Our wedding party

Our wedding party is made up of family and close friends. We're honored to have them part of our wedding party as we celebrate our special day.

Heidi's attendants
  • Allison Marie Forrest, Maid Of Honor
    Allison is Heidi's sister. Heidi and Allison share a knack for adventure and the outdoors! Allison works in Environmental Science at the State of CT DEEP. In other words, Allison likes rocks and makes a living playing in the dirt.
  • Jessica Adams, Bridesmaid
    Jessica is Heidi's best friend since they were 11 years old and also Kris's cousin. Heidi and Jess have traveled all over the world together and have countless adventures and wonderful memories. Jess is the reason Kris and Heidi met and on Jan 4th, Heidi and Jess will become cousins :) Jessica is the proud mother of Emily and Abby, our two flower girls. Jessica is the reason why this "wedding" thing is happening. (Hopefully she doesn't regret it).
  • Erica Waltz, Bridesmaid
    Erica (right) is Heidi's cousin and Katelin's sister who spent her summers with Heidi and Allison when she was growing up. Erica now lives in Stamford, CT and is a Scientist at Boehringer Ingelheim. She's also a Crossfit enthusiast.
  • Katelin Waltz, Bridesmaid
    Katelin (left) is Heidi's cousin and Erica's sister who grew up spending the summer's with Heidi and Allison at their pool. Katelin is currently interning at the Athletic Evolution Nike SPARQ Training Center in Massachusetts.
  • Rebecca Fernandez, Bridesmaid
    Rebecca is Kris's older sister who we enjoyed a trip to Canada with last summer. Rebecca's new husband, Alex, is also Heidi's co-worker. :) Becky is a Sexual Assault Victims' Advocate in Meriden. At just 5' 1 3/8'', Rebecca suffers from a Napoleon complex and tries to take her problems out on Kris.
  • Jennifer Henaire, Bridesmaid
    Jennifer is Kris's middle sister and Jess's cousin. Jenny has attended numerous UCONN games and Rascal Flatts concerts with Heidi :) Jenny is a Health Inspector for the City of Meriden. (We hope the food at the reception is prepared properly!)
  • Emily Ann Adams, Flower Girl
    Emily is Kris' cousin and Heidi's "niece" who has joined Heidi and Jess (Mom) on numerous adventures and travels throughout the United States, including several road trips around New Mexico and Southern Texas :) Emily enjoys all things "horse" and hopes to be a veterinarian.
  • Abigail Mae Adams, Flower Girl
    Abby is Kris' cousin and Heidi's other "niece" who brightens everyone's day! Abby is hockey superstar and the goalie and smallest player on her team.
  • Molly, Flower Girl
    Molly is Heidi and Kris's pup who is looking forward to this special day. Molly works as a hearing ear dog and therapy dog. Molly loves long walks on the trail, cuddling on cold days, pieces of cheese, and belly rubs from all whom she meets with exception to the UPS or Fed ex delivery men!
Kris' attendants
  • Thomas Milardo, Best Man
    Tom and Kris both lived on the 3rd floor of Goodyear Hall during their freshman year at UConn and is a proud member of the "Goodyear 3rd". Tom, Kris, and Chris frequently have traveled across the US and world since their graduation from UConn. Tom is a Program Coordinator at the Knights of Columbus Headquarters in New Haven. Tom's role model is Julius Caesar.
  • Christopher George, Best Man
    Chris is 1/3 of the infamous "Goodyear 3rd". Chris and Kris lived across the hall from each other during their freshmen year in Goodyear Hall at UConn. Tom, Chris and Kris have traveled the world together since graduation. Chris is the Manager of Business Planning & Analysis at Ascend Performance Materials in Houston, Texas. If Chris were to be reincarnated it would be as a world champion cricket player.
  • Zachary Forrest, Groomsman
    Zac is Heidi's younger brother and an amazing athlete. Heidi and Kris enjoy watching Zac's games. Heidi and Kris are also thrilled to be celebrating their wedding day with Zac as he celebrates his 15th birthday! :)
  • Alex Fernandez, Groomsman
    Alex is Kris' brother-in-law. Alex is a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor in New Haven. We've been told that Alex makes delicious homemade pasta but he still hasn't made it for us. He also loves Katy Perry!
  • Bob Allan, Groomsman
    Bob is Jessica's boyfriend and has become a close friend of Heidi and Kris. He is the Intelligent Building Market Manager for the Siemon Company. Bob is still working toward his childhood dream…becoming a member of the Boston Bruins!
  • Kraidien Bumbala, Ring Bearer
    Kraidien or "Kras" as he is known is Heidi's good friend, Jen's son. Heidi and Kris had a wonderful time visiting Kras and his sisters Kalena and Jazelina in Indiana last year when they went out for Jen and Andy's wedding :) In 10 years the ladies will be fighting over Kraidien!
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