About Brittany

My name is Brittany. I will be 25 by the time the wedding gets here... I went to Lutheran High School North, and did very well there. I was a dancer for 15 years, competitive for about 10, but I still dance around my living room :). I was born and raised in North St. Louis County. I currently work as a cooks assistant for Delmar gardens. I enjoy all performing and creative arts. I love to help people and best of all I love spending time with my family including my future husband! heart

About Jason

Jason is a wonderful fun person he will be 28 by the time the wedding gets here... he went to Francis Howell central high school.. and graduated. He was a doughnut baker for about 11 years! He was raised in St Charles county. He currently works at Delmar Gardens in the kitchen also. He really enjoys the outdoors especially working with small engines, playing disc golf and camping. He also enjoys quality time with his kids and everyone else he loves.

How we met

Believe it or not... we are one of those corny dating site success stories. We were on a site called plenty of fish, I had never seen him before. He favorited me but never messaged me... So this confused me... I read his profile. It said If I have favorited you, even if I haven't messaged you, that means I'm interested. In reading this' I sent him a simple message... "Hi I see you favorited me" We messaged back and forth for a few minutes, and then he gave me his number and said to call him... so I did... when I talked to him I thought... hmmm not sure if he's my type. He said that I sounded prissy and like I wouldn't be interested, but then he  asked me out for the next day anyway... We met at Mid Rivers mall the next day and were a perfect match... we outstayed the malls hours, so we moved to Mid Rivers bar and grill (which is now demolished) the date totaled 9 hours... and the rest was history.

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