Our wedding party

We have picked a special group to stand by our side on our special day. Each have played a different and very important part in our lives and we are so glad to have their support.


Caitlin Jensen- Cait & Rach first met at Calvary Fellowship Church in middle school. After rooming together at several church retreats they decided to room together for all 4 years at Messiah College :) Their friendship continues to grow as Cait now has her own family and Rach begins hers. 

Kristin Hall-Kristin & Rach also met at Calvary Fellowship Church and began their friendship in middle school. Their relationship continued to grow throughout high school and college and Rach can't imagine her life without Kristin! 

Nikki Havas- Nikki & Rach met at Messiah College. They have an absolute blast being silly together...there is never a dull moment when Nik is around! 

Alisha Horst- Alisha is Dylan's younger sister. Alisha is a ball of energy and so fun to be around. Both she and Amanda have welcomed Rachel into their family. Alisha is very loyal and so supportive of Rachel and Dylan :)

Amanda Horst- Amanda is Dylan's youngest sister. Amanda is sweet as can be. Rachel is looking forward to becoming another older sister to Amanda!  



Jesse Lapp- Jesse and Dylan graduated from Garden Spot High School together. Jesse and Dylan always have a blast together. Dylan is thankful to have Jesse stand with him as his best man on his special day!

Aaron Evans- Aaron grew up with Dylan at Groffdale Mennonite Church. They have been best buds all their lives. Aaron and Dylan love traveling to the mountains and riding dirt bikes and four wheelers together! 

Drew Stoner- Drew met Dylan from a mutual friend and they have had a close friendship ever since. Drew hosts "guys night" every week at his barn and Dylan enjoys spending time with Drew and others. 

Kyle Martin- Kyle and Dylan went to high school together but it was not until after high school that they became so close. Kyle and Dylan share an interest in hunting and enjoy spending their time in the woods!

Grant Supplee- Grant and Dylan became good friends playing soccer together in high school. They both share an interest in being active, whether playing sports, being outdoors or hanging with friends. Dylan is thankful for the friendship he has developed with Grant!  

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