How we got engaged

Saturday, May 11, 2013

... or, Aaron is a sneaky man!

I was in my last semester of college. With finals, moving both of us, managing two dogs and a new job, needless to say, I was pretty stressed out. All the while, Aaron spent most of that time out of the state for work. Life was, for lack of a better term, absolutely nuts at that point.

I was excited though, because graduation was right around the corner and then at least some of my stress would stop. Then I got the call. You know things can't be good when conversations start with, "Baby... I'm so sorry...". What followed left me speechless and wildly frustrated and completely crestfallen all at the same time. "I just got a call. I won't be able to make it to your graduation."

I wish I could say that I didn't cry. But then I'd be a liar. I was so upset. On top of not being able to come to my graduation, Aaron was slotted to be gone for almost a month beforehand, leaving me to handle moving, our new puppy and studying for finals alone.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I was so frustrated and exhausted. I said some things that weren't fair, did some things that were pretty selfish and was generally terrible company.

The morning of graduation I was in no mood to do anything and was so sad that Aaron couldn't be there to share the moment we'd both worked so hard for. We drove up to school and I gathered with the other soon-to-be grads. I was still pretty mopey when we started walking into the colloseum. Our families caught my attention on the way in and I dutifully gave them what I hoped would be a convincing smile. After we sat down, they were still trying to get my attention. I waved again. "Hi. I see you. We did this already." Then they started pointing and I couldn't figure out what in the world they were trying to get me to see. Then I saw him. I instantlly burst into tears I was so happy and shocked! The whole ceremony, I was trying not to be a distraction by turning around to look at him, while making myself stop crying so I didn't look like a mess in my graduation photos. I couldn't believe it!!!! I barely remembered the ceremony because all I wanted to do was hug him.

After the ceremony, I rushed over. We kissed and hugged. We laughed. Then we went to lunch. I was starving. We went to Greenhouse Cafe in Denton near school. Surprisingly my cousins, Beau and Christy, were among the mix! I was so surprised and happy that I was totally distracted talking to them that I didn't notice Aaron stand up. He raised his glass for a toast. I thought "Oh no. Here we go. This is going to be embarassing." Then something completely different came out of his mouth. I barely heard a word he said because the choir screaming "NO WAY!!!!!" in my head was way too loud. Thank god for moms with the foresight to video document everything! The next thing I knew, I was saying "YES!!" and kissing his sweet, sweet face. I don't even remember how my promise ring came off of my hand so it could be replaced by a stunning engagment ring! It was crazy, beautiful and completely unexpected and perfect. Just like him.

And now here we are... about to get married and totally excited!

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