Our wedding party

These are the people we dislike so much, we're going to make them have to get to the wedding super early.

Jessica's attendants
  • Amanda Nash, Bridesmaid
    Amanda is Jessica's sister. She works as a nurse and lives in Maryland with her husband and three children.
  • Stacy Lott, Bridesmaid
    Stacy is Jessica's friend from physical therapy school. They have traveled together and are the best of friends. Stacy lives in Michigan with her husband but her heart is in the south :) where it's warm and the food is good.
  • Carrie Blout, Bridesmaid
    Carrie is Jessica's friend from elementary school. They met playing softball together and have been friends ever since. Carrie lives in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • Michele Hughes, Bridesmaid
    Michele and Jessica met when working as Physical Therapists in Gainesville, Florida. They became fast friends and were often referred to as "twins". Michele now lives in Dallas with her husband and little ones.
Michael's attendants
  • Ferrell Alman, Best Man
    Ferrell and Mike were both Sig Ep's at MSU. They have been friends since Freshman year of college and now Ferrell lives in LA as a lawyer just like Franklin & Bash
  • Ben Clark, Best Man
    Ben and Mike were both Sig Ep's at State and Ben was Mike's Little Brother. They've been good friends since then and now Ben lives in Austin as a Beer and Guacamole connoisseur.
  • Conner Reeves, Best Man
    Conner and Mike met in college. Conner has a bedroom in his house in Jackson with the sole use of providing shelter for Mike. Conner just finished law school and is looking forward to suing grandparents and children.
  • David Johnson, Best Man
    David is Mike's dad. He has know him since Birth. David lives in Cookeville TN with Mike's Mom.
  • Bill Nash, Best Man
    Bill is Jessica's brother-in-law. Bill took Mike hunting and got him his first deer, took him crabbing for the first time, and took him trout fishing in the freezing cold. Mike looks forward to being part of the family.
  • Paul Whitmire, Best Man
    Mike and Paul have been friends since they were just kids back in the Dell. Paul and his family are one of the biggest reasons Mike made the best decision of his life and went to MSU. Paul is now working on getting his 4th degree, but from Vandy this time. After that Paul will be an investment banker and work 18 hr days.
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