Our wedding party

 Thank you all for your time and dedication to our special day!!!

Maria 's attendants
  • Jannette Maldonado, Maid Of Honor
    My name is Jannette Maldonado; I have 4 children 3 grandbabies & 2 on the way. I currently reside in Rockford Illinois. I've known Mari since our mom brought her hairy behind home. I’ve changed her diaper, fed her Gerber food, and I received a lot of Butt whooping's because of her, but since she was the baby I had to protect her. I love my sitter, not a typo yes sitter (our nickname for each other) very much. I’m very happy for her but poor poor Keenan...... looking forward to making my sitters wedding one she will remember always..... Love you sitter
  • Maria Thompson, Matron Of Honor
    My name is Maria and my cousin Mari (Maria) and I are bestes of friends and cousins, but more like sisters. We love eachother very much and I am so happy for her and Keenan and I cannot wait to be next to you as you say I do. ))
  • Cynthia Griffin, Bridesmaid
    My name is Cynthia and I am a Beautiful, Strong, African American, Christian woman. I am a mother of 4 children ages 29yrs, 24yrs, 21yrs, and 16yrs old. I am also a “G-mom” of two wonderful grandsons. I love life and I strive to encourage others to live their life abundantly in all areas.
    Maria is one of my best friends. I met Maria during a “valley season” in my life. God began to rain His blessings in my life and allowed our paths to cross in the year 2009. Our relationship has continued to flourish in supporting and loving one another without judging. It is easy to meet someone when your life is bringing up roses, but a true friend will be there when the storms of life are knocking at your door.
    It is because of her I have a wonderful job with Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield. I am forever grateful to know her and count it a blessing to be a part of her wonderful wedding
  • Elaine Ross Tearney, Bridesmaid
    My name is Elaine Tearney. I am a mother of 6 and am madly in love with my
    man, my soul mate and my best friend, Ric.
    I taught High School Math for ten years and transitioned into counseling
    in 2008, which is how I met Maria. Maria and I worked at Home Headquarters,
    Inc. as Housing Counselor's. We were first co-workers but quickly became
    friends. Since I have known Maria I have known her to be creative,
    loving, caring, and compassionate. Most of all Maria is very resourceful.
    My main job is for Onondaga County as a Probation Officer (I love my job).
  • Michelle Coville- Cottom, Bridesmaid
    RIP 5/22/2014- You will be loved and missed forever.
    My name is Michelle Coville-Cottom and I happen to be lucky enough to be Maria's neighbor. I moved into the neighborhood about 3 plus years ago, just after she did and it's been friends ever since. We somehow even ended up finishing our associates at the same school together, so I think somehow we would have met either way.
    For my profession, I am the Team Leader for Liberty Travel. For hobbies, I love hiking, running, singing, art, nutrition and just plain having fun. I am a vegetarian and I truly believe that everything we do, and how we treat people and creatures alike makes a difference and an impact.
    My small family consists of my 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 fish, and my new husband, Ben. Ben and I eloped in Costa Rica September 18th (surprise everyone) so now my time is spent between my home in Lyncourt, and my husband's country property in Summer Hill.
    I look forward to meeting everyone and being a part of Maria and Keenan's special day.
  • Clovia Jefferson, Bridesmaid
    My name is Clovia and I actually meet Maria through my boyfriend and groomsman Aaron, who is best friends with (dogg) AKA Keenan. Keenan and I grew up together and have known eachother for over 20 years. I am happy to have met Maria to know her is to love her. She is a great friend and I am so happy for her and Dogg as this is true Love!
  • Destiny Aka Peanut, Flower Girl
    Brides great Niece, daughter of Zequana (Cuana) Goodson
  • Jamil and Isaiah Garcia, Ring Bearer
    Jamil and Isaiah are the brides great nephews and Sons of Jimmy and Kymmy Garcia
  • Antwan Days, Other
    This is my son Antwan. He will be walking me down the Aisle
  • Montress Jett, Usher
    This is my nephew Montress. He is the son of Jannette Maldonado
  • Todd Wildstyles, Usher
    This is my nephew Todd: AKA DJ Wildstyles. Son of Jannette Maldonado
  • Chef Hass, Other
    Chef Hassan Hunt, Personal Chef to many celebrities and co-founder of A-List Catering Company, LLC has an exciting and extensive background in the culinary industry.
    A native of New York, Hassan has a degree in Culinary Arts from the respected Culinary School, Johnson & Wales University.
    Thank you Hass for giving us the gift of your food and services, friendship!
    Cant wait to have some of your amazing food
Keenan 's attendants
  • Jamey Nellons, Best Man
    I would first like to start by saying thank you To my cousin Keenan Lewis for giving me the opportunity of being his best man on his special day this is one to remember Keenan and I was born 4mths and 3days apart in Syracuse NY for years he has not only been my big cousin by 4mths and 3days he’s my best friend a loving guy I know with a big heart always putting his family and friends first.
  • Aaron Woods, Groomsman
    I gave dog his name dog 20 plus years ago. That was a few months after meeting him on the fball field for the first summer practice of the summer for my senior year. We've been friends ever since. We built this bound that year that nothing could break all these years later. He's my best friend who always understood me and vice verse. I wish him the best in all his journeys ahead and I always looked at him as my little big brother. My dude! Congrats to both of you! 4Real! Much love!
  • Hassan Hunt, Groomsman
    I have had the privilege to knowing Keenan for twenty plus years. We meet in high school in about the eleventh grade, we have been brothers ever since. I have always traveled in my career as a private chef, foreign and domestic. When coming home I would always look forward to speaking to him and getting the updates on everything. Keenan has always been just that; the one you call on to get grounded and put things into perspective. I am happy to see, he has gotten grounded himself. Maria is a wonderful woman I am not surprised she was to one to do it!!!
    My Wife, Daughter (Skylar) and I currently live in New Jersey just outside of NYC. We own and operate two catering companies A-list Catering and Cashe’ Catering. We were honored that Keenan and Maria have chosen us to cater their wedding. Maybe they will use my construction company, Ethan Hunt Contracting and Landscaping, to build their dream home…….
    My Brother from another mother, love you dogg….
  • Newton, Groomsman
    I would like to congratulate my brothers Keenan and his fiancé Maria on this life changing commitment they are soon to partake in. I wish you both happiness, wealth, health,prosperity and abundance. May no man severe what God has put together.
    Love your brother Newton
  • Kareem, Groomsman
    "I met Keenan Lewis during his Senior Year at Liverpool High thru a mutual friend, Aaron Woods. Throughout the years, Keenan has always been a loyal friend & was also part of my wedding party. Throughout the years, even when I've been working & not being around as much, we still remain close friends. I'm happy that my friend has decided to get married & join the club lol. I wish him & Maria a happy, long & fruitful marriage as it is easy to see the love they have for each other."
  • Shard Jamison, Usher
    Nephew of the Groom, and son of Finnesa Derby
  • Courtney, Flower Girl
    Niece of the Groom and daughter of Finnesa Derby
  • Jasmiya Smith, Flower Girl
    Niece of the Groom and daughter of Whitney Randell
  • Kamari Lewis, Ring Bearer
    Son of the Groom!!
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