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Barefoot beach dinner
Barefoot beach dinner
Barefoot beach dinner

Barefoot beach dinner

Samantha B

Proposal Date: 12/06/2012
Proposal Location: Mexico

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It was a beautiful night in cancun, mx, we had just arrived when I was told that we would be having a candle lit barefoot dinner on the beach. I had been hoping that this trip would be the trip he was finally going to ask, and what situation could have been better!? Dying to know I scouted his pants pockets ( only with my eyes I didn't dig) in hopes that I could see the bump of a ring box. No such luck, so I got over it and got ready for a nice dinner on the beach. We had a lovely meal and although I didn't want dessert they insisted, that's when things got weird. He started acting funny and asking strange questions. Before I knew it dessert was in front of me. On the plate was a fragile box made of chocolate. Danny ( my fiancée ) grabbed the box and was so nervous when he went to hand it to me he shattered it! Chocolate went flying everywhere! He then went into panic mode thinking the ring had gone flying into sand. All of a sudden I see him pull what is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen from the debris of chocolate on the plate, got onto his knee, and asked me to be his wife. It was so imperfect that to me is was perfect. I love telling the story of how my soon to be husband made that the best night of my life.


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Luke Meseck
Love the story, doesn't get any better than that proposal!