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Wedding date: 7/28/2007
Wedding location: 
This video was created on-site for our guests to watch during the reception. Our guests were full of awe as they watched a recap of the preparations and the ceremony that had just occurred a couple hours before. We were thrilled at the quality of work that Loyd & Hazel of Red5Studios.net could produce in such a short amount of time. Enjoy!
Tags:  Reception
Video: Loyd and Hazel Calomay red5studios.net

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Comments: 10
by Ral
Love the wedding tree silhouettes.....so clever!!!!
Amazing! What a Beautiful keepsake to have!
loved it and the lil boy with the mohawk was a scene stealer...too cute
what a beautiful video to celebrate your wedding day <3
Sweeet! We loved our video fm loyd & hazel tooo!
by mooners
This is such an awesome treat for your guest at your wedding! So beautiful!
by Knottie
Guys this is awsome and brought tears to my eyes it was so beautiful!. What a great day it was and and your beautiful life together is.
by Knottie
dang doggs, this video is tight! I can't beleive they had it ready for your wedding guests to watch at the reception! That is sweet! Thanks for sharing it with the world!
that was beautiful!