Our wedding party

Thank you to our closest friends and family for being a part of our special day and supporting us as we get married!  You all mean to world to us and we couldn't imagine getting married without each one of you! 


Amanda's attendants
  • Allison Dominico, Maid Of Honor
    Allison and Amanda met in 2003 when they both chose Chi Omega as their sorority. They became best friends when they began rooming together in 2004. After being the most perfectly matched roommates for 2 ½ years sharing boxed wine, eating Kraft singles, and singing Lovers and Friends to each other, their friendship grew from sorority sisters to lifelong soulmates.
    Likes: Football, Penn State, A Rod, big purses, Amanda, being married, Tupac, Dave Matthews Band
    Dislikes: Only one glass of wine, calling anyone a “loser”, study abroad
    Favorite Quote: “It doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty, there’s always room for more wine.”
  • Allison Palma, Bridesmaid
    Ally is Anthony’s little sister, and the youngest of the four Palma siblings. As the only girl, Amanda is happy to join her fight in keeping the Palma men in line.
    Likes: Good clean fun, large quantities of food, cheesy jokes
    Dislikes: Being awake before noon, hands not on her hips in pictures, love correspondence from inmates
    Favorite Quote: “Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this and TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF!”
  • Kate Leonard, Bridesmaid
    Kate and Amanda first met in college when Kate was still too nonconformist to join any sororities. A few semesters later, Kate would find herself a Greek as well and they were finally sorority sisters, where Kate was even a Pearl Pledge! After college, Kate and Amanda enjoyed many Philly nights out, sleepovers, and tv marathons. Kate has since moved to Baltimore, but Amanda is grateful that they have managed to stay such close friends.
    Likes: 1Lb bags of M&Ms, movies, Owen Wilson, pasta
    Dislikes: anything diet, schoolwork interrupting a good time
    Favorite Quote: “I don’t have time to explain Physics to you – just take 1 and a ½ and it’ll be okay.” Also, “I’m making fun of you because I believe it’s funny.” –Kate Gardner
  • Jamie McCloskey, Bridesmaid
    Jamie and Amanda met in high school where their impressively high intelligence levels placed them in multiple Honors classes together. Amanda is lucky that Jamie has married one of Anthony’s best friends, so now they can spend tons of time together gossiping, drinking vodka, shopping, and just generally being bad influences for one another.
    Likes: Britney Spears, gossip, day drinking, a good story, bossing people around
    Dislikes: A stink eye, Miller lites, situations that require high heels, strippers
    Favorite Quote: “Wanna bumble with the bee huh?” –Lil Kim
  • Jessica Zuccarini, Bridesmaid
    Jessi and Amanda met in grade school, when she opened her home to many a sleepover with Amanda over the years. Jessi has always been a friend Amanda could pour her heart out to, and she is so thankful that they have remained friends to this day.
    Likes: Creativity, 10 year reunions, beautiful quotes, tattoos
    Dislikes: Stomach viruses on 4th of July, fights at Woody’s, fake people
    Favorite Quote: “And friends are friends forever if the Lord’s the Lord of them. And a friend will not say never, cause the welcome will not end. Though it’s hard to let you go, in the Father’s hands we know, that a lifetime’s not too long to live as friends.” –Quote Jessi shared with Amanda in a letter in 2000
  • Sue Meo, Bridesmaid
    Sue and Amanda first met in high school, but nothing really cements a friendship like a Wildwood shore house. Sue has been extremely close with both Amanda and Anthony since then. She even lived with Amanda in Fishtown for 2 years where they shared many good times, lots of clothes, and unforgettable memories.
    Likes: Being the life of the party, cooking, Christmas music, occasions that require costumes, inserting her name into any and all phrases
    Dislikes: Being bored, sitting still, sleeping in, when her name doesn’t rhyme with the activity at hand
    Favorite Quote: “It’s not a sandwich without the Meooooo.” –Sue Meo
  • Lauren Ritting, Bridesmaid
    Lauren came into Amanda’s life when her and Sue were looking for a third roommate for their house in Fishtown. Once Sue introduced them, it was an instant friendship. They spent the next three years living together, and became pretty much inseparable.
    Likes: The shore, being a wild woman, no shower happy hour, experimenting with her hairstyles
    Dislikes: 2nd grade, champagne, when her nails aren’t done
    Favorite Quote: “Well behaved women rarely make history.” –Marilyn Monroe
  • Megan Nash, Bridesmaid
    Megan is Amanda’s little sister and one of the best surprises in Amanda’s life. Amanda was 19 when Megan was born, and Megan has brought so much joy into her life since then. Now, she couldn’t imagine her life without Megan in it. And it’s great to have a sister that you know will never steal your clothes!
    Likes: Gymnastics, minecraft, Twilight, swimming, playdates
    Dislikes: Bullies, bedtimes, eating more than 3 bites of anything healthy
    Quote: “In the cookie of life, sisters are the chocolate chips.”
  • Tina Harta, Bridesmaid
    Tina and Amanda met in grade school, where they became fast friends. They spent their younger years pretending to be the cast from Now and Then, complaining about boys, and drinking her mom’s famous ice tea. More recently, they spend their time enjoying a friendship that is truly standing the test of time.
    Likes: Teaching, dolphins, Hungarians, Halloween, and family
    Dislikes: Nothing. Tina loves all.
    Favorite Quote: “Damn the man, save the empire.”
  • Erica Easow, Bridesmaid
    Erica Easow
    Erica and Amanda met in college when they began pledging Chi Omega together. They spent many a night gathered around Erica’s child size Princess table “preparing” for pickups- which were often missed. They spent 4 months living and studying abroad together in Australia, and they grew even closer as roommates again their senior year. After college Erica headed back home to New York and Amanda to Philadelphia, but they continue to be great friends and visit each other often.
