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Sarah's attendants
  • Shayna Larsen-Nordin, Maid Of Honor
    Sarah and Shayna both attended Jefferson High School in Bloomington, MN. They met through friends and they had a few classes together. They both went to Luther College in Decorah, Iowa and were housemates their senior year. Thanks to Shayna, Sarah was able to meet Jeremy while out celebrating Shayna's Birthday.
  • Lindsey Honemann, Bridesmaid
    Sarah and Lindsey both attended Luther College, which is where they met. Lindsey was an Education Major just like Sarah, they had many classes together followed by many hours "studying" in the library and the dorms. After college while student teaching in the cities Lindsey and Sarah lived together in a Hopkins apartment.
  • Christa Slagel, Bridesmaid
    Christa and Sarah both attended Luther College which is where they met through friends. They lived next door to each other junior year and it would be safe to say the Sarah spent about half her time in Christa's room. Junior year Christa along with Megan encouraged Sarah to go with them on a study abroad trip to the Canary Islands.
  • Megan McNamara, Bridesmaid
    Sarah and Megan met at Luther College, although we are not entirely sure when or how we met, it was through friends. Megan and Christa lived together next door to Sarah junior year, which was the same year they all traveled to the Canary Islands. After college Sarah, Christa and Megan made an epic journey to Alaska to visit Lindsey.
  • April Hauswirth, Bridesmaid
    April and Sarah met through friends while they were both attending Luther College. They were housemates during the summer before Sarah's senior year. During Sarah's senior year April was hands-on learning at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, although she spent almost every weekend back in Decorah with Sarah.
  • Sarah Bartell, Bridesmaid
    Sarah and Sarah met through the boyfriends! Sarah is dating Ben Peterson, Jeremy's brother. Through vacations, band shows, and family time the Sarahs have grown close. They have learned how to figure out which Sarah people are asking for/talking to even though they don't know who is Sarah #1 and Sarah #2. Nicknames might be needed in the future...
  • Katie Sackett, Bridesmaid
    Katie and Sarah met at Luther College during their senior year. They have no idea how it took so long to meet each other as they are the same person in different bodies. They took a senior spring break trip along with Lindsey, Megan, Christa and many more to Tybee Island, Georgia. On the drive to Georgia the group stopped at Katie's farm where Sarah had the chance to bottle feed a baby cow! The cow was later named Gus after Sarah.
  • Jillian Gartner, Other
    Jillian and Sarah attended middle school together, it was during middle school that Sarah played her most epic prank on Jillian. After the prank they only had one class together for the rest of their time in Bloomington. (Worth it!) Thru girl scouts, Sarah and Jillian experience late nights while camping, we usually got in trouble together for giggling late into the night.
  • Rachel Rigdon, Other
    Rachel is Jeremy's cousin, therefore it was through the family that Sarah and Rachel met. Rachel has been the bubble of energy at family gatherings. Sarah and Rachel have had a chance to get closer through family holidays, band shows and while on vacation at another cousin's wedding.
  • Kathryn Hinson, Other
    Kathryn and Sarah are cousins, Sarah has known Kathryn everyday of her life! Sarah and Kathryn started as a cousins, then Sarah became the babysitter and now they are more than cousins, they are good friends. In 2008, Sarah and Kathryn were roommates during a family vacation on a Disney cruise.
  • Isabel Bajek, Flower Girl
    Sarah has known Isabel since she was born. Isabel was born when Sarah was almost 16, which made Sarah a very accessible babysitter. When Isabel's brother Jack was born Sarah came over at least once a week to hang out with Isabel. Sarah has really enjoyed watching Isabel grow up through the years.
  • Davis Gustafson, Flower Girl
    Davis is Sarah's youngest cousin. When Davis was born Sarah bought a ticket to Seattle to meet the new baby. Sarah got to babysit Davis for her sixth week on this Earth. Although they have never lived in the same state, Sarah has enjoyed watching Davis grow into her own personality through the monthly e-mail updates sent by the aunts.
