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Happy 1st anniversary to you both. A year has given you so much to be grateful for. So many "firsts" you have embraced. Wishing you today and all your tomorrows to be blessed. The love for each other alone is of brilliance. Love you. Mom
from: Christine
9/6/2015 8:49:41 AM
I hope that your wedding is as special as you are and that it is filled with magic. Lucas you are a very special person with a big heart and am glad that you have found your love. I'm sorry that I've had to bow out and miss this special event.

With Love - Blake Reimer and family
from: Blake Reimer
8/31/2014 1:15:59 PM
Just over a week till your marriage. I am so very pleased you have each other. You both have found the "perfect one".

Love M (mom and mother-inlaw rolled into one)
from: Christine
8/28/2014 12:06:48 PM
Congrats we are excited for you two. We enjoyed reading your engagement story. Can't wait for the bachelor party!!!! (from Mike)

Love your favorite Brother and Terra.
from: Mike and Terra
6/13/2014 11:02:17 PM
Wow...I am spilling over with excitement. "Your Day" is getting closer.
I need to find a dress, and shoes I can only imagine the list of items you need to cross off! Love M
from: Christine
6/13/2014 12:44:51 PM
Thanks for sharing this website and for the postcard telling us where to find out about it. The pictures are beautiful and the story and history even more so. We look forward to seeing you on the big day, it sounds wonderful!
from: Peter & Colleen Stanton
4/21/2014 9:18:47 PM
Tic tic tic...can you hear the seconds ticking away? Won't be long now! Love you and looking forward to seeing you and Lucas at the altar!
from: Gram
4/15/2014 6:47:38 PM
Kathryn and Lucas permission to come aboard...Thank you for letting us enjoy your voyage thus far. Such an incredible run ahead of you. You've furled your sails. Set your gyroscope. Now, the wait for the right tide. Happy sailing to you both. May each "Port" be a pleasant adventure. Lots of Love.
from: Gr'pa and Gr'ma B
4/6/2014 4:31:45 PM
Wow...thank you for sharing "your memories" with us. It was a joy to read. My heart is smiling.
Love to you both.
from: Christine
4/6/2014 9:56:11 AM
looking forward to the wedding, hope you have a great time on cruise. You have to have some polka music during the wedding.
from: SGT. bruce Van Haveramaet
1/22/2014 9:33:50 AM
Great stories on your site. We are looking forward to the wedding.
from: Uncle Paul
12/16/2013 10:22:17 AM
Just checking to see if the engagement photo was posted...or is it the one on the first page of the web site? Hope you and Lucas have an awesome Thanksgiving day. You have plenty to be thankful for! Me too...for you and your brothers!
from: Gram
11/23/2013 10:35:43 AM
Just was peeking in. Enjoyed your Engagement party. You did good. Wonderful friends and family. Let me know if I can be of any help.
Love you both.
from: Christine the "Mom" and future "Mother inlaw"
10/30/2013 3:38:35 PM

We will be making one but we haven't decided which places to register at yet.

Love, Kathryn
from: Kathryn
9/15/2013 4:54:25 PM
Are you going to have a gift registry somewhere?
Love you!
from: Grammy
8/30/2013 12:54:36 PM
Couldn't be happier for the two of you! The website is awesome, not to mention the photos of the pair of you are so wonderful! Cannot wait to share your special day with the both of you celebrating your love. <3
from: Emily
8/25/2013 2:03:02 PM
Love this website. Wonderful idea. Lucas you are to humble about your own personal achievements. Sharing your stories made me smile. So very happy you are getting married. Waiting for more tidbits...
from: Christine
8/4/2013 10:04:47 AM
hey congrats! :)
from: Lauren
7/31/2013 6:02:45 AM
Grandma LeRoy might have jumped the gun on giving out your wedding web site. I too am looking forward to more juicy info. Congratulations on the engagement.
from: Uncle Paul
7/30/2013 8:37:14 AM
Waiting to see the rest of the information that you will put on. I am passing your site on!
Happy for you!!
from: Grammy and Gramps
7/29/2013 4:28:58 PM
Congratulations on your engagement.
from: Dad (Rod)
7/29/2013 8:58:12 AM
Congratulations from The Knot! All the best for happy planning and a fantastic wedding.
from: Carley and The Knot Team
7/22/2013 8:18:52 PM
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