Big Pembina Lutheran Church
Langdon, ND

Information for our guests

We love Big Pembina! Jason grew up going to this prairie church and it means a lot to him, and his family. 

NOTE: Unless you are a fan of outhouses, you will have to hold it until the reception :)

Driving directions

Follow the signs :)

If you are coming from Langdon, you will proceed north out of town on State Hwy 1.  There will be a sign 13 miles north of town that will direct you east or to the right.  This gravel road will take you approximately 6 miles to the church.

If you are coming from Walhalla, you will proceed west out of town on County Road 55.  About 5 miles out of Walhalla, the road will turn to gravel and you will decend into the beautiful Pembina Gorge.  You will drive over the Pembina River, and past Frost Fire Ski Resort, the location of our North Dakota reception.  After 5 miles of gravel road, the road returns to pavement.  You will continue west for 2 more miles.  Turn right or north on the gravel road.  There will be a sign!  Continue north for 3 miles and turn left, or west.  This road will take you to Big Pembina Lutheran Church after 1.5 miles of gravel road.

Location Map:  https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=zcfCpgKoaI9I.k0hbzPRizb1c


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