Kayla's attendants
  • Kelsey Lee, Matron Of Honor
    Kelsey Joy is my sister. We grew up doing everything together, we even shared birthday parties since are birthdays are only 6 days apart. We got the opportunity to play every sport together in high school. Kelsey is married to Ryan, they live in Williston, ND. Ryan and Kelsey now have given me 3 beautiful nieces who I love to spend lots of time with when I can. I love to spend time with my sisters and have our fun sister times.
  • Kendra Hollinger, Matron Of Honor
    Kendra Rae is my sister. She is married to Lance and they live in Stanley, ND. We also grew up playing all our sports together. I loved that I had the opportunity to play sports with my siblings, not many people could say they got to do that. Kendra also attended Minot State, which was nice having her in Minot to go shopping with or out to eat whenever we wanted. We also traveled lots to Kortni's sporting events together. Like I said with Kelsey I love to spend time with my sisters and have our fun sisters time.
  • Kortni Miller, Maid Of Honor
    Kortni Noel, aka Koogs is the baby. Kortni just finished in Grand Forks and now is in Fargo for her PTA internship. Hoping she will soon be moving to Bismarck :) I unfortunately didn't get to play many sports with her except track, but I got to travel and watch her as much as I could which I loved to do. Koogs and I meet up as much as we can especially with me traveling back and forth to MN & she is usually in Fargo. We all try to get home at the same time to see each other. I would not know what to do with out my siblings. We talk multiple times during the week, snap chat every day. My sisters mean the world to me and I would do anything for them.
  • Laura Klevgaard, Bridesmaid
    Laura is Jay's sister in law. Her and her husband live in Valley City where they raise there 3 cute little boys. We try to see them every time we get back to MN. Laura and I have a lot of fun together, whether it's going out, going to weddings, or just chatting away. I am very excited to become an official part of the Klevgaard family.
  • Jill Theis, Bridesmaid
    Jill is Jay's sister. Jill lives in Ulen, MN which is very close to the family farm. Jill is married to Scott and they have two fun little girls. We see Jill every time we are back. We have had lots of fun and laughs together, especially ganging up on Jay. We traveled this summer to a Twins game which was lots of fun. I can't wait for many more fun memories together.
  • Jody Schenk, Bridesmaid
    Jody is Jay's sister. Jody lives in Spearfish, SD and is married to Travis and they have 4 little kids. I don't get to see Jody as much, but when we do we have lots of fun times together. Jay and I traveled out to South Dakota last winter. I enjoyed getting to see the area they live in and we had a great time there. I wish we could see Jody more, but she is very busy with kids events as they are getting more involved in sports and Travis is a very busy farmer. We enjoy holidays when Jody gets home. I am excited for the more fun times together that we will have in the upcoming future.
  • Jessie Watson, Other
    Jessie and I have been friends for many years now. We actually had met during high school track at a few meets and in college reunited and became the best of friends! She is one of my Personal Attendants. Jessie lives in Bismarck and is married to Nate. I had the privilege to be in her wedding a little over a year ago. Jessie and I can talk about anything and everything together ( she is my go to girl). We play softball together. We have played basketball with each other. She has even attended Goose fest with me back home. We have had so many fun memories over the past years.
  • Kayla Steppler, Other
    Kayla is one of my Personal Attendants. I had the pleasure to be in her wedding a few years ago. Kayla lives in Culbertson, MT with her husband Verlin. They have 2 beautiful children. Kayla and I showed cattle together many years. We looked forward to every summer state fair where we made lots of memories. We also played basketball together at Williston State College. We had a blast playing together instead of against each other. We attended basketball camps together and played against each other during season. I am always due for some Kayla time, wish we lived a little closer, but we keep up to date with each other through many phone dates. We have lots of memories together.
  • Ashley Suckstorff, Other
    Ashley is one of my Personal Attendants. I had the honor of being in Ashley's wedding this past August, which was a blast. Ashley lives in Arizona with her husband Paul. She is finishing her Physical Therapy schooling. I can't wait to make a trip out to AZ to visit them and get in some nice weather. Ashley and I played many sports against each other. We were quite the rivals, but we still managed to stay good friends. Ashley and I had many fun summer times together. We enjoyed the state fair concerts with each other for many years. We try to meet up when she comes back home from AZ. Every time Ashley and I get together there are so many laughs and good times.
  • Makenna Lee, Flower Girl
    Makenna is one of my flower girls. She was my first niece. She is my little princess. I have had a blast watching her grow up to a precious little 2 year old. She has quite the personality that I love to hang out with. She loves to help out with her little twin sisters. She enjoys as much time at the farm as she can get. I can't wait to keep watching her grow up. I love to spend time with my little nieces as much as I can. She loves her "Auni" time.
  • Paysen Lee, Flower Girl
    Paysen is one of my flower girls. She is one of my beautiful twin nieces. Pay will be turning 1 on our wedding day. We consider her the shy one. Pay is much more quiet than her sisters. It's fun to watch how different their personalities are. I have enjoyed watching them grow and change over these past months. I am excited for the more memories with my little nieces. I love to spend lots of time with my little girls.
  • Emersyn Lee, Flower Girl
    Emersyn is one of my flower girls. She is one of my beautiful twin nieces. She will actually be turning 1 on our wedding day. Em is considered the loud one out of her and Pay. It's so fun watching there personalities change from month to month. I am excited for more memories with my little girls. I love spending time with my little girls whenever I get a chance!
Jay's attendants
  • Brian Klevgaard, Best Man
    Brian is my brother. He lives in Valley City, ND and is an engineer for John Deere. His wife's name is Laura and they have 3 boys, Brayden, Teagan, and Talon.
  • Jason Klevgaard, Groomsman
    Jason is my cousin. He lives in Felton, MN with his wife Angie. He is the owner of Klevgaard Construction.
  • Micah Hilde, Groomsman
    Micah lives in Felton, MN. He is an engineer for Aggregate.
  • Tyler Weber, Groomsman
    Tyler(stretch) lives by Borup, MN. He is a farmer.
  • Brett Rehder, Groomsman
    Brett lives in Moorhead, MN. He works for All Finish Concrete.
  • Josh Hilde, Groomsman
    Josh(T-Rex) lives by Felton, MN. He is a farmer.
  • Andy Larson, Usher
    Andy lives in Fargo, ND with his wife Ashley. He works at Larson Construction.
  • Scott Erickson, Usher
    Scott is my best friend since elementary school. He lives in Ada, MN. He works at Libel Ag.
  • Ryan Lee, Usher
    Ryan is married to Kelsey. He lives in Williston, ND with Kelsey and his 3 little girls, Makenna, Emersyn, and Paysen. He works at Baha Petroleum consulting.
  • Lance Hollinger, Usher
    Lance is married to Kendra. They live near Stanley, ND. Lance is a farmer.
  • Austin Becker, Usher
    Austin is Kortni's boyfriend. He lives in Fargo, ND and currently attends NDSU.
  • Teagan Klevgaard, Ring Bearer
    Teagan is one of Brian's boys. He is 3 years old. Teags loves motorcycles, snowmobiles, and jet-skis. He is a big fan of Batman, Ironman, and Spiderman. He also enjoys spending time at the lake and seeing his girlfriend Avery. ;)
  • Talon Klevgaard, Ring Bearer
    Talon is Brian's youngest boy. He was born on March 20th 2013. Talon is our little miracle man. He was born with CDH and spent the first couple months of his life in the hospital having many surgeries. He was a little fighter and is now one healthy and happy little man.
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