About Becky

 I grew up and graduated from High School in Shakopee, MN. Obtained an Associate's Degree in Photography and Imaging Technologies; In February of 2010 I prusued a degree in Criminal Justice as Police officer from Rasmussen College. December of 2012 I graguated from Rasmussen College with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Justice Studies Specializing in Investigations and Law Enforcement. I am currently employed through Rasmussen College assisting in the Courses of Use of Force, Patrol Practicals, Traffic Enforcement, and Fire Arms. I am also an active Reserve Police Officer with the St. Paul State Fair Police Department.

 Throughout my training and education in Law Enforcement I met Cory . With patience and understanding he supported me throught the crazy schedule and unexpected time changes. We spent countless hours on the phone and text messaging about future plans, interests, hobbies, and many times about nothing at all.  

We are currently working together driving truck for the harvest season in Ottertail, MN. What was planned to be only a few weeks turnned into a couple months due to the weather. Oh, well right,...lol!! 

About cory

Cory graduated from Brandon, MN high school, he has lived many years close to family in Florida and in Minnesota. He pursued a degree in Criminal Justice, Phsychology and Political Ethcs. He is currently driving truck for the harvest season helping out family and friends. His plans are to pursue a career in the business world. 

How we met

Cory and Becky met online, through the many messages, emails, and phone conversations they decided to meet. Meeting at Memorial Park in Shakopee about 8:00pm it was a warm night and figured it was decent for a walk through the park. Walking through the park and next thing they found themselves at the 101 bridge crossing getting eaten alive by the bugs. Walking back accross downtown Shakopee back to Memorial Park they went to Perkins for a treat and and more conversation. By 4:00 am  it was time to finally part ways for a quick nap before a long work day.  

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