Our wedding party

Maid of Honor: Lyndsie Wilson

Lauren and Lyndsie were assigned as random college roommates their freshman year at the University of Northern Iowa and became fast friends. Before they knew it they were doing everything together! After graduating college Lauren moved to Des Moines and Lyndsie moved to Minneapolis, but no amount of distance could tear these two apart!

Bridesmaid: Amy Bagge

Amy and Lauren met on the Women's Track & Field team at the University of Northern Iowa. After spending hours running in circles, riding on buses, and pumping iron together, they quickly became BFFFFF..FF..FFF..FFFF's (it's an Amy and Lauren thing!). Lauren and Amy both love to travel and have traveled to Spain, Austin, TX, and Las Vegas together.

Bridesmaid: Lisa Wennlund

Lisa and Lauren met in 6th grade when Lisa's family moved into the neighborhood and Lauren walked over to their new home to meet the new girl! They walked the neighborhood, drank Mountain Dew, went to camp together, talked to boys on AIM, and had a comedy show that only they thought was funny. Even though Lisa and Lauren attended different colleges, they have remained very close through the years.

Bridesmaid: Tiffany O'Brien

Tiffany and Lauren met as co-workers at ING Financial Partners in 2010. Since they are both smart and driven women, they decided to further their career by taking the Series 7 followed by the Series 24. This meant many hours in Starbucks together, but it did not always mean studying. Tiffany and Lauren have both taken other job opportunities since then, but their friendship has remained as strong as ever!

Personal Attendant: Lynnette Rohrs

Lynnette and Lauren met on the Women's Track and Field team at the University of Northern Iowa while sharing the pain of running the 400m dash. Although they had been rivals in high school (it was fun finding pictures of us running against each other in high school!), they became teammates and friends in college. Lynnette also lives in Des Moines, so Lauren and Lynnette have enjoyed watching the Drake Relays together, going to the Iowa State Fair, and getting the occasional workout in together!

Best Man: Davin Holmes

Davin and David met through Davin’s wife Tiffany in 2008. Instantly it was “Bromance” at first sight! Since then they have become inseparable “Amigos” and they are known famously as the D&D duo with countless adventures. They are avid golfers and have played numerous rounds of golf and have lost an incalculable record of golf-balls together. These two have one of those rare friendships that will last for a lifetime.

Groomsman: Bret DeVries

Bret and David met at a friend’s wedding party became drinking buddies for the night and unbeknownst to them they had same group of friends. Since then they enjoy sharing trading strategies in the market (their line of work) boating and wings at Gerri’s Tavern! Lauren and David will be forever grateful to Bret and his wife Sue for helping with their recent move to Dallas, without their help it wouldn’t have happened as quickly as it did.

Groomsman: Casey Johnson

Casey and David met through Amy (Lauren’s bridesmaid) on a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate David’s birthday. What a match! Needless to say it was 5 days of fun, fun and more fun! Since that Vegas trip Casey, David, Lauren and Amy have founded the BFF Club and have made other trips together throughout the Midwest.

Groomsman: Matt Bird

Matt and David met through Davin and have friends for a few years now. They share a common passion for grilling out and have bonded through the years while driving across the state to play in different golf courses while listening to Miley Cyrus “Party in The USA” for hours.

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