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Like the words "wedding night," the word "honeymoon" is bound to inspire friends and family to wink at the bride and groom and jab them knowingly in the ribs. A honeymoon is, of course, the perfect getaway deux, a time for relaxation and fun getting re-acquainted with your new spouse once all the pomp and circumstance of the wedding is over. Ready to get in the mood? Here's our take on six sexy things to do on your honeymoon.
Bring along a secret satchel filled with whatever enhances your mood: a CD with tunes from your dating days to dance to, scented candles, massage oil, a feather, a toy, a slinky silk scarf. Our favorite take-along? An instant camera to take snapshots of your own national treasures, preferably in various states of naughty undress, without the embarrassment of picking up your frisky film from the one-hour photo shop when you get home.
Give bedtime story a different meaning. For some adult-only reading that will most likely keep you up rather than put you two to sleep, pack along a pillow book or two and read aloud to each other at bedtime. The Kama Sutra is a classic love manual (with plenty of positions to try out; see tip #4), but there are plenty of other literary options to choose from too: Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller, Delta of Venus by Henry's pal Anais Nin, or Lady Chatterly's Lover by D.H. Lawrence.
Rub-a-dub-dub, two naked newlyweds in a tub! Share your bath with Mr. Bubble and a bottle of bubbly for a frothy frolic day or night for some truly good, clean fun.
While many couples are itching to try new sexual positions, they may be too embarrassed under everyday circumstances. Your honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to lose your inhibitions and experiment with your partner. Jettison the missionary, and test-drive some titillating new moves. If one of you generally plays the more passive role, get proactive! Take the lead and let your partner lie back while you do all the work. Be sure to keep your eyes open, leave the lights on, and really look at each other while you're making love for a total mental and physical connection.
Sunsets at popular honeymoon destinations tend to be actual events where you're surrounded by other swooning lovebirds. While watching a sunset together certainly has its charms, why not think outside the box and get up early to watch a sunrise together? Chances are at that hour you'll have the whole sun to yourself, and the beach, pool, or other gazing point will be virtually deserted. Once you've watched that golden orb rise up in the sky, relish in the fact that a whole new day has dawned for you to love each other. Then hightail it back to your room and order breakfast in bed followed by some post-prandial activity.
Yeah, baby, take it all off! Silly yet delightfully risque, skinny-dipping will bring out your inner voyeurs. While we're not talking about going au naturale in a pool or hot tub full of other hotel guests, you can go sans bikini and trunks in a secluded lagoon on the beach or in a hot tub within the privacy of your own room.