Our wedding party

Maid of honor

Leah Fawcett
In order of siblings Leah is second eldest, as Sarah was always careful to point out ;) However when it comes to being a friend, Leah knows how Sarah grows and what makes her glow! It wasn't hard for her to see that Kyle did just that! Leah and sarah grew up sharing a room till sophmore year in highschool. Running and surfing and hiking together along with many imaginary games on the front lawn are only a snipit of what they shared. Leah's endless Kindness and Grace and tough love, when needed, has proved her a faithful friend and sister and her love for acheiving the prize not only shines forth in her academics and career but in her run for the prize as Paul refers to it in 1Cor. 9:24.



Brittany Fawcett
In order of siblings Britt is the 5th and an amazing blessing to the sisterhood ;) her peaceble and loyal Character, along with her charming and endearing humor, has brought many nights to a pleasant close!!! Sarah and Britt share in their love for caring for children wether in church ministry or nannying, and when it comes to the Sunny So Cal beaches...well, each sister thinks they love it more than the next ;) Britts Love for the Lord and His grace has shined in her character qualities as well as her pursuits to serve God both in heart and action.   

Marissa Fawcett
Marissa is the Younger of the 6 siblings however when Sarah and her go out to the mall or dinner together, she always gets pegged as the older ;) Both in Personality and appearance Sarah and Marissa are "two peas in a pod" and yet God has molded them to be very different when it comes to giftedness in fasion and ministry. Marissa is full of joy and love, born out of a love for God. She uses the gift of teaching and art in such fascinating and beautiful ways! she also shares an afinity for the outdoors along with her sisters and brother and will fearlessly face both waves and mountains as she seeks to create a new path with her board beneath her feet! ;)


Kyrstal Matthews
Krystal and Sarah met one evening at a bible study in the Santa Clarita Valley and became immediate pals, soon to be inseperable friends. Through ups and downs in life and through ministry with children in sunday school, they've watched eachother grow in their love for and knowledge of God, by His Grace Alone!! Krystals sweet manner and listening ear have been a blessing to Sarah, as well as her willing heart to dig deep into matters of the heart and discuss what they are learning in the Word! Krystal is adventurous with caution and has a contagious sense of humor. 

Jamie Kruse
Jamie and Sarah met as soon as God brought them into this world. They endearingly call eachother blanket buddies beacuse they litteraly spent their early years learning to crawl and play on the same blanket. Though they are not sisters they practically grew up as such. They thank God for allowing them to pick up right where they left off after each season of being out and about doing what God called them to. Jamie loves God's word and is a gifted teacher as well. Her sensative and listening ear and confident attitude, encourage Sarah to Grow more each and every time they meet!

Monica Borja
Monica and Sarah met when the rest of the siblings including nate introduced her at a bowling night event, Sarah had heard word of this sweet and kind girl who had been a great friend to her youngest sister and had recently caught the eye of her one and only dear brother ;) Needless to say Monica was welcomed into the family and into the hearts of each sister with gladness and love! Monica is full of laughter and joy and an unending sense for adventure and the outdoors as well as a great sense of fasion, but most of all a heart that seeks to know God more and love as He loves with grace and kindness!



Best men 

Nick Wassell and Ryan Wassell

Nick and Ryan are Kyle's two brothers and have been a source of fun and encouragement his entire life. When they were young Kyle would school Nick and Ryan in basketball, now Ryan does that and Nick schools Kyle in the Word.  All things work out for good. 


Jason Petterson

Kyle met Jason while visiting Ryan in his years at Sonoma State University. Jason became a quick close friend and would become like an older brother to Kyle.  He had an early impact on Kyle by constantly manifesting the grace of God by his life and conduct. The two have fond memories of encouraging each other through the Word and prayer and trips the beach and Mary's Pizza Shack (affectionally called Mary's).

Nate Fawcett

The first time Nate and Kyle met it was after Nate and Sarah had come back from snowboarding. Whether Nate was exhausted or just himself Kyle enjoyed the laid back attitude of his soon to be brother-in-law.  Kyle eagerly looks forward to the future with Nate and glad to be his brother in the midst of his three sisters. Sarah and Kyle have both been encouraged by Nate's love for the Lord and desire to grow as a leader in that love.

David Talley

David and Kyle first met in the summer of 2010 at a Christian conference. David then moved in to the Cantara house where Kyle was living with six other close brothers in the Lord. Kyle has always appreciated David's love for God, desire to know Christ more and down to earth demeanor.

Shane Gallaher 

Shane and Kyle go way back. He was the first to introduce himself to Kyle when he got saved and began attending Crossroads Christian Church.  Shane has a love for all things fun which almost matches his pursuit and devotion to Christ. 

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