Our wedding party

Becca and Mike have wedding party attendants from both South Carolina and New York. There's a good mix of old and new friends, but most of all the people the people that love and support them.

Rebecca's attendants
  • Alexa Stenger, Maid Of Honor
    Alexa is Becca's sister and maid of honor. They have grown up not only as sisters, but as best friends, together. Although they may be different from each other, they enjoy spending as much time together as possible!
  • Kristina Smith, Bridesmaid
    Kristina and Becca went to high school together in New York. Kristina and Becca both love glitter and fireworks and doing crazy things together.
  • Penny Doukas, Bridesmaid
    Penny and Becca were close in band and on the swim team in high school. They also enjoy doing crazy things together!
  • Amanda Hoaglan, Bridesmaid
    Amanda and Becca went to nursing school at Clemson University together. Couldn't have made it through long clinical days without Zaxby's dates together.
  • Christine Robertson, Bridesmaid
    Christine is Mike's sister and Becca's bridesmaid. They both enjoy pinterest!
  • Kelsey Robertson, Flower Girl
    Kelsey is Mike's niece. She will be the cutest flower girl!
Mike's attendants
  • Troy Pettit, Best Man
    Troy and Mike are partners at Transmed.
  • Adam Stenger, Groomsman
    Adam is Becca's little brother.
  • Damon Robertson, Groomsman
    Damon is Mike's brother-in-law.
  • Chris Smith, Groomsman
    Chris and Mike have been friends since high school.
  • Michael Regan, Ring Bearer
    Michael is Becca's cousin.
  • Alex Bitel, Ring Bearer
    Alex is Becca's cousin.
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