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Jessie's attendants
  • Nikki Kovatch, Maid Of Honor
    Nikki is the older sister of the groom but has become more of a sister than a best friend to the bride. There is a saying that "God made us best friends because our parents couldn't handle us as sisters" and this couldn't be more true for these girls.
  • Megan Hoover, Bridesmaid
    Megan is the whole reason Jessie and Eric are together. She was the mutual friend that allowed them to meet. Megan and Jessie attended PLU together having never met, but destiny still had a hand to play. When Megan moved to Bellingham and they were again living in the same place, working together at the Grace Cafe would bring them together and give them a friendship that has been very important to Jessie.
  • Krista Burleson, Bridesmaid
    Krista and Jessie are kindred spirts. They are both two of the girliest tomboys you will ever meet and enjoy a lot of the same things. It seems they have expereinced a lot of the same things and have supported each other through the good times and bad.
  • Michaela Denney, Bridesmaid
    Michaela and Jessie were fast friends. From Dave Matthews Gorge concerts to late night talks or trips out for fancy drinks, these girls have been through it all.
Eric's attendants
  • Talon Smith, Best Man
    Talon is Erics oldest friend to date. They became friends at the age of 13 and haven't looked back. In the Hungarian culture the name Kovatch actually means Smith! It's as if they were supposed to be brothers! And thats exactly what Talon is to Eric.
  • Aaron Monds, Groomsman
    These two have known each other since middle school basketball but really didn't become close until they both lived in Bellingham. Aaron is the guy that Eric watches sports with, BBQ's with, has beers with, goes to shows with, wrestles with, and stares at the wall with. What else is there for a boy!
  • Mike Morris, Groomsman
    Mike and Eric have been friends for quite a few years but became very close over the SIX year span when they were roomates. They are the type of fiends that can read each others minds and finish each others sentences! Why wouldn't Mike be a groomsman?
  • Stephen Martin, Groomsman
    Stephen ironically was Eric's boss in Bellingham for almost 4 years. They became friends about 3 months after Eric started working for Stephen when they decided to go out for "A" business meeting where they were going to have "A" drink! When they go out for a night on the town it's like watching an episode of Jersey Shore mixed with Sienfeld!
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