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Your pictures and stories exude so much love and happiness. I couldn't be more thrilled for both of you! Holly, you know how special you are to me. Brad, you are one lucky guy (and I know very special, too, or Holly wouldn't have chosen you!)
from: Sue Kinderman
10/2/2013 7:51:49 AM
Wonderful site! We are looking forward to spending the day with both of you!
from: Ann Boehnlein
9/27/2013 9:34:47 AM
So happy for both of you. We know your life together will be filled with love, laughter, and happily ever after.
from: Mom & Dad
9/15/2013 9:50:43 PM
We look forward to seeing you in 57 days!
from: Jewel Bailey
9/6/2013 11:28:19 AM
Congratulations on your upcoming big day. Love the website and all the info.
from: Joel & Kathy Belland
7/28/2013 4:57:35 PM
Congrats Holly and Brad! Looking forward to the wedding! Holly, who gets that baton now?
from: Laurie Pickerel
7/15/2013 8:22:39 PM
Congratulations Holly & Brad. Looking forward to the wedding. Great information on your web site.
from: Don & Dianne Webber
7/13/2013 11:27:37 AM
Congratulations from The Knot! All the best for happy planning and a fantastic wedding.
from: Carley and The Knot Team
6/12/2013 9:22:55 AM
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