Our wedding party

Best Men:

Brian Brach (Groom's older brother)

Brett Brach  (Groom's younger brother)


Andrew Meyers  (best friend; college roommate)

Kyle Higgins  (best friend; college roommate)

Ryan Cherry  (Bride's brother)

Brett Cherry  (Bride's brother)


Matron of Honor:

Heather Holland (childhood best friend)


Stephanie Tate (high school friend & college roommate)

Taylor Thomas  (high school friend & Nashville roommate)

Sarah Cherry  (sister-in-law; married to Ryan)

Hope Cherry   (sister-in-law; married to Brett C.)

Katie Brach   (sister-in-law; married to Brett B.)

Colleen Berta  (future sister-in-law; marrying Brian)


Flower Girl: Paisley Diller  (2nd cousin of the Bride)

Ring Bearer: Jackson Diller   (2nd cousin of the Bride)



Jenae's attendants
  • Heather Holland, Matron Of Honor
  • Sarah Cherry, Bridesmaid
  • Hope Cherry, Bridesmaid
  • Taylor Thomas, Bridesmaid
  • Stephanie Tate, Bridesmaid
  • Katie Brach, Bridesmaid
  • Colleen Berta, Bridesmaid
  • Paisley Diller, Flower Girl
  • Jackson Diller, Ring Bearer
Brad's attendants
  • Brian Brach, Best Man
  • Brett Brach, Best Man
  • Kyle Higgins, Groomsman
  • Andrew Meyers, Groomsman
  • Ryan Cherry, Groomsman
  • Brett Cherry, Groomsman
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