Our wedding party

Maild of Honor: Rachel Winn.

She is a beautiful woman and my oldest friend. We have a great understanding of one another and can communicate without speaking. She grew up in La Grande and has a passion for writing, music, photography, and dancing. She is passionate about life and those she loves and calls friend or family.

Bridesmaid: Emily Turner.

Don't let her size fool you. She may be short but she has a very large heart. She is a great friend who cares deeply for everyone in her life. She is a wonderful mother to a beautiful baby boy. Where Emily is, that's where the fun is at!

Best Man: Ronald Plumlee

Ron is a fun loving man who is wise in the Force. We have had the pleasure of being friends with him for a few years now. He just completed his Master's Degree in social work and is now working in the field. He is a wonderful friend, father, and husband. 

Groomsman: Kyle Tovar

Kyle is Ian's younger brother. I don't know very much about him at this point in time but clearly I will have a lot of years to learn more about him. What I do know is that he is very important to Ian who loves him dearly. Also, he's pretty weird and crazy but who isn't.

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