    Likes: The Princess table, 90’s movies, Cabrios, running marathons
    Dislikes: being pale, showering, rodents
    Favorite Quote: “If you love someone you say it, you say it right then, out loud otherwise the moment just passes you by.”
Anthony's attendants
  • Nicholas Palma, Best Man
    Anthony met Nick in the womb, and Anthony has tortured him since.
    Likes: Earth Day, Harry Potter, crossword puzzles
    Dislikes: Littering, taking off work, central air, high school Anthony
    Quote: “If the electricity goes out again, we can just use Jackie’s smile.” –Nick Palma
  • Billy Palma, Best Man
    Billy ruined the twin party, and has been hanging around ever since. Growing up, Billy loved to torture Anthony and was a chubby little guy until he followed his big brother’s footsteps into the military. Since then, Billy has lost a lot of weight and all of his hair, all while becoming the consensus “favorite Palma.”
    Likes: Awkward selfie video texts, hanging out in his towel, tug-o-war with his dog Callie, sexist humor
    Dislikes: Selfies, hair on his head
    Quote: “Women in combat? What is the kitchen on fire?”
  • Steven Linneman, Groomsman
    Steve and Anthony have been friends since first grade, where Steve managed to ruin the school picture with a “D-X Suck It Sign,” as well as an Ex-lax incident. They stayed friends through high school and lived with each other at “The Pop” and above the Rhawn Pub.
    Likes: being a McVey, Urban, motorcycles, Knights Tavern, caffeine
    Dislikes: Seasoning his food prior to tasting it, being neat
  • Steven Donato, Groomsman
    Steve came into Anthony’s life at Delaware Investments over 8 years ago. Steve’s life experience and gray hair were a huge positive for Anthony as he was a lost cause professionally at that time. Since then, The Godfather has been sharing life lessons with Anthony helping mold him to the man he is today.
    Likes: Sarcasm, whiskey, golf, Fat Fat, his grandpop, passing down wisdom
    Dislikes: Tim McCloskey, stupidity
    Quote: ““I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.”
  • Donny Vandiver, Groomsman
    Unfortunately, Donny is a distant relative of Anthony and has been around since the beginning. The Don historically has been, and currently is, Anthony’s main partner in crime for all sorts of activities.
    Likes: Dana DiPaulo, warm Miller Lites served straight from the trunk, breakfast beers, calling out of work, washing
    Dislikes: The Dunnegans, backeotomies, when it’s a dump outside, and sleep
    Favorite Quote: “Let’s get weird, let’s get weird!!” -DVD
  • Timothy McCloskey, Groomsman
    Tim and Anthony met through Calvary CYO football. Tim has been a friend since 7th grade, and they also resided at “The Pop” house together in Wildwood. The Chief, AKA the Director, AKA the 6 figure…. continues to entertain with his passion for money and promotions mixed with his absolutely outlandish behavior in his off time.
    Likes: Money, any scheme with the potential to make money, cats, real cheesy omelets, sounding like a decepticon, Dolly
    Dislikes: Adult food, Democrats, when Jamie shops, Dolly
    Favorite Quote: “Rack city, b*tch” -Tyga
  • Joseph Purcell, Groomsman
    Purcy and Anthony met in high school at Chalfont playground, where Purcy wore his purple Russian Jew club shirt and had Justin Timberlake curly hair. Their friendship has blossomed, and they’ve shared many shore houses together since then. Purcy was also Anthony’s last roommate before Amanda moved in.
    Likes: Xfinity, D-girl, transition lenses, taking baths, frosted tips, pepper, golf, anything fra diavolo
    Dislikes: Xfinity mismanagement, being on time, when Redhouse is out of jalapeno cheddar bagels, traffic
    Favorite Quote: “What am I doin’, what am I doin’? O yeah, that’ right, I’m doin me, I’m doin me, I’m livin life right now.” -Drake
  • Mark Klein, Groomsman
    The Fish also joined the party in high school, as they met through mutual friends. Fish also liked to host a party when his parents were away so he and Anthony hit it off immediately. Since then, Fish has been a trusted friend and someone who likes to force Anthony to call out of work through weeknight shenanigans.
    Likes: Sisters, dirty martinis, orange Pontiac Firebirds, Nascar ringtones, the Flyers, Four Lokos
    Dislikes: Bombs, monogamy, group texts
    Favorite Quote: “What’s a drunk fish?” -Fish
  • Jason Smith, Groomsman
    Schmitty is the lone Central friend represented in the wedding party (outside of Nick of course). They met in high school and shared many of the same passions, specifically Dave Matthews. Schmitty has tried peeing in the Hammer’s armoire, and for that reason alone he deserves to be in the wedding party.
    Likes: 3EB, music videos, Whiskey Week, and leg crossing
    Dislikes: Jamie Hughes, fires, double pepperoni pizza off’s, going to bed and/or going home
    Quote: “I got my hands up, they’re playing my song, I know it’s gonna be okay. It’s a party in the U.S.A.!” -Miley Cyrus
  • Kevin Padova, Groomsman
    Kevin is Amanda’s little brother, and Anthony is still pretty confused on how they could possibly come from the same parents. Anthony has given up trying to figure that out, and is just grateful to have Kevin’s support as he marries his big sis.
    Likes: Beer, looking like Fabio, acting like a rockstar
    Dislikes: Homework, haircuts, listening to his mom, not giving the middle finger or rock sign in pictures
    Quote: “No stop signs, speed limit, nobody's gonna slow me down…I’m on a highway to hell.” –AC/DC
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