Jeremy's attendants
  • Ben Peterson, Best Man
    Ben is Jeremy's brother from the same mother. Ben and Jeremy have a great friendship and have always been there for each other to lean on throughout everything in life. Ben & Sarah B., and Jeremy & Sarah frequently have get togethers which usually involves Ben & Sarah B. showing off their amazing cooking skills. Ben works production at Jones Metal Products in Mankato, MN and is also the lighting specialist in the band.
  • Erik Gustafson, Groomsman
    Erik is Sarah's brother. Erik and Jeremy met through many Gustafson/Hinson family gatherings. Jeremy has learned the hard way Erik is a much better golfer than him. Erik is employed at Target as a Logistics Specialist.
  • Paul Gustafson, Groomsman
    Paul is Sarah's youngest brother. Paul and Jeremy met through many Gustafson/Hinson family gatherings. Paul is also a better golfer than Jeremy as he and Craig beat Jeremy and Erik by one stroke at Jeremy's bachelor party. Paul will be a junior this fall at Luther College in Decorah, IA.
  • Rick Johnson, Groomsman
    Rick and Jeremy met in middle school at Maple River East in Minnesota Lake. Rick and Jeremy established a quick bond as they both had a love for the same type of music and Rick is the rhythm guitarist/mandolinist in Lookout Drive. Anyone that knows Rick would say he jokester of the group and quick to make people laugh. Rick is employed at Wells Concrete in Wells, MN.
  • Matt Holt, Groomsman
    Matt and Jeremy's friendship took off when Matt came back to Maple River in middle school. Jeremy and Matt were roommates for six years. Matt is the lead singer of Lookout Drive and him and Jeremy have spent countless hours watching/playing DMB Live at Radio City together. Matt is employed as GMW at Minnesota State University.
  • Noah Germo, Groomsman
    Jeremy and Noah have known each other longer than our memories can recollect. Jeremy and Noah went to school with each other from 1992-2009 and were roommates for 4 years in college. They also worked together for about 9 months at Ridley Inc. Noah is married to his wife Chelsea and they are expecting their first child in November. Noah is employed at Agstar In Mankato, MN.
  • Tanner Bisel, Groomsman
    Tanner and Jeremy met for the first time at 9 years old when Tanner's dad coached their basketball team. Tanner and Jeremy quickly developed a strong friendship and which took them on countless adventures throughout high school and college. Jeremy and Tanner were roommates for 4 years in college. Tanner graduated with an Accounting degree from Minnesota State University.
  • Buddy Ely, Usher
    Buddy has been Jeremy's buddy since 4th grade when Buddy moved to Mapleton. Buddy and Jeremy have always maintained a strong friendship even when Buddy was at school in Arizona. Buddy and Jeremy are each other's "go to" foosball partners and they think they are way better than they actually are. Buddy lives in St. Peter and is employed at Busch Bros Machining in New Prague.
  • Ross Riley, Usher
    Ross and Jeremy met in 9th grade when our two middle schools merged for high school. Ross and Jeremy spent a lot of weekends cruising in Ross' purple Mustang listening to Tom Petty and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Ross is an electrician and works at the farm near Amboy, MN.
  • Tom deWit, Usher
    Tom and Jeremy met in the dorms in Gage 3A freshmen year. Tom and Jeremy were next door neighbors in the dorms and quickly realized they were brothers from different mothers. Tom and Jeremy became roommates the next 3 years in college. Tom was married June 7, 2014 to his wife Sarah and he is employed as a mechanical engineer in Sioux Falls, SD.
  • Jack Bajek, Ring Bearer
    Jack and Jeremy met through the various Gustafson family gatherings. Jack is Sarah's cousin. At first glade Jack was absolutely scared of Jeremy (the man is tall!). It didn't take long for Jack to warm up though, now Jack is like a mini-Jeremy. They fish and swim together at the cabin and can be seen chit-chatting about life during family gatherings.
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