't even come close!

Everyone at The White Dress is fantastic, very friendly and polite and extremely helpful! However, Cathy takes the cake! She was my consultant for my appointment and literally found me the wedding dress of my dreams! She saw what I had picked out to try on and what one of my best friends had picked for me as well and brought in a few other suggestions and when I tried on one of the ones she brought in for me, I was awestruck! I felt incredible and beautiful and very much like a bride!

I knew that I was on a time crunch because I am getting married in late May and started shopping for dresses recently. I called them on Wednesday and was able to get an appointment Saturday and purchased/ordered my dress the next Tuesday!

I left their shop and met another friend who is getting married at another salon in the area and looked over the dresses there and not one even compared to what I felt looking at THE dress or trying on THE dress! I can't wait until it comes in and I can wear my dress (even temporarily while I get alterations done) and I know that my fiancée will love it just as much as I do!

Thank you soooooo much for making my wedding dress shopping experience everything I wanted it to be but wasn't sure I was going to get! You are all GREAT!


Wedding: 12/15/2014
Member Since: 12/4/2011
Best customer service experience ever    posted 1/2/2014 (modified 1/3/2014)

Meg and all the staff at The White Dress are amazing!! They were more than happy to help me with my many questions per-visit via e-mail and over the phone. They were fast, friendly and thorough. Some people only skim read their e-mails and thus respond to only half of your questions. Not here! Once at the shop I was greeted into a warm, relaxed environment. They did not over book there day/staff and I had the full and undivided attention of Meg the entire time. My mother and I were offered drinks (water or Champlain)upon arrival and then we where taken to a private area for our appointment. There was a nice sofa for my mom to sit on, I had my own pedestal (no sharing with another bride to be), I also had my own large mirror and a large changing room. The only downfall was they did not have the dress I was most interested in trying on. I did however find two dresses there that I liked but ended up going to another salon and falling in love with the dress I original wanted to try. If I had it to do all over again though, I would have purchased my dress here. The customer service was far superior to any other wedding vender I have visited. In fact, even though I did not purchase my dress here, I am having the alterations done here and am also planning on bringing my mom and maids back to this shop for their dresses. I really can't say enough about how amazing the people at this location are!! Thanks for the great experience and I look forward to coming back for my other wedding day needs :)

Results 1 - 20 of 126

Your perfect day needs the perfect dress.

You’re getting married! We know your head is filled with the details of planning your day. The biggest detail? Where to find the perfect dress! At The White Dress, we make your dress experience fun and stress-free. So book your visit and find out what makes us so special. We can't wait to meet you!

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