Multicultural Trailblazers from Fort Worth, TX

As a Nigerian (Alex) and Spanish (Marisol) couple, we’re the first in our immediate families to be married in America and want to incorporate our cultures into our wedding. Our desire is to be married before Alex starts law school but realistically, due to finances, we have to wait until Alex finishes law school to have the wedding of our dreams. We hope this opportunity will make our dreams come true! Apart from being individual role models, we are a true testament to the love that can flourish from being kind, patient, supportive and accepting.

Supportive Soulmates from Redondo Beach, CA

Life has challenged our relationship in numerous ways and has yet to affect how incredibly in love we are and our ability to grow even closer as a couple. Our first year and a half together was long distance, which others thought would be too difficult, but we used it to our advantage and had the most fun-loving dating experience you could imagine! Now, after canceling our wedding plans twice due to Samantha's mom's health concerns, Samantha has moved home to care for her and we have pushed off our planning indefinitely. Having America’s help to get our wedding back on track brings tears to our eyes knowing that we would be able to share an uplifting journey, which may be our last “big life moment” with all of our loved ones.

Dreamer Rock and Rollers from North Hollywood

We’re both musicians and met in the Summer of 2012 while performing on the Vans Warped Tour. We were each playing/singing for different bands and have since left those gigs to pursue our own music together! It's a risky leap of faith, but where's the satisfaction in playing it safe? We represent two people who at all cost, have followed their dreams and were lucky enough to find love along the way. Much like the sacrifice and compromise two people make when they enter a marriage, we stepped off the easy road to risk making a path of our own. We would be absolutely ecstatic to have a wedding to represent the gravity of our love!

Proud Romantics from Asbury Park, NJ

We first met in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, but didn't see each other again for months. Before we even had our first date, Cait texted that she thought we would become "best friends...the kind of best friends that get married." Less than three months later, we drove cross country together from Philadelphia to San Diego. Everyone we knew thought that we were insane as we barely knew each other! It was truly the trip of a lifetime. While we have many gay and lesbian friends, we don't know many who have gotten married. We think The Knot Dream Wedding would show people just how meaningful the celebration of a wedding is to same-sex couples.

Patriotic Idealists from Las Vegas, NV

From military deployments to financial struggles, our relationship has endured constant sacrifices, but we have never lost hope of creating our dream wedding. After bearing the burden of residing in separate states, working through college, and withstanding deployments, we can finally enjoy our time together with our goldendoodle in Las Vegas! Our love story truly represents the quintessential American Dream, especially with DJ's surprise deployment homecoming engagement!

Fun-Loving TV Producers from Los Angeles

We met while working for American Idol, dating secretly while hopping from city to city. We knew we wanted to get married, but were hoping to be more financially secure first. When Blue’s mom was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer, we realized that the finances didn’t matter, we just wanted to get married. We decided to trust that the finances would work themselves out, even both dreaming on the same night about our perfect wedding. We love cooking meals together and just started Lindy Hop dance classes to be able to have a joined hobby. The hope is to be good enough to surprise our guests at the wedding!

Past Dream Weddings