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Finding Love at the Airport

Finding Love at the Airport

Erin F

Proposal Date: 12/19/2010
Proposal Location: Illinois

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I flew home to spend Christmas with my family. My dad was supposed to meet my flight so, as I walked down the gate past security, I searched for a tall man with blond hair. What I spotted was a dark-haired gentleman grinning as though I were the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. It was as though everything was in slow motion. I hugged Ben wondering why he was in IL because I wasn't supposed to see him until New Years. As I set about trying to find my luggage, Ben tolerated my bossiness without much complaint. However, he insisted that we walk the long way towards the front doors, past the large school-sponsored Christmas tree (with classroom-made ornaments), to the corner overlooking the picture window view of the tarmac. Ben asked me to look for something, repeating several times didn’t I see “it.” Frustrated by a significant lack of descriptors, I turned to question him. What I found was my boyfriend, on one knee, placing a beautiful ring on my hand. It was a Merry Christmas!


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She is kissing but he looks to camera man, not at her ! how does ?
that is beyond adorable <3
Congrats. I will be coming home from deployment next April and plan on proposing as soon as I see her in the airport so everyone can see and surprise her. I can't wait to marry her!
SO CUTE!!!!!! <3 I WISH YOU THE BEST. #glam