Our wedding party

Kelsey's attendants
  • Ansley White, Maid Of Honor
    Ansley is my twin sister. We shared a womb and a room. She is kind, level-headed, responsible, hilarious, sarcastic, and stubborn as a mule. I trust her to keep the rest in line. :)
  • Cindy White, Bridesmaid
    Cynthia is my oldest sister. She is fun, loving, full of energy, and unbearably honest. She will be in my "Granny chic" wedding, and she will like it.
  • Halley White, Bridesmaid
    Halley is my youngest sister! She is so, so, so kind. She is patient and creative and generous. She will be the happiest person at the wedding other than me.
  • Lauren Lutzen, Bridesmaid
    Lutzen is one of my deepest and dearest friends. We met in middle school and ended up in high school together, where we became inseparable and stayed that way for many years. We always knew we'd end up here!
  • Katie Cotten Petrassi, Bridesmaid
    Katie is the most compassionate, loving, loyal friend I've ever had! We were roommates and sorority sisters at Samford and became firm, fast, forever friends. She is consistently optimistic and forever my Southern belle!
  • Aamne Shalabi, Bridesmaid
    I have been blessed to have Aamne as my roommate for the past 3 years throughout med school. She has been selfless and encouraging and has helped me keep my sanity. I can't believe there was ever a time when I didn't know her as my friend!
  • Amanda Boyd Fabozzi, Bridesmaid
    Amanda is an incredible friend from high school. I stole her from her middle school friends and never gave her back. She is my only friend that understands the uniqueness of a military marriage, and she is an invaluable source of support.
  • Lauren Lane, Bridesmaid
    Lauren is my future sister-in-law. She welcomed me into the Lane family from Day One and into her own house on many, many occasions. I am so proud to become her only sister!
  • Lindsey Bray Dunnahoo, Bridesmaid
    Lindsey is the third installment of friendship from South Cobb High School. She has provided me with many years of laughter, honesty, and simple friendship, and I am blessed to have her with me on my wedding day!
  • Breanna Weaver Yonz, Bridesmaid
    Breanna is my oldest friend in the world. We met at church in 3rd grade, and I am so ready for her to share this day with me, just like we talked about all those times. :)
Thomas' attendants
  • Paul Lane, Best Man
    Mr. Lane is Thomas' dad. He gives most people a hard time, including his son, but he's always been sweet to me. ;)
  • Matthew Lane, Groomsman
    Matt is Thomas' older brother. Wiser? I dunno about that, but he sure can save them kitties! I would've gone with a serious picture of these two guys if such a thing existed...
  • Andrew Lane, Groomsman
    Andrew is Thomas' younger brother, otherwise known as the only Lane Brother not to win the title of Mr. Oakland... But we all know he would have.
  • Ryan Locker, Groomsman
    "Tim" is one of Thomas' oldest friends, and the only one with a very confusing nickname... He's also one of the first I ever heard about, and he has not been shy about welcoming me into their friendship circle!
  • Trey Lloyd, Groomsman
    It was difficult to find a picture of Thomas and Trey without dead birds in their hands... So I gave in. It describes their friendship perfectly but doesn't do Trey's kindness justice!
  • Frankie Grauzer, Groomsman
    Frankie is another of Thomas' oldest friends and was the first person to suggest that we get married. He predicted that we'd be engaged before the end of 2012. He was wrong, but only by 5 months!
  • Matthew Lyle, Groomsman
    Matt is the most recently married groomsman. I hear he is in possession of a certain item that I may be seeing on my wedding day... I'm scared.
  • Brad Pepper, Groomsman
    Brad is another of Thomas' oldest friends, and the one with the cutest sons! He also really needs to get a Facebook, because it was very hard to find photos of him!
  • James Pace, Groomsman
    James is Thomas' dentist friend, but I won't hold that against him. He calls T for long chats, and he lets me butt in with my own opinions sometimes.
  • Nick Raff, Groomsman
    Nick is possibly a figment of Thomas' imagination, because I've never met him... But if he is real then I look forward to meeting him and taking photos with the tattoo of my fiance's name on his arm.
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