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Floating through life together
Floating through life together
Floating through life together

Floating through life together

loren m

Proposal Date: 10/09/2012
Proposal Location: Ohio

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I am so lucky to be marrying my mom’s best friend’s son, and my best friend! years ago my mom and her long time boyfriend separated. At the same time Joanie Martin lost her husband from heart problems through mutual friend they met and became fast friendsJoan had always said that her son, Jon and I were so alike. Three years later, we broke up with our significant others about three days apart,, Both of us were so desperate for something to do we both went not knowing that night would change our lives.
Jon said he had planned a surprise date night. I was to wear an warm outfit and to do my hair and make-up. I obliged. He picked me up in his deceased father’s 1977 corvette. As he drove us south, I guessed everything I could think he could have planned for our date. We arrived in a parking lot in Brim Field for a hot air balloon ride, which is something I had always wanted to do, and something we had talked about one night while we were discussing things we wanted to do before we die. I was so excited. We got there and met the local paper who was "writing a story on the balloon company" Shortly we were flying over the beautiful fall leaves. We floated over little children to whom we waived, cows who watched us peacefully , we saw the beautiful balloon’s reflection in ponds, we even floated over a pair of turtles which is a nickname joke Jon has for me. We then drifted over an opening where people holding an enormous sign that read " Loren will you marry me?"I turned around and Jon was on one knee with a flowered chocolate box from my favorite Swiss chocolatier. The box contained my favorite chocolate flavors and my family’s ring, which he had gotten from my mother, when he had asked her and my farther for my hand in marriage. A few miles later we came down from the clouds, when we landed Jon had set up a champagne reception of all of our closest family even my dog. everyone drove back to our car. Not a ring; I had my mother’s; but a beautiful sapphire and diamond necklace and a diamond tennis bracelet with turtle closure. Even after that he still had another surprise up his sleeve. We went to my favorite restaurant, The Melting Pot! He had covered every base perfectly


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What a lovely story and a beautiful plan!
Great title
Miss. P
I really like it!!
Great idea!
so cute!