Welcome to our wedding website!  Here you'll find hours of entertainment, romance, as well as boring details like driving directions and accommodations.

FRIENDS! We're very excited to share our special day with you, assuming you can make it. If you can't make it, be sure to reschedule whatever your conflict is because you will be missing some fun!

FAMILY! We can't wait to spend the day with all our kin, all who have been there for us since day one.  Also, a quick congratulations - We're really proud of you for managing to get on the internet and find our site. Yes - you're on the Internet! I know, we're shocked too. 

POTENTIAL WEDDING CRASHERS. We are really honored that you cared enough to google our webpage and stalk all our wedding details!  We're expecting an incredible backstory - no venture capitalists from New Hampshire. It's been done.  


See what we did there? After many late nights brainstorming, we've decided to get social. Help us document our wedding and all the festivities!

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