Our wedding party

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Sarah's attendants
  • Shayna Larsen-Nordin, Maid Of Honor
    Sarah and Shayna both attended Jefferson High School in Bloomington, MN. They met through friends and they had a few classes together. Their senior year, they traveled to tour Luther College together. It was on this visit that they both decided to attend. Though college Shayna and Sarah grew closer and ended up living together their senior year. After college Shayna lived in the cities for a year before moving to Mankato to get her masters degree in School Counseling. Thanks to Shayna's move Sarah was able to meet Jeremy while out celebrating Shayna's Birthday.
  • Lindsey Honemann, Bridesmaid
    Sarah and Lindsey both attended Luther College, which is where they met. It was meant to be! Sarah and Lindsey officially met in the ladies bathroom while getting ready for bed. They were inseparable once they met! Lindsey was an Education Major just like Sarah, they had many classes together followed but many hours "studying" in the library and the dorms. After college while student teaching in the cities Lindsey and Sarah lived together. Afterwards Lindsey made her trek to Alaska where she is teaching High School Special Education in Anchorage.
  • Christa Hoskey, Bridesmaid
  • Megan McNamara, Bridesmaid
  • April Hauswirth, Bridesmaid
  • Sarah Bartell, Bridesmaid
  • Katie Sackett, Bridesmaid
  • Jillian Gartner, Other
  • Rachel Rigdon, Other
  • Kathryn Hinson, Other
  • Isabel Bajek, Flower Girl
  • Davis Gustafson, Flower Girl
Jeremy's attendants
  • Ben Peterson, Best Man
  • Erik Gustafson, Groomsman
    Sarah has known Erik since he was born! Erik and Sarah were perfect children sometimes… but they got into trouble as partners in crime. In high school, they were best friends (except when it came to sharing the car). Erik joined Sarah at Luther for a year of college, he ended up at the University of Minnesota where he graduated with a degree in Economics. He currently lives in Minneapolis and works for Target cooperation in the logistic department. He is intelligent, fun-loving and amazing at socializing.
  • Paul Gustafson, Groomsman
    Paul is Sarah's youngest brother and she fell in love with him the first time she saw him. Paul was the prefect living baby doll for Sarah, she fed him, rocked him and helped him fall asleep; but just like any good baby doll, Sarah never had to change any real diapers! Sarah has really enjoyed watching Paul grow up through the years. He is currently attending Luther College and is on the path to graduate as a Norse! Although his major is still being decided. Paul is very smart and funny but you will really have to listen to catch his witty sense of humor.
  • Rick Johnson, Groomsman
  • Matt Holt, Groomsman
  • Noah Germo, Groomsman
  • Tanner Bisel, Groomsman
  • Buddy Ely, Usher
  • Ross Riley, Usher
  • Tom deWit, Usher
  • Jack Bajek, Ring Bearer
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