Our wedding party

Carrie 's attendants
  • Laura Brubaker, Matron Of Honor
    My favorite middle sister. This girl stood up to my bully on the bus in elementary school and taught me how to do a cartwheel. She's always willing to run with me even though I often cry after the first mile.
  • Katie Lane, Matron Of Honor
    My oldest sister who I will forever think is the coolest lady around. She thinks I have childlike tastebuds (untrue) and won't try new things (also untrue). She makes up for the hassle by having given birth to 3 perfect angels and made me one proud aunt!
  • Jordan Daniell, Bridesmaid
    We've been friends since 2nd grade with a 6 year gap where we didn't know each other. Then she came back to me in 9th grade when she came to Westminster. I think we realized we were bff when I asked her shyly to be my freshman roommate to which she exclaimed, "YES!"
  • Ansley Schroth, Bridesmaid
    We were literally attached at the hip from age 3 to 18. There was nothing better then our moms letting us spend the night with each other on a school night and staying up late to watch Simon Birch on her 10 inch VCR tv.
  • Megan Cape, Bridesmaid
    My first impression was that Megan was a rebel without a cause as she walked into volleyball practice in 7th grade with jean shorts and sketchers on. Then I realized she was just a sweet girl that all the boys liked who I was insanely jealous of. I decided it was better to be friends with the likable girl then envy her. We've been friends ever since!
  • Carly Kennon, Bridesmaid
    We connected in 5th grade- she had a mullet and I had the beginning stages of acne. She left Westminster for all of middle school and some of highschool, but some how I always felt connected to her- mostly through the emotional outlet of her Xanga that I read religiously. We immediately reconnected when she came back to Westminster in 11th grade writing songs together such as "I just want to be apart of the team" and "Basically Today is Thursday".
  • Ashleigh Kimmel, Bridesmaid
    Jared's oldest brother's wife, my soon to be sister! I instantly fell in love with Ashleigh when, upon first meeting me, offered me a glass of my favorite wine that she had picked up especially for me. Our relationship quickly grew beyond our enjoyment of a great cocktail. Ashleigh and I both enjoy great food and agree the only reason for exercise is to meet that end.
  • Kathryn Kimmel, Bridesmaid
    Jared's twin brother's wife, my soon to be sister! Kathryn and I will always have a very special bond having married twins. We relate very frequently on things the boys are similar in. Such as: how they over exaggerate pain and how hard they are to buy pants for.
  • Eddie Lane, Ring Bearer
    He's smart as a whip and handsome as can be. He always has a new fact to share with me. Sometimes they are flat out wrong, but I go along with them anyway.
  • Genevieve Lane, Flower Girl
    The closest thing I've ever known to a real princess. Genevieve is pure sweetness. I think she's most excited to picking out a "princess dress" to wear.
  • Abel Lane, Other
    Abel will most likely be a wagon rider which is a highly important job. I am so excited to see a 1 year-old in a full on black suite and bow tie.
Jared's attendants
  • Justin Kimmel, Best Man
    Nobody has been by Jared's side longer than his fellow womb-mate. The twins grew up pulling pranks on teachers, and severely punishing anyone that tried to take down the other, thanks to their WCW training on trampolines. Justin saved Jared twice in middle school by blindsiding an offender to the ground - once on a school bus, and once in a recreational basketball game.
  • Joel Kimmel, Best Man
    Jared's older brother is a role model of consistency, patience, and optimism. The once-pessimistic Joel changed his tune when he met his wife, and there's not many people Jared enjoys being around more. Joel quickly learned even though he was 3 years older he couldn't easily mess with the twins, as they could utilize their tag-team skills early in life. Because of this, the brothers have been best friends for many years.
  • Ed Lane, Groomsman
    Carrie's brother-in-law and Jared quickly hit it off a couple falls ago. At first glance, there didn't seem to be a lot in common, but that seems to only drive their respect for each other. Their love for fine foods, movies, and thoughts on how to act during a vacation have only grown their friendship. Jared has also enjoyed watching Ed be a father to three kids, and loves spending time with them as well.
  • Joseph Brubaker, Groomsman
    Carrie's brother-in-law and Jared also enjoy spending time together. They both love the Dawgs and the Braves. Like Ed, Joseph is a great picture of leadership for Jared. Jared is really looking forward to spending time with Joseph and Ed, as the brothers-in-law each bring their own dynamic to the Wickleins.
  • Stephen May, Groomsman
    Affectionately referred to as Esteban, Stephen and Jared have been close since elementary school. They have traveled the continent together in search for football and fish. From South Bend, IN to the Florida Keys, and from Colorado to the Sierra Madres in western Mexico; they have shared many of their favorite experiences.
  • Ty Kelley, Groomsman
    Jared has been close with Ty and his wife, Ashley, dating back to elementary and middle school. In high school, they used Yearbook class as a reason to get out of the classroom to roam the halls and to get online and read sports' articles. In college, Jared relied on Ty to lead his intramural football team as QB1. Today, these two still have lunch on the weekdays to discuss life, sports, and most recently - engagement and marriage. WFL, TK?
  • Justin Reeves, Groomsman
    Jared and "Reem" have been friends since middle school. Friday nights in high school would include TK, Stephen, and the Kimmel twins heading over to Reem's house for poker night and to shoot the bull. Reem is also part of Jared's weekday lunch crew, and enjoys talking about Jesus, his fatherhood, county politics, Henry County, and his prized possessions - his wife Lauren and son Maddux.
  • Jon Carter, Groomsman
    Jon has been another brother to Jared for many years. Jon and his brother Ben go back with Jared many years as well. Jon was a recent roommate with Jared, and the two now work together at Acuity Brands Lighting. While both recently became engaged about a week apart, they will always remember how each other asked the other to be in their wedding - in the bathroom at work as each was in his own stall.
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