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I shook my head yes!
I shook my head yes!

I shook my head yes!

Kristina D

Proposal Date: 08/05/2011
Proposal Location: Indiana

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My boyfriend, Tyler, and I were on his vacation in Indianapolis to visit his family. It was our 1 yr. anniversary. We had a fun filled day & on the way to the Arts Garden (where he was gonna propose apparently) we got in a WRECK! We finally arrived and as we entered through the balcony I was looking through my camera lens to take pictures and saw someone I'd met a couple days ago.. then I looked over a couple people and saw my boyfriend’s mom & dad all while Tyler was trying to get me away from the balcony edge. As we finished walking down the stairs to the main floor a choir started singing, "Oh My Luv ‘s like a Red Red Rose" based off the poem by Robert Frost. Tyler joined in and after the song was over he knelt down and asked me to marry him! I couldn’t speak so I just nodded, a lot! People cheered and clapped and then we proceeded outside where a horse drawn carriage was awaiting to take us around downtown Indianapolis.


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he included family which is just wonderful. Congrats!
That's my favorite poem!! It's by Robert Burns :-)
I absolutely LOVE that he included family in the proposal! Congrats!
ooooh, perfect!!!!!!