Our wedding party

Brothers.  Sisters.  Great Friends.  All wonderful people were lucky to have in our lives.

Lauren's attendants
  • Heather Kelso, Matron Of Honor
    Information on Lauren's sister Heather, her husband Darrell, or their dog Bean is classified.
    This message has been approved by the NSA
  • Brittani Brown, Bridesmaid
    Lauren's cousin Brittani is finishing her doctorate in physical therapy at Misericordia University. Adventure Bee has traveled with Lauren to exotic locations such as London and Paris as well as Los Angeles to visit Heather.
  • Kate Niemeyer, Bridesmaid
    As a creepy neighbor voyeuristically looked on, Kate, her husband Frank, and Lauren became best of friends and house mates. This sharp eyed jeweler helped Kevin design and procure the engagement ring he presented to Lauren.
  • Kristin Bailey, Bridesmaid
    Half of the only couple in the wedding party, brilliant Kristin fights crime for a living and runs marathons in her free time. The dance floor can only hope it's ready for her in January.
  • Laura Clark, Bridesmaid
    Kevin's sister Laura lives with her husband Chris in Virginia. Though the invite says 2, Laura and Chris will be bringing 3 - Lauren and Kevin can't wait to meet their new little niece or nephew!
Kevin's attendants
  • Clint McDonough, Best Man
  • Tom Bailey, Groomsman
    Tom Bailey; actor, raconteur, sometime pugilist
  • Pat Philbin, Groomsman
    Pat Philbin; shameless clown, overweight, head case
  • Will Garro, Groomsman
    Will Garro; dashing, integrity, fantastic performances consistently
  • Arun Shone, Groomsman
    Arun Shone; writer, director, sexual being
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