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Nicole's attendants
  • Marisa Blackshire, Matron Of Honor
    Marisa is the fiercely loyal leader of "The Wolfpack", and was instrumental in bringing Nicole and Brock together in Seattle in October of 2011. Nicole and Marisa met in college at UCSB, but became besties when they both moved to Los Angeles after college. Because of their adventures, Marisa is affectionately known as "The T-Rex". Marisa an environmental attorney and currently works as in-house counsel for BNSF Railway and has two wonderful children, three foster children and a loving husband Tyrone.
  • Katie Yording, Maid Of Honor
    Katie was added to "The Wolfpack" circa 2004, and the three wolves have been packing all over the City of Angels and beyond ever since. Nicole and Katie immediately bonded over their love of The Big Lebowski and vodka based beverages. The have been known to take wild adventures with the Wolf Pack, to Miami, Seattle, Mexico and Austin to name a few, but they are just as happy to have a "Love Story" quiet night at home with movies and gossip mags. Katie has run various charities and foundations for the rich and famous.
  • Deanna Kelly, Bridesmaid
    Deanna and Nicole met in the seventh grade, suspicion holds that they might be twins separated at birth. Growing up the two have always had everything in common from school work and school sports, career and ambitions as well as the same overall approach to life's highs and lows. Caution: from the back they are sometimes mistaken for one another. Deanna is also "team mom" to two amazing girls and high school sweetheart husband Shawn.
  • Jody Kaiser, Bridesmaid
    Jody and Nicole went to High School together and have remained thick as thieves ever since. The two shared many of their small town coming of age experiences together, with a little bit of Lavern and Shirley type chaos at every turn. No matter the distance and time between them, the two friends pick up right where they've left off every time. Jody oversees the nursing program in their hometown where she lives with her daughters, flower girls Ella and Madison, and husband, Brent.
  • Amanda "Bama" Huggins, Bridesmaid
    Bama and Nicole have never met a wig they didn't like; perhaps the two are usually seen in disguise to avoid their reputations preceding them. Bama has been instrumental in converting Nicole to fan of college football a.k.a "Rugby" and specifically a fan of the Crimson Tide. Bama lives in Tuscaloosa half of the year to support the Tide, while in the Spring and Summer months she lives in Los Angeles focusing on her career as a nurse, and keeping Nicole constantly entertained.
  • Dana Lyn Phillips, Bridesmaid
    Dana is a special kind of goofball, and she is rarely caught on film with a straight face. Dana is a South Bay Betty who grew up in Palos Verdes. She and Nicole met several years ago when Nicole moved to Redondo. Dana's true love (besides Nicole) is all animals and Sprinkles Cupcakes. Dana is known for her bursting positivity, generosity and compassion for all living creatures. She lives in El Segundo with her two Chihuahuas: Chachi and Norma Jean.
  • Faith Healy, Bridesmaid
    Faith is Nicole's younger sister, the baby of the family. Faith is best known for her quick wit and sense of humor. Frequently a goof ball, Faith brings comedic relief to most situations, sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally. Through family ups and downs the sisters will always have a special bond. The girls grew up in Northern California, outside of Yosemite where Faith still lives.
  • Tara Rogerson, Bridesmaid
    Tara is Brock's sister, and helped to plan and execute the trip to China where Brock proposed on the Great Wall. Tara, grew up in Calgary, and has traveled much of the world with her husband Tom, and later on with the their two boys, Ring Bearers Cale and Zavier. The family now live in Shanghai where Tara and Tom teach at the American School.
Brock's attendants
  • Cam Grainger, Best Man
    Cam and Brock went to high school together and quickly became good friends with common interests of golf and financial markets. Cam is an extremely talented listener which has enabled him to put up with Brock's stories for 18 years and counting. He has two wonderful daughters (Olivia and Emma) and by the time of the wedding he and his beautiful wife Diana are expecting their third child! Cam is a CA for Parex Resources, a growing oil and gas company that sends Cam to Columbia with unusual frequency...
  • Mike Gibbs, Groomsman
    Mike was formerly a wholesaler for Franklin Templeton Investments before Brock brain washed him and convinced him to leave and come be a banker! Since then they have been Wolfs of The Red Mile. Mike is also a talented listener but his true talent is the gift of gab and was Brock's wingman when he first met Nicole. In fact for the first week most of Brock's text messages were edited by Mike before they were sent so Brock wouldn't scare her away. He and his wife Gin Vicki have two charming young boys and we will be setting them up with Cam's daughters at the wedding!
  • Kam Thind, Groomsman
    About 12 years ago Kam (respectfully called Senior as to not be confused with Cam) moved to Calgary from Toronto and Brock took it upon himself to show Kam the town. As it turned out Kam showed Brock around and introduced him to the world of Latin Dance Clubs. After going to a salsa club Brock was hooked and his dancing career was launched. Kam runs the show at HSBC and has recently been promoted (again) and is in the process of moving back to Calgary.
  • Shaun MacDonald, Groomsman
    Shaun (AKA "Macer" - pronounced "Macker") and Brock have been friends since High School. Despite a golf game that leaves room for improvement he is fun to have around and always good for some entertainment. Shaun uses his Art Degree to paint provocative wall hangings and has a certain talent with his tattoo gun. His Uncle is Ron Burgundy and In Canada he is a "10".
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