Our Wedding Party

Presenting... "The Dream Team"


Living in Las Vegas, Jen and Dan feel incredibly lucky that their closest family and friends will be standing by their sides on their wedding day.  

Jen's attendants
  • Chrissy Maffeo Anton, Matron Of Honor
    Chrissy is Jen's older sister. Chrissy is "the rock", and her gift of being ever-prepared in every situation is one of the many reasons she will be a fantastic matron of honor. It also makes her Jen's "go to" when presented with any dicey situation. Like most girls look up to their big sister, Jen has learned from Chrissy that there's nothing you can't do if you put your mind to it.
  • Anna Dealy, Matron Of Honor
    Anna is Jen's little sister. One of Jen's favorite travel companions, Anna is nearly always game whenever Jen presents her with an idea. This is perhaps what makes the Chrissy-Jen-Anna combination so fantastic! It also made the 20-minute ride back and forth to school a lot more fun :)
  • Liz Juselis, Bridesmaid
    Liz and Jen met in high school. At the time, Liz thought Jen was just a "valley girl" with a too-high blonde ponytail. Jen, however, knew she wanted Liz to be one of her best friends. Thanks to alphabetical seating and having most classes together throughout their 4 years at St. Joe's, they remain fabulous friends to this day. Liz is also the reason Jen and Dan met... so basically, she's stuck with them forever! ;)
  • Theresa Serra, Bridesmaid
    Theresa and Jen lived in Queens Court their freshman year at Fordham (GO RAMS!), but it wasn't until junior year when the two became roommates that they really got to know each other. Jen loves Theresa for putting up with her, always making her laugh, and being a big bundle of fun.
  • Rita Mancini, Bridesmaid
    Jen and Rita believe they are the blonde-haired, brown-haired versions of each other. Despite the physical distance between them, they still remain each others' go-to gal for remote shopping outings, last minute wardrobe needs (including those for the outfits pictured here), and marathon phone calls.
  • Amy Pescosolido, Bridesmaid
    Amy was Jen's very first high school friend. They met at St. Joe's on the first day of school in Mr. K's homeroom. If someone were to ask Jen what loyalty looks like, she would show him a picture of Amy. Amy is the friend everyone strives to be, and Jen is lucky enough to have.
  • Devany Edwards, Flower Girl
    Devany is Jen's little cousin, and is currently in 4th grade. Devany has visited Jen in each place she's lived, including Las Vegas. Devany was amazed that it rained while she was visiting, since she didn't think it rained in the desert!
  • Cailyn Edwards, Flower Girl
    Cailyn is Jen's goddaughter. Cailyn is in the 1st grade and also visited Jen and Dan in Las Vegas last summer. Cailyn says her favorite part of the trip was watching Dan play soccer.
Dan's attendants
  • Chris Morrissey, Best Man
    Dan has known Chris since the day he was born. They grew up like brothers. They played on the same sports teams and are life-long hockey players. When Dan is at a loss for words, Chris always seems to know what he's thinking.
  • Matt Slack, Groomsman
    Slack is the honorary Morrissey brother. Dan and Slack met in high school when Matt moved from Florida, and later they became roommates at UCONN. Dan and Slack shared many adventures driving around in the famed 1986 Chevy Nova.
  • Pat Mullen, Groomsman
    Dan and Pat have been friends since 4th grade. Growing up, Dan always thought of Mrs. Mullen as his 2nd mom. When Dan and Pat were in 7th grade, they decided together that they'd become Air Force Pilots. Despite taking different paths to get there, they started pilot training on the same day ten years later.
  • Tim Juselis, Groomsman
    Affectionately known as "the Prodj", Timmy officially met Dan at UCONN even though they'd actually competed against each other for years when they were on rival cross country teams. Little did they know how lucky they were at the time of this photo - taken the night they both fell in love with their wives. Perhaps that's why they look so surprised!
  • Steve Smith, Groomsman
    Smith and Dan met when Steve was a freshman in ROTC at UCONN. Their friendship grew during long drill team practices, and since then they've had countless good times including a few too many at Arribba's in Del Rio, TX (pictured here).
  • Joshua Anton, Ring Bearer
    Joshua is Jen's nephew and godson. Josh will be 4 years old at the time of the wedding, and is very excited that his Aunt Jen and Uncle Dan are getting married at his church. Josh loves watching the planes and helicopters fly over his house, and he always waves assuming Dan is flying them. Here's a picture of Dan teaching Josh how to fly a toy helicopter.
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