Our wedding party

Alex Bien - Best Man

Alex Bien came along about 2.5 years after Paul and has been his faithful, loyal and steadfast "little brother" ever since (even after he stopped being littler than Paul). Paul and Alex have one of those brotherly relationships they make epic movies about, where they always have each other's backs and would lay it all on the line for one another in a moments notice. In this particular movie Alex is Christian Bale (but stronger) and Paul is Matt Damon (but with fewer appearances in Team America: World Police). They also have an unhealthy obsession with Smartfood Popcorn, The Matrix, and Hackers.


Kat Sylvester - Maid of Honour

From dance parties and baking parties to their many debates on various historical leaders and events, Kat and Belinda's friendship is always full of laughs and "aha" moments. Kat is the kind of person who always makes others feel loved and included. In their grade 9/10 vocal music class she bonded with Belinda over the "I Heart Me" necklace they were both wearing one day and that has continued over the years. She drove them both to their hilarious weekend jobs at the Renaissance Festival one summer, went to every one of Belinda's dance shows in university and ensured Belinda knew she had a friend in the city when she finally moved to Toronto, through their weekly coffee dates. While she's chosen stetsons over streetcars in the great city of Calgary, she continues to always be there. Not matter how serious or insane life gets, Kat is always just a phone call, or skype date away. And those conversations usually end with laughter... and occassionally "Ra Ra Rasputin".


Blain Watters - Groomsman

Blain Kyle Watters is one of Paul's oldest friends...and definitely the friend who knows the most secrets. With a relationship built upon the foundation of all night debates and sneaking booze at the campsite (or not sneaking, depending on which story they're telling), Blain has been through all the ups and downs of Paul's life serving as both his shoulder to cry on or his first high five when something awesome happens. Paul and Blain's relationship is like a buddy cop movie, where Blain is Will Farrell and Paul is Mark Whalberg. Oddly, they are both totally ok with that arrangement.


Grace Ross - Bridesmaid

Grace is Belinda's favourite sister. Though she may be her only sister, she's always been her favourite. Belinda has been looking up tp (figuratively and literally) her cool older sister for as long as she can remember. Grace is 8 years older and thus has always been the trend setter - Belinda's love for dance and gymnastics comes from the days of watching her big sis in class. But the best stuff has been getting to know each other as adults. Grace is always there for a good laugh, a good cry or with some sage west coast wisdom. And now she's going to give Belinda a new favourite to love - a little niece!


Dennis Matthews - Groomsman

There's no other way to put it, Dennis and Paul were destined to be friends. Thanks to some random number generator at Carleton University, they were made to be roommates in first year university and have been friends ever since. One of Dennis' many claims to friendship fame is that he sat between Paul's recently divorced parents at his graduation. That's true friendship! Paul and Dennis' relationship is like a political movie where there are two random bros who reach across warring political parties to find common ground. Usually involving booze.


Sarah Lake - Bridesmaid

It took one Moffatts concert for Sarah and Belinda to realize they would be lifelong friends. Since becoming friends at age 11, they have seen each other through the days of butterfly clips and Napster to high school musicals (for real), dorm room slumber parties and celebratory shots of Jameson. Sarah is credited with bringing Belinda to Toronto from Hamilton one night in March 2010, enabling her and Paul to go on their very first date the next day. What a bro.

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