Our wedding party

Colby's attendants
  • Caitlin Haggerty, Maid Of Honor
    I was in second grade at Blessed Sacrament School and in walked a new student with red hair, freckles, and a smile that warmed up the room. I had to be her friend. It was meant to be, and so it was. No matter what life has thrown at us, whether it was a change of schools, a move to another country, or friends coming and going, Colby and I have stuck together through it all. She is my best friend and I am so ridiculously excited to be her maid of honor.
  • Claire Stackhouse, Bridesmaid
    I'm Colby's "biggest" big sister and am so happy that she's so happy with Chad! Growing up, she was my "mini-me" and we did so much together, and I'm happy to say that now that we're grownups, we are still just as close! This is going to be such a fantastic wedding; with an incredible couple to celebrate! I'm so thrilled to be an important part of it!
  • Caroline Stackhouse, Bridesmaid
    I was only a year old when I "met," my sister Colby. Although I cannot recall the moment specifically, growing up with her (and with all of my other siblings) has, without doubt, shaped the person that I am. We are so lucky to have one another, and it is the best to be able to celebrate life's (big and small) moments together.
  • Liddy Stackhouse, Bridesmaid
    Hi! My name's Liddy (also known as "Little Colba" to many of the Ireton folks.) I'm the sister right under Colby and have "suffered" from it my entire life, as Colby was quite the chatty, social butterfly and therefore not a favorite of many teachers. :) Colby is an amazing big sister who I know is always there for me. She is genuine, passionate with everyone and everything she does in life and there as a support and a listening ear when I need it most. I see all of these traits in Chad and I know she has found true love. I'm so excited to be a witness to their marriage and I've already got my dancing shoes on for one fabulous reception!!
  • Mary Tyler Stackhouse, Bridesmaid
    Although 8 years older than me, Colby and I always shared a special connection. I have the best memories of helping her do her hair and makeup and having dance parties with her and her friends as they got ready to go to parties in high school. Now I get to watch her get all done up to marry Chad and we all get to attend the biggest "dance party" of them all! I am so thrilled to be a part of her big day and couldn't be happier for my sister and one of my best friends to marry such a wonderful guy.
  • Ingre Stackhouse, Bridesmaid
    I am married to Colby's big brother Chad. I am the Mother to one of her nephews and two nieces. My first memory with Colby is having to share a bed with her one night on my first "Stackhouse Family Vacation." I hope as she has grown she has learned to share more than a corner of a blanket/ pillow/ bed! Really, I am so thrilled to see how Colby has grown into herself. She is passionate about what she does and those lucky enough to know her. Colby is fun and she inspires!
  • Tara Gorka, Bridesmaid
    I am honored to be a part of Chad and Colby's wedding party, and so excited to have a sister-in-law as sweet and caring as Colby. The moment I met Colby, I realized Chad had met the most genuine, kindhearted girl, and that their shared faith and love of family would strengthen their relationship. My brother always knows how to make us all laugh, and as I've spent time with Colby, I see that she also knows how to keep the humor in almost everything! I never had a sister growing up, but I'm thankful that soon I will have one as fabulous as Colby!
  • Dianna Carpentieri, Bridesmaid
    Just like Colby and Chad were meant to fall in love and get married, Colby and I were meant to be lifelong friends. I truly believe that it was some higher power, not the Admissions office at Randolph Macon College, that placed us together as roommates our freshman year of college. Honestly if you are lucky enough to have Colby as a friend you understand that she is like no one else. Her compassionate nature, loyalty to others and sense of humor make up her incredibly dynamic personality. I always knew that it would take a special person to win over the heart of Colby and Chad definitely embodies all of the qualities that compliment her. It’s been said that “true love is your soul's recognition of its counterpart in another." This holds true when it comes to Colby and Chad, just spend a few minutes around them and it's clear that they are each other’s other half. Since that first day of college and throughout the past 12 years, Colby has been there for all of life’s moments, and now I feel so lucky to be a part of her and Chad’s important day and the many happy years to come!
  • Katie Bumgarner, Bridesmaid
    It was September 2011 at Randolph-Macon College. A hippie girl from Southwest Virginia dressed in overalls meets a red-haired girl from Alexandria clad in bright pink and green Lilly. A friendship blossomed immediately and what a wonderful friendship it has been! There are a million things I love about Colby but I think the two things that are most special to me are the way she is able to find humor in almost any situation and our ability to be completely honest with one another. Having a best friend you can laugh with and confide in makes for a friendship that will last a lifetime and I feel blessed to have that with Colbs.
  • Blair Holmes, Bridesmaid
    Blair and Colby’s friendship began their freshman year of college and they have shared many, many special memories over the years. A Lebanese Philly girl and a preppy redheaded Virginian had no idea how much they had in common until they shared their values with one another. They pledged Kappa Alpha Theta together, were roommates for two years, took several road trips, and have enjoyed playing a special role in each others weddings. Through the years, Blair and Colby have always made the effort to grow and strengthen their friendship, and they both recognize the importance of remaining there for each other through thick and thin. To quote Sarah Jessica Parker, “A best friend is like a four leaf clover - hard to find and lucky to have.” Blair is so excited to be a part of the celebration of Colby and Chad's new journey together, and wishes them a lifetime filled with joy, happiness, and lots of love!
  • Julie Goode, Bridesmaid
    “Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation.”-Oscar Wilde. Colby and I struck up our first conversation 12 years ago when we met our freshman year of college. Since then, she has always been such a wonderful friend who does an extraordinary job of keeping in touch with those of us who live outside of the DC area. I am honored to be a part of Colby and Chad’s big day. They are an amazing couple!
  • Gillian Maupin, Bridesmaid
    Colby and Gillian have been buds since their days at Bishop Ireton High School first bonding in Mr. Theiman's study hall. Since then, their friendship has remained strong and only grown over the past 14 years. Gillian is thrilled to be a part of the wedding party and is looking forward to watching her good pal "Beans" (as she affectionally refers to Colby) walk down the aisle in February.
Chad's attendants
  • Dana Westover, Best Man
    Cousin of the Groom
  • Brian Westover, Groomsman
    Cousin of the Groom
  • Carl Westover, Groomsman
    Cousin of the Groom
  • Jonathan Gorka, Groomsman
    Cousin of the Groom
  • Christopher Gorka, Groomsman
    Cousin of the Groom
  • Doug McNally, Groomsman
    Friend of the Groom
  • Mark Tison, Groomsman
    Friend of the Groom
  • Chad Stackhouse, Groomsman
    Brother of the Bride
  • Jed Stackhouse, Groomsman
    Brother of the Bride
  • Graham Stackhouse, Groomsman
    Brother of the Bride
  • Nick Bartick, Groomsman
    Brother in law of the Bride
  • Justin Weiner, Groomsman
    Brother in Law of the Bride
  • Daniel Finn, Usher
    Friend of the Bride
  • Kevin Jackson, Usher
    Friend of the Bride
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