Our Wedding Party

We are so blessed to have a wedding party full of our closest family and friends surrounding us on our big day!

Caitie's attendants
  • Christie Takacs, Maid Of Honor
    Christie is Cait’s little sister! Growing up, they always loved playing Barbies, dress up, and “house” together. Now, they enjoy spending time together when their schools are on break (usually shopping or going to Eat n Park!).
  • Courtney Clark, Bridesmaid
    Cait and Courtney met in junior high, and have been best friends ever since! They especially love shopping, getting Starbucks, and talking about their cats together! Just don’t put them together to do something serious or important!
  • Lauren Evans, Bridesmaid
    Cait and Lauren met in 5th grade, and became locker partners on the first day of school. They knew they’d be best friends when they showed up to school in the same outfit (many times)! Cait pretty much considers herself a part of Lauren’s family!
  • Laura Yash, Bridesmaid
    Cait and Laura met at Slippery Rock University during their sophomore year of college! After being neighbors in the dorm that year, they moved in together for their last two years of college. After college, Laura also moved to Maryland, so she is Cait’s out-of-state shopping and wine-loving partner in crime.
  • Emma Wharrey, Bridesmaid
    Cait and Emma met at Slippery Rock University; they were roommates freshman year! They moved in together again their senior year. Emma is also getting married next year (in June!), and Cait is a bridesmaid in her wedding.
  • Sharon Darby, Bridesmaid
    Cait met Sharon when she first started dating Chris; Sharon’s family and Chris’ family have been friends for many many years, and are considered family! Cait thinks of Sharon as a big sister!
  • CJ, Bridesmaid
    CJ is Cait’s Junior Bridesmaid! Cait met CJ through Chris' family on her 2nd birthday, and started babysitting her when she was 4 years old. Cait has enjoyed watching CJ grow up, and is so excited for her to be a part of her wedding!
  • Liv and Elliott, Flower Girl
    Liv and Elliott are Cait’s two little cousins, and Flower Girls. Both girls are experts, seeing as they have been flower girls in quite a few weddings already!
Chris' attendants
  • Steve Rupchak, Best Man
    Chris and Steve have been best friends since childhood; they met in grade school at Word of God. Although Chris and Steve live far apart, they keep in touch over XBox, where they play games and catch up on life.
  • Aric Miller, Groomsman
    Chris and Aric met in 1st grade at Word of God school, and have remained best friends ever since. Chris enjoys watching sports, talking stats, and golfing with Aric.
  • Craig Hatok, Groomsman
    Chris and Craig met in high school, where they played on the Woodland Hills Wolverine hockey team together. Chris and Craig enjoy snowboarding together during the winter months.
  • Andy Lenz, Groomsman
    Andy and Chris met (through Cait) at Slippery Rock University, where they became roommates. Andy also lives in Maryland now, so Chris has a sports and video game buddy away from home!
  • Jamie Weiland, Groomsman
    Chris and Jamie began playing inline hockey together at Slippery Rock University during Chris’ freshman year. They then lived together for two years. Jamie and Chris still enjoy playing hockey together, as well as golf and tennis.
  • Tim Haas, Groomsman
    Chris and Tim became friends at Slippery Rock University, where they both studied Health and Physical Education. When Chris and Tim get together, every one around is in for a good laugh! Tim is getting married in June, and Chris is a groomsman in his wedding!
  • Darren Pellegrino, Usher
    Darren and Chris met in high school, where they played Ice Hockey together for Woodland Hills. After high school, Chris and Darren continued playing pick up hockey together, and they enjoy hanging out and catching up at Primanti’s when Chris is in Pittsburgh visiting.
  • Tom Darby, Usher
    Tom is the big brother that Chris never had! Chris and Tom’s parents have known each other forever, and Tom has known Chris since he was born. Tom and Chris even look and act alike.
  • Yeon Woo, Ring Bearer
    Chris and Cait met Yeon Woo when he was just one year old. He is the son of close family friends, and Cait started babysitting Yeon when he was one. This will be Yeon’s second appearance in a wedding!